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Easy Sudoku for 27/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Bugger, signed me out, but I think I know why. It doesn't help if you have another window open. But I'll bet you already know that last comment was from me.
Beautiful picture. I love doing Sudoku. Thanks for the great pictures guys. Marg
Susan - I am annoyed that when it signed me out, it left out the smiley at the end. Bummer.
Do you hate getting phone calls from telemarketers as much as I do? Well, here are some ways to get your revenge!
1. If MCI calls trying to get you to sign up for the Family and Friends Plan, reply, in as SINISTER of a voice as you can, 'But I don't have any friends...Would you be my More...
ap, I want to meet you.
Sorry Ed, my lovely AP is already spoken for.
I should have said 'the lovely ap', cause she is noy mine.
That's cool, I can respect that. Plus I may need more computer help.
hey whats going on??

and ED,I may even meet you!!planning to make a trip..coming as far as NC..my son is there.
What does you son do? I will meet you half way in Atlanta, if that's ok with beehive.
I love your comments.
my son is a student in NCSU.graduating in this dec..planning to attend his graduation...but you know abt the visa regulations and i hope to get mine if everything goes well b4 this fall..
and Ed what has beehive got anything to do with this, i wonder??
He made the comment, I am clueless to it's meaning. So that makes me wonder, but I'am on my best behavior. Well close to my best. I hope you are able make the graduation, it would be a shame if you were not able.
I must call it a day. It's been a long and good day for me. I will be back. Peace.

Dixie Chicks are much more than chicks. New album is guite good. Believe in your words.
Back from Maui late last night and exhausted after travelling for 17 hours with a baby! It was fantastic and a much needed break and recharge and I have definitely left a lot of stress behind. I also rediscovered my partner and have spent some wonderful one-on-one time with Elinor.
ap,love all your comments.Congrats on your son and his education.It takes a lot to make it through college. Good luck on your visa.My brother in law lives in NC and my in-laws live in north Georgia in the mountains.We may be traveling there soon for vacation, just haven't set the date yet.
Ed, I know you are probably off to sleep but I agree, The Dixie Chicks rock and I will buy their new album. I think they got a bum rap for Natalie's comment in England. Free speech apparently does not apply in Country Music community. To bad...Good night.

And thanks to all for your wishes for a wonderful birthday which it was. Now it is time for me to sleep as well.
(yes this is the way I always address my posts and I'm not changing it unless it's a post to more than one person !)

In case you sign in tonight Deb - Happy Birthday !

Only 4 more sleeps .
C'arn the mighty Tigers !
Q.How does a rich girl change the light bulb?
A. Daddy, can i have a new appartment
if adults come on here, i say to you PLEASE DONT SWEAR IN THE CHAT ROOM OR BE MEAN, IM ONLY 13 AND IM A CHRISTIAN and now i say thank you
beehive, after Col's comment, I believe that's Susan 2, beehive 1. I was just being nice to you last night after your help in trying to fix my computer.
1:58 Have a good holiday Deb & Mark, hope you find the sunsets this lovely on your trip.
My, aren't we snippy this morning....
Actually you can, and some people have, posted anonymously, when they are supporting members. I just did !!
1:59 - just snuck in under the two minutes!

Lovely sunset.
Col - I think you just shot yourself in the foot. On one hand you say that this is the way you will post and then you say except if posting to more than one person. Duh! Why don't you just be consitent?

Susan - I think if you read my last post on page 4, (a no tagger unfortunately), I think More...
2:39 Good Maen! Beautiful sunset. It's shaping up to be a gorgeous sunny Saturday here in New England. Sunday & Memorial Day are supposed to be in the 80's. Time to open up the pool!
Well - ok then beehive - I will be 'consitent' (sic) - I will post separately to each person that I will to address a comment to - happy ?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
The above was from me - but you would have know that from !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
I'll post any old way I want to.. and I am unlikely to be consistent - It's against my nature. Bad Luck!! :-)

You'd only find something else to grump about! It's just the joy of your combined age and gender.
02:44 Claudia~ where are you?
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