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Easy Sudoku for 27/June/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:49. Good Morning, all.
27/Jun/19 12:04 AM
27/Jun/19 12:10 AM
Good Maen, Tom and all who follow.
27/Jun/19 12:11 AM
What a pretty scene in the photo. I see it's from 2009. I don't imagine it has changed much over the years. I love driving around the countryside. I am not fond of city driving.
27/Jun/19 12:27 AM
2:06 Lovely photo.
The holiday I'm having is with a local pilot who does tours across Australia. The one I'm doing is with three other passengers (I don't know them) in a six-seater twin engine plane. We don't do more than 2 hours at a time flying and we go across W.A., into South Australia More...
27/Jun/19 12:28 AM
Morning all. Sounds like great fun, Anne.
27/Jun/19 12:41 AM
27/Jun/19 12:43 AM
27/Jun/19 12:43 AM
I'm up way earlier than usual because some very noisy work is going on just outside my windows. They seem to have selected just the right place to do whatever it is they are doing - looks like cutting pipe into short segments? - for maximum reverberation.
27/Jun/19 12:44 AM
Not enough buildings in the area of this photo for any reverberations. Well maybe inside the shed?
27/Jun/19 1:27 AM
27/Jun/19 2:57 AM
Only one little white cloud in this very pretty photo.
27/Jun/19 3:13 AM
27/Jun/19 4:40 AM
Sunny! A good day for golfing this morning.
Hope your day is sunny, too!
27/Jun/19 5:26 AM
The little cloud reminds me of a photo I took when I was on the SW National Parks trip in May. I have a great photo of one of the rock arches with a heart-shaped cloud directly above it!
27/Jun/19 5:29 AM
2:08, sometimes 1->9 just isn't the right strategy! Good morning everyone.
27/Jun/19 5:46 AM
Looks a nice drive. Beautiful photo green surroundings
27/Jun/19 6:24 AM
Morning all,I remember this view from when we traveled through Wagga Wagga on our way between Robinvale and Salt Ash.
27/Jun/19 6:32 AM
Good maEn
Air is on - summer has arrived and thunderstorms are a coming
Hoping to go to the zoo tomorrow
27/Jun/19 10:17 AM
Just about to go to bed.
27/Jun/19 5:02 PM
But first ...
27/Jun/19 5:03 PM
27/Jun/19 5:03 PM
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