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Easy Sudoku for 27/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Nice spot.
27/Jun/18 12:03 AM
Maen. Boom and a shudder in the middle of the night but no report of an earthquake.
27/Jun/18 12:13 AM
robinw & Wow_Axel!! And to those who follow.
27/Jun/18 12:59 AM
27/Jun/18 1:14 AM
Morning. Slow start.
27/Jun/18 1:38 AM
Good day to all We're having a very cool start to our summer!
27/Jun/18 1:52 AM
so close . . .
27/Jun/18 1:55 AM
27/Jun/18 1:55 AM
Lovely place.
27/Jun/18 2:03 AM

I have just spent 3 hours cleaning my dishwasher. Yes, you read that correctly. Let me explain. I have had many dishwashers over the years. I never cleaned a filter on any of them. Evidently, they all had ''food grinders''. I assumed More...
27/Jun/18 3:44 AM
I'm starting to think that never having owned a dishwasher is a good thing.
27/Jun/18 4:02 AM
27/Jun/18 4:11 AM
Cross off on Bucket List ... dinner at Batty's ...
27/Jun/18 4:26 AM

Nice cape photo
27/Jun/18 6:08 AM
Morning all,great photo of the cape.
27/Jun/18 6:37 AM
Be nice, Judy.
27/Jun/18 6:38 AM
Never mind Kathy, you are not the only one. I've never had a dishwasher of my own so when the owner of a holiday house we cleaned asked if I had cleaned the filter on the dishwasher...I looked at her blankly and said, you had better show me where it is then.
27/Jun/18 6:45 AM
Should I amble 2 days in a row?
27/Jun/18 6:51 AM
Don't answer that, beehive.
27/Jun/18 6:52 AM
... going for it.
27/Jun/18 6:52 AM
27/Jun/18 6:52 AM
27/Jun/18 6:52 AM
I just logged in and saw there were 22 comments. I'm glad you got your 22, Keith!
27/Jun/18 7:14 AM
I think Batty just got out of ever having a Sudoku meet-up at her house! Yucky dishwasher!
27/Jun/18 7:17 AM
1:58 Good morning one and all!
27/Jun/18 9:13 AM
Yes, this is the way I do my dishes, too.
27/Jun/18 9:16 AM
27/Jun/18 12:28 PM
1:32. Good afternoon everyone.

Exciting times - settlement on my new house is in about an hour!🍾πŸ₯‚
27/Jun/18 1:24 PM
Arachnids poozle....

Kathy, Judy, Amelia and Snowbird all successfully completed Arachnids poozle.

Well done that lot!
27/Jun/18 1:48 PM
27/Jun/18 2:01 PM
Congratulations, Chris! A momentous occasion...
27/Jun/18 2:22 PM
It's nearly time and I'm ready...
27/Jun/18 2:51 PM
A Canadian Whiskey & Tonic - Squeeze of lime, please...
27/Jun/18 2:52 PM
I've had dishwashers for years, but never one that had a filter that needed to be cleaned, thank goodness! If only the landlord would supply a self-cleaning oven, as well!
27/Jun/18 4:45 PM
Property Settlements!!! That was my job for most of my working years. Can be quite stressful but also rewarding.
27/Jun/18 6:10 PM
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