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Easy Sudoku for 27/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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forgot to say while I was too busy whinging. lol!! all the jokes today.
also hope we are not writing in rhyme for this trip because I have kept going to talk in rhyme the last couple of days!!
spelling horrendous in above comments so have decided am more tired than I thought so am going to bed and will complete rest of puzzles and catch up on chats tomorrow. goodnight all.
to Lynne from Kanahooka.
When I see this site I think it's the occasion to immerse me in english. As you, I have very distant recollection: 40 years also.The diversity of opinions and the geographical diversity are attrative: here I have lunch and other sleep!Si vous voulez que nous parlions un More...
error: post scriptum!( en latin :après ce qui est écrit. Nous le mettons pour rajouter quelque chose après la signature d'une lettre)
Bonjour Catherine, Comment allez-vous?
Nous l'employons ps au lieu de l'écriture dedans complètement.
And thank you for helping us.
Witty is someone with wit. A person who can see the fun and funny things in life. They make remarks that make us happy and laugh, and we forget our own problems.
5:31 Enjoy your shopping spree everyone. I'm off to bed. Too tired to even wait for the changeover in 5 mins.
Does this mean that a half-wit is someone who makes us forget half our problems?
Hello Bill How are you? Je reprends votre phrase:
'nous l'employons' : le 'l' est inutile, c'est un pronom qui représente le post scriptum (ps). Vous l'avez placé aprésle verbe. 'Nous employons le post scriptum': nous mettons un article devant tous les substantifs. 'au lieu de l'écriture dedans More...
I am a little camel and I have a little card
I keep it in my little hump, it isn't really bad
I want to do some shopping, I want to buy some pants,
The time has come I must confess,
It's me Fiona from France
these puzzles r easy as!! i cant believ ppl take mor then 2 mins 2 get em...i take about 2mins at da most....dpending on how i feel....but hey.....im onli 15 years old...
salut catherine, tu dois avoir de la neige chez toi? Ici, cela reste de la neige fondue, mais les enfants sont partis avec leur papa et les luges chercher une petite colline par là! Et moi je suis tranquille devant mon ordi!
Guess What??? 4:31 to you guys that might seem slow because I totally saw some 3 minutes!! But It's the best I can Do!!! Well Hope you all had a awesome Thanksgiving!
It only took me 2:47. Thats my best time ever.

The Canucks Rule and are going to kick but.
Go Canucks Go!!!!!

I'm with you Jill.
The Canucks are going to kick but

Canucks all the way!!!1
2.27 plus one day.See you in tomorrow's posts!
I clicked out of it and i don't know what time i got. Pity.
27/Nov/07 10:53 PM
Not here
21/Jul/08 8:29 AM
25/Feb/10 11:29 PM
18/Mar/11 6:45 AM
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