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Easy Sudoku for 27/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Stop the world! I want to get off!!
27/Jun/16 12:00 AM
What a beautiful day we have been given.
27/Jun/16 12:06 AM
Hi Wolf, You, are supposed to get a couple degrees warmer than we are today. My daughter lives in Ft Worth so I keep track of the weather there.
27/Jun/16 12:10 AM
27/Jun/16 12:19 AM
Good morning to all! Bo indeed is a good looking dog.
27/Jun/16 12:29 AM
Hot and humid here in Ottawa, and a hot week in the forecast leading up to Canada Day on July 1st. I imagine our US friends are gearing up for their July 4th weekend.
27/Jun/16 12:31 AM
Lizzie and her hubby landed in Vancouver yesterday, and tomorrow they board a train for a cross-Canada train trip coast to coast, ending in Halifax, I'll be meeting up with them in mid-July here in Ottawa as they are coming here after their train trip is over. I'm looking forward to meeting them and taking them a a few places they wanted to see.
27/Jun/16 12:35 AM
27/Jun/16 12:48 AM
Happy Sunday!
My church women's small group is hosting an afternoon tea today for a few little (and big) girls. I'm bringing 2 kinds of homemade scones, Devonshire cream, raspberry jam, and for a twist on dessert, chocolate fondue.
27/Jun/16 1:38 AM
Sunny, hot & humid. May be the beginning of the 'dog days of summer'!
Stay cool, everyone!
27/Jun/16 2:35 AM

CG - That's wonderful that you'll meet Lizzy and her husband. Not only can you show them the sites of Ottawa, but you can hear about their Trans-Canada train ride.
27/Jun/16 2:56 AM
A beautiful puppy named Bo. A treat to see him this morning.
27/Jun/16 3:08 AM
Ooooh, Aileen, save me some scones and Devonshire cream!!!
27/Jun/16 3:08 AM
Am anxiously waiting to hear from Katitude. She wasn't feeling too well so we postponed our get together for today.
27/Jun/16 3:09 AM
I have been 'decorating' my old pantry today. It will eventually be filled in with cabinets, so I've turned a spill mark into a very nice illustration of a fountain, wrote our names & who built the house, and who is renovating the house new. I added our three cats who lived here over the years. The More...
27/Jun/16 3:31 AM
I think I'll add something more each day until they cover it up! If you have any requests, let me know!
27/Jun/16 3:33 AM
Good morning.
27/Jun/16 3:52 AM
Both Mr p and I are up and drinking tea.
27/Jun/16 3:53 AM
Feeling cool but not cold
27/Jun/16 3:54 AM
It is 2C instead of -5C this time yesterday,
27/Jun/16 3:57 AM
Gal Lump!
27/Jun/16 3:58 AM
27/Jun/16 3:58 AM
Just missed it.
27/Jun/16 4:12 AM
Lovely puppy in the photo this morning. 1:44 for the Sudoku.
27/Jun/16 4:58 AM
Bo est beau.
27/Jun/16 5:06 AM
Good maEn, good people.
27/Jun/16 7:24 AM
Wolf's sentiment about escaping this world for another is appealing to me.
27/Jun/16 7:34 AM
But first I have to figure out how to finish my business in this world first. I feel a tactical change upcoming.
27/Jun/16 7:53 AM
Shiela, make sure you include your swan avatar and the sudoku.com.au website url.
27/Jun/16 7:57 AM
I have what I consider to be the best scone recipe. I'd love to see others' favorite scone recipes and compare.
27/Jun/16 8:04 AM
Our wild black raspberries are coming on. They are tiny, seedy and the bushes are wickedly thorny, but the juice is like a paste when we extract it and it is ultra packed with flavor. When we make seedless black raspberry jam the texture is silken and the flavor is intense. Faun makes it her job More...
27/Jun/16 8:15 AM
Good morning all.
27/Jun/16 8:19 AM
The world is indeed going crazy, but we could take some time out for scones and jam. I'm wondering though if your scones are the same as ours. I have a feeling they may be quite different.
27/Jun/16 8:21 AM
Just checked and they are quite different beasts! https://www.cooksillustrated.com/features/8521-the-difference-between-british-and-american-scones-te st-cook-andrea-geary-explains
27/Jun/16 8:24 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
27/Jun/16 8:25 AM
Sacky: This is the recipe I went with--
I made the basic one with raisins, and a cranberry orange version. Just a few leftovers to take home...
27/Jun/16 8:50 AM
all. We got home earlier this afternoon from a very nice weekend with out daughter, SIL, and g-son #2.
27/Jun/16 9:01 AM
Forty minutes since my last post and we're still on page 1?
27/Jun/16 9:42 AM
OK, I'll do it.
27/Jun/16 9:43 AM
27/Jun/16 9:44 AM
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