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Easy Sudoku for 27/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Now itstime to......
27/Nov/07 8:06 AM
Start a new page..wheee
27/Nov/07 8:06 AM
This will complete my cp for today on an up note!
27/Nov/07 8:07 AM
See you thought I had made a mistake didn't you?
The up note is ♪♪♪♪♪
27/Nov/07 8:09 AM
27/Nov/07 8:10 AM
Mamacita, a CP with one to spare!
27/Nov/07 8:32 AM
2.11 super slow
27/Nov/07 8:37 AM
4.05 good for me
27/Nov/07 8:55 AM
been fasting over night for an ultrasound this morning ... now I have just HAD to taste test ALL those chocolats you sent. mmmmmm wonder how I am ever going to fast again.
27/Nov/07 8:56 AM
1.59 why do I have to wear dads jumper??

wishing Julie a very happy birthday
27/Nov/07 8:59 AM
A beautiful Shar Pei puppy!

I'm home from hunting. The deer went into hiding, so no meat for my freezer this year. Out of 7 hunters, I'm the only one who saw anything. I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and now it's time to make Christmas Cookies!!
27/Nov/07 9:13 AM
OMG -Appy I'm so sorry I missed wishing you on your special day. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, shame the waves were so ferocious - hope you managed to get your feet wet at least... xxx

to Julie as well - have a super duper one.x

Yaryar - my More...
27/Nov/07 9:21 AM
Hey all yall peeps wat up? i'm from Malibu how about u peeps???
27/Nov/07 9:43 AM
Julie, have a great day.
Belated to Appy.
27/Nov/07 9:51 AM
This will only be funny to Aussies... check out eBay item number 320187798110
27/Nov/07 9:53 AM
kurunjang: hilarious.
I bid it up to 10c - I hope someone outbids me!
Thanks for pointing that out.
27/Nov/07 10:02 AM
Gail - don't know if you had any luck yesterday with your mammatus clouds pictures but try this website:
Quite amazing clouds. I've never seen anything like them.
27/Nov/07 10:18 AM
Has anyone read about the London Tube Announcer, Emma Clarke, who was fired after she recorded some spoof messages in her smooth "mind the gap" voice and left them on her website. Her message for we Sudokuists was,"Would passengers filling in answers on their Sudokus please accept More...
27/Nov/07 10:21 AM
OH no! No Horror scope.
27/Nov/07 10:22 AM
Bet she can't work them out!!!!!!
27/Nov/07 10:22 AM
Morning all!
27/Nov/07 10:26 AM
I thought it was funny - and about the only place I get aussie news is here.
27/Nov/07 10:41 AM
Julie - all the very best for your birthday.
27/Nov/07 10:41 AM
Hello everyone.
Been busy this week and its just getting busier. Got lots of items on my ebay site starting at only 99 cents so I have been busy with questions and such. Amazing how many items I sell overseas, especially to USA and Canada.
Havnt even had time to jump on here and say hi to all.
27/Nov/07 10:42 AM
http://s231.photobucket.com/albums/ee87/SharleneMerkur/food/?action=view&current=birthdaycake-1. gif
27/Nov/07 10:46 AM
well that didnt work
27/Nov/07 10:47 AM
Happy Birthday Julie
27/Nov/07 10:48 AM
Very funny ebay item
Dont worry CynB It is now up to 17c - 4 bids
27/Nov/07 10:50 AM
Hi Madby3. I, too, have an Ebay shop and sell all over. Especially in the US and of course all of Europe but haven't had any customers in Oz yet. I agree it keeps me busy and after a lull a few weeks ago it is steadily building towards the Christmas rush.
27/Nov/07 10:52 AM
Thanks Madby3, just checked myself and I was relieved to see I was outbid. I just should have put it on watch.
GrannieMo, what's your ebay ID, I'll put it in favourites as I have with Madby3's. It would be a pleasure to buy from a fellow sudokuist and I love trawling eBay.
27/Nov/07 11:00 AM
yes I want to see your shop too.
27/Nov/07 11:01 AM
CynB try MoH's Jewellery Shop. I'm registered on the UK site.
Madby3 What is your site name?
27/Nov/07 11:02 AM
In fact it is 1a.m. and I am sitting here organising my next imput.
My big problem is I can't resist amber and I seem to accumalate almost as fast as I sell.
27/Nov/07 11:05 AM
Madby3 :)

aussie site
27/Nov/07 11:07 AM
My user name is Madby3 but my shop name is Little Stars for Kids.
A quick link is on my sudoku page.
27/Nov/07 11:08 AM
Well, having seen my atrocious spelling in the last post I think maybe I should get to bed and have an early start tomorrow. It is my elder grand daughters 9th birthday so I stayed up to phone Singapore. I did so 10 minutes ago and found they are all away. Never mind, I know the parcel arrived in good time.
27/Nov/07 11:09 AM
Goodnight GrannieMO
27/Nov/07 11:10 AM
Madby just visited your site love the photos and graphics will have a closer look tomorrow as you have given me ideas for my shop
27/Nov/07 11:15 AM
The ZZZZ's are arriving but I haven't cp'd for ages
27/Nov/07 11:15 AM
Can I manage another?
27/Nov/07 11:16 AM
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