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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Thank you to those who suggested becoming a supporting member but I was already in contact with Gath about the difficulties I was experiencing with my registration.

Unfortunately registering would not prevent my name being used in the body of text posted by an imposter.
Hi Linda or LK thought it was best to get out in a hurry didn't feel like getting caught up in that conversation will talk again sometime

Thank you for acting so swiftly removing those comments I found the most abusive. There are a couple more reports pending. Thank you in anticipation.

People like this must be as disruptive for you as they are offensive and upsetting for me.

I am impressed with the efficiency of your response to report abusive comments.

Thank you
3:58 Was my time today. I was thirty seconds behind my usual average time because of a pleasant distraction. Pic is action shot of folks kayaking, probably going downriver but hard to say for certain. MUCH cooler pic than just one more dog or cat I think.
Hustle and bustle
Birds cry
Friends along the way
Bodies lying everywhere
Some in states of disrepair
Quickly rise and clean your space
Take a quick dip and refresh your face
Australia Day has had it's gong
With Barbies, Bolly and Billabong
Time has come to say farewell
Who was who, only time will tell.

More BS in the chatroom. Hope they find someone else to bother....
Hopefully talk again soon, too bad we feel we get chased out of the room becasue of the BS.
You can tell it is people just trying to be obnoxious because as soon as regulars leave they do to. They are gone already. They don't want to chat, they just don't want us to either!
Good Morning Rose

I think you have me your 'yahoo' the other night in the chat. I don't know what it is - hopefully I can catch you up in chat today/tonight and get it from you again.

PS: Congratulations on leaving the room intact ! It must have been the new deadbolt you put on the back door.
2:16 YEAH--fastest time ever. HOORAY
they are at it again in the chatroom
They are on again, their real names are Gina, Tyler, Frankie
I had a wonderful Australia Day. At our local ceremony a young man with mild cerebral palsy was awarded the junior sportsman of the year award. Note this award is not for disabled athletes, it's for anyone. He may be going to Beijing for the special olympics!! He regularly beats able bodied More...
All my sudoku family i wouldnt bother going to the chat room it has been invaded by ***** i cant think of a decent word to describe the humans that are in there!!!
Do you have Yahoo IM? I am going to try to be online tonight probably about 10:00 my time, hopefully the younsters will be in bed maybe we
talk then.
After all the comments I was curious about the stuff going on in the chatroom. Lasted about 10 seconds before I left! I'm going to try an experiment to see if the language they are using would get past this comment section.
3:45 - not good. Brain is very very slow this morning.
Where are you Fiona???
I typed the offensive words in here to see if they would go through, then couldn't go through with it. What if it had worked? That would have been horrible.
Suzy rise above them my love they will soon either get fed up and move on or our Gath will sort them out!!
Too bad there isn't a censor in there, I went in under different name and the LANGUAGE, isn't there something that can be done? especially when one of them can sign in as a**wipe! Just have to try to get friends on Yahoo IM so you know who is there.
Oh Fiona if your not here i cannot do a jftd!!!
2:13 - I think that is my fastest time. Maybe an omen that I will have a productive day today. Hope everyone else has a great day especially any NSW teachers, like me, who are facing their last day of holidays :-(
You go Gath, Thank you for providing us with a nice chatroom that is usually a great place to go when you need to chat!
Gath my dear please please please sort out the interlopers!!!!!
One of the drawbacks of this site becoming popular is also one of its major strengths - anyone is welcome. I suppose we have to put up with the bad so we can continue to enjoy the good.
I logged in as one of them and did the same thing they were doing to us, calling names, using up space with jibberish, and guess what? They didn't like it! Told them they all needed a spanking as they were immature brats.
I really sugest that folks join it can stop folks pretendind to be others, my name will never appear unless it says supporting member!! Maybe if all joined then the chat room could be opened to only members therefore ridding us of the dirty mouths!!
Then if genuine foul/insulting language or comments are made Gath could cancel the subscription and bar the offender.
Its sad that adults need policeing (bad spelling) but unfortunatley some do!!!!
3.05 and it was an easy one... Must of been too easy why it took so long...
Fiona said she was going to be really busy today and probably wouldn't make it back on until the weekend. That's actually good for me, cos maybe I won't spend 3 or 4 hours on here today. LOL... have a good day everyone - Personally, I'm not going to let anyone get to me today - Im in too good of a mood and the sun is shining and the rain fell on the bushfires last night.
Col thanks for that, have a grest day/night Its Thursday evening here and very cold!!. But envy is a terrible thing so i wont indulge!!
4:35-not godd for most of you, but best ever for me. Good MAEN
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