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Easy Sudoku for 27/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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4:18..definitely getting slower...Happy Birthday to Bertie and everyone else whose birthday it is today..
Lisa from Toronto: So glad to finish the puzzle and get to see the picture of little Liam! Cute little fella'. Hope Gath puts some more up. Take care.
jsherp: alright, I fell for it. Thought they fixed the picture so I redid the puzzle, very funny!
Why can't I get picture
Crappy time 4.03 and no picture. bummer.
no pic
fiona where can i find dodeka? is it on a website or in a newspaper?
i have a sudoku magazine which has letters instead of numbers. has anyone else seen this?
lisa and aileen another author you may like is john francombe another ex jockey.
Was sort of ornery of me, wasn't it? Can't help it. I was informed by my boss today that he has been getting complaints that my emails contain too much levity. Not professional enough. Bah! If you can't have fun there, why go to work? Oh, well. 1 yr., 8 months, and 14 days and they can all stick it. Then I can go teach high school. Bet I can have fun there; molding (warping) young minds!
8:17 picture must be of yesterday's weather 'snow'
4:19 Happy Birthday Bertie!!
4:17 Gooood snow scene. Where was it taken. LOL!
Was Liam's piccie on when I couldn't get them to load? If so, now prob seems to have ironed out (perhaps Gath back from honeymoon?) any chance of more?
Re politics n religion, need to bear in mind they are often strongly held and unlikely to be changed or understood by debate
What's that a pic of, a polar bear in a snowstorm?
Did i miss Liam's pic? keep getting blank screen.
Nevermind,as long as mother and son are doing well.
sorry for previous rants and Nos da everyone!
Good to see mac users have same issues as me. Dont mind the religious opinion but cant understand the GAY and IDIOT comments. Get a life! If you dont like what you read, discuss it like we do or dont make ridiculous comments.
Happy Birthday Bertie!
Its mine today too! Although I'm somewhat older....
I have no numbers, thus no picture, thus no timer!
Will try again later....but work always seems to get in the way.
Sweetie, I didn't realize you were so close. I'm right over the bridge from you.
Read Voltaire's Candide and then tell me god is good.
I once thought this was the most perfect of all possible worlds untill my faith was shattered by the events of my story.
Well said Elsie. I think that's what the Report Comment As Abusive Button is for - for tossers like that. For those who don't understand the British word tosser, I'd really rather not have to explain. I'm sure you get the drift.
He (and I bet it is a he)is obviously missing the point.
Nameless people always make useless comments
Fiona from France, I don't detect even a hint of an accent in your postings. Are you a French national or a renegade Brit?
Andre from england love your joke of the day!!
My birthday is today...
No pic today ... what happened ...
Everyone have a great day ...
haha i'm so funni...no1 thought to go from there lol!!!!
Geez...I read everyone saying they didn't get a picture, but I didn't think the whole board was just going to fade away...thought my eyes were fading there for a sec. Hope all is well with everyone!!
Judy, My son is also in the military (Navy). He joined when he was a Senior in high school (DEP Program). I am grateful that so far he has not had to go to Iraq but his time is coming. He has been involved with the huricane relief but his ship is scheduled for deployment to Iraq in Jan 2007. Very glad your boys came home safe. Give them a big Thank You from me.
Awe well, join me in the confusion I don't think politics should have such a BIG place in politics either!! The government has no business in deciding how I live my life in private or my morals as long as I'm not hurting anyone else and paying my flippin taxes. Back to books some of my favorite authors are: Jodi Picoult, James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks. For an excellent mystery try Harlen Coben.
I'm in North Augusta, SC
6:12 I saw the Bear
Happy Birthday, Nor and Sally!
What, there's supposed to be a picture? Where?
Happy birthday Bertie, Sally and Nor.

Marian Keyes is great if you like chick-lit. Never got into lotr, but love Harry Potter. And always up for re-reading Jane Austen.
you yanks and your polar bears - can't you recognize a red kangaroo in the outback. Very nice piccy.
Of course, there's a picture, you sillies! It's of the early snowstorm that parts of PA, MD and WV received!
Can't wait for ski season... think I can manage a Sudoku while riding up a chairlift??
what happened with the pic?
aw my time was 4.01 btw, pretty bad :)
best jokes in a while, guys! gals too! Superman and Di, and the hunting joke. Have to share that one with my non-sudoku hunter hubby! No he's not snoring yet it's only 8 p.m. here! Do I want to solve the puzz if there's no piccy!? Lovin' sudoku and all you crazy folks!
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