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Easy Sudoku for 27/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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27/Jun/17 12:00 AM
Early on the site today - sunny and cool - waiting on the start of my morning classes - did a walk and stretch out - enjoy your day
27/Jun/17 12:21 AM
Think it may be take your dog to work day ?
27/Jun/17 12:30 AM
I've got a dog, but no work to go to.
27/Jun/17 12:48 AM
Good Maen, good people. Slow start to a chilly day. We are supposed to operate our underwater ROVs today in 66F air temps. Brr. I'll be overseeing from up on the deck wearing a jacket.
27/Jun/17 1:02 AM
27/Jun/17 1:34 AM
so close . . .
27/Jun/17 1:34 AM
27/Jun/17 1:34 AM
Peter - poozle answer sent.
Wombat - please get better soon.
27/Jun/17 1:34 AM
to Everyone!
27/Jun/17 1:36 AM
Oh, shosho ... I would have interrupted you if I hadn't decided to add the smilies. You weren't there when I started to type my post. Glad you made it!
27/Jun/17 1:36 AM
The morning is gone and I still haven't had my cuppa to wake me up and warm me up. I've been puttering around doing a little here and a little there. I need to concentrate and get going on the next round of projects.
27/Jun/17 1:38 AM
Well, my mare and Keith, I'm out of luck for I have no dog and no work!
27/Jun/17 1:39 AM
Thank you, Plum!!! I still send flying your way!!
27/Jun/17 1:40 AM
Problem is that I have a teabag in a mug awaiting boiling water. I keep starting the kettle and walking away. The kettle, presumably, comes to a boil and turns itself off while I am puttering. I come back and it's cooled too much in the unseasonable air temps, so I turn the kettle back on to boil and walk away again. And I can't stand there and watch because 'a watched pot never boils.' Sigh.
27/Jun/17 1:40 AM
shosho! The worked!
There was so little water left in the kettle that it came to a boil while I was foraging in the fridge for food and there was just enough boiling water to fill my mug.
27/Jun/17 1:50 AM
Colourful flag against a blue sky.
27/Jun/17 2:17 AM
Good morning.
27/Jun/17 2:58 AM
Doesn't feel so cold this morning.
27/Jun/17 2:59 AM
Hi CP.
27/Jun/17 3:00 AM
27/Jun/17 3:00 AM
27/Jun/17 3:00 AM
Hope it's another sunny day here today.
27/Jun/17 3:00 AM
sneaky, Keith!
27/Jun/17 3:01 AM
There I was just ambling along
27/Jun/17 3:02 AM
Proof reading and correcting my FFS infested post,.
27/Jun/17 3:03 AM
And I was ambushed!!
27/Jun/17 3:03 AM
I was right. I had a feeling I'd better be quick.
27/Jun/17 3:06 AM
Happy Monday!
27/Jun/17 3:11 AM

I just saw Peter's poozle! Wow. That's going to take a bit of thought.....
27/Jun/17 3:45 AM
...for me too, Kathy! I'm not even sure I understand the directions... y'all started these when I was computer-less.

Have a good day, folks & I'm off to investigate the how of Peter's challenge!

27/Jun/17 5:03 AM
Morning all, a nice clear pic today.
Plum, I thought you were in your summer months.
27/Jun/17 7:09 AM
1:53 Morning all!
27/Jun/17 10:11 AM
T'was another day in Sudokoland,
The posts were few and predictable.
Perhaps someday we will return to
When we can find the unexpectable.

But don't hold your breath.
27/Jun/17 10:51 AM
HalT - be careful what you wish for.
27/Jun/17 11:30 AM
The sun cooperated a bit and we had most of the youth splashing around the pool setting up for the ROVs and before and after the program just splashing around with each other. I had my light jacket and I was still cold when the breeze picked up every now and then. Hope summer is back in 3 weeks when next we gather at the pool for robotics club.
27/Jun/17 11:33 AM
Amelia - we thought so, too, when we scheduled the in-pool activities!
27/Jun/17 11:35 AM
I was just kidding around, Plum,
Something to take up the time,
Until I must call it a day here,
And quit having to come up with rhyme.

Night all.
27/Jun/17 11:45 AM
But first...
27/Jun/17 11:46 AM
Let us turn the page.
27/Jun/17 11:47 AM
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