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Easy Sudoku for 27/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Time for bed - violent storms expected tonight which is a nuisance as it was so hot last night I hardly slept at all. Night all.
27/Jul/13 8:34 AM
So, anyway ... Good maEn, good people. Are we talking favorite kitchen appliances? Refrigerator/freezer. Hands down. Maybe later tonight I'll be able to reread a few days' worth of posts and find out why we're honoring our noble FPA appliances.
27/Jul/13 8:34 AM
But now, it's on to figuring out how to make anything but 'peanut butter' cookies without chocolate chips or lard. Not to disparage peanut butter cookies. Quite the contrary. It's just that Faun is making peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches tomorrow and knowing that has made Burl remember More...
27/Jul/13 8:35 AM
Fiona! Hello. I'm glad I gave in to the sweet impulse to visit Sudokuland just now. I've missed you.
27/Jul/13 8:36 AM
Sue, you mention a wooden spoon. Burl does woodworking (I 'named' him after the wood burl after all ...) and my favorite wooden spoon is cherry and has a long comfortable handle, a shallow bowl and a wide, flat tip so I can brown meat and make sauces and scrape the bottom of the pan so things More...
27/Jul/13 8:40 AM
Fiona, hope la pluie isn't as violent as feared. Be safe, Fiona.
27/Jul/13 8:42 AM
Fiona, yes, we have ALL being thinking of you! Miss you young lady!
27/Jul/13 8:44 AM
I have one 7 for 10, one 6 for 10 and the rest 5 for 10. Come on folks, it's not that hard.
27/Jul/13 8:46 AM
Hello Greg & everyone else!
27/Jul/13 8:47 AM


Not that hard but What was wrong with my #1 answer??
I think a recount may be called for.
27/Jul/13 8:52 AM
It appears that showing up and speaking French and posting /oon-say-pay/ is not enough. Now I must seek out and perform la poozle pour Gregoire. A plum's work is never finis...
27/Jul/13 8:53 AM

Just a quick check in to see what's happening in the world.
Yes HalT I have to agree with you on the Kitchen.
Although the Coffee thing comes a close second.
27/Jul/13 8:55 AM
I missed it Cee. 6 out of 10. Drive safely this weekend. Cheers!
27/Jul/13 8:58 AM
Hi Kate! I hope all is well!
27/Jul/13 8:59 AM
Hello. beautiful day again. Washing to do. Amongst miriad other chores. Most useful thing in the kitchen - ME!!
27/Jul/13 9:44 AM
for Shiela for Serena on the rose topic and rose family ID fact
27/Jul/13 10:03 AM
Oh, Keith, you reminded me to mention how much I love the heat-proof 'rubber' (silicon?) spatula I use when making scrambled or fried eggs.
27/Jul/13 10:07 AM
Okay folks. No more feedback from me tonight as I'm going out to see a movie. Lot's of good attempts so far, including two folks with 9 for 10.
27/Jul/13 10:11 AM
99 bottles of beer on the wall...
27/Jul/13 10:25 AM
Loo, Loo, skip to my Loo.
27/Jul/13 10:25 AM
Here's a cooking vocabulary question. My favorite way to eat eggs is to separate them first, fry the whites until thoroughly done (don't like runny whites) then use the residual heat (and a little extra butter) to warm through the unbroken yolks without letting them get cooked solid. Then I turn More...
27/Jul/13 10:28 AM
HalT - the little old lady, Plum, saved you from 101
27/Jul/13 10:28 AM
9/10? I guess he didn't like my curtail for #7.
27/Jul/13 10:30 AM
Why yes, Plum, there is. It's called 'The really tedious and hard way to prepare eggs' for breakfast.
27/Jul/13 10:34 AM
Oh, and thank you for taking 101.
27/Jul/13 10:36 AM
Yea, but they sound really good, Plum.
27/Jul/13 10:38 AM
I only like eggs cooked well done, like an omlet or an egg for a sandwich. I can eat scrambled but again they have to be well done or as Harry says they can bounce off the floor.
27/Jul/13 12:43 PM
No cooking for me tonight, had prime rib medium rare & baked potato.
27/Jul/13 12:46 PM
Hey Greg, what movie did see & was it any good?
27/Jul/13 12:47 PM
I have spent too much of today doing research on Ireland. Now I have to decide if I am going. My great nephew is a drummer in the band, they have been invited to be in the St Patricks Day Parade in Dublin this next year.
27/Jul/13 12:55 PM
One more and I can say good night.
27/Jul/13 12:55 PM
27/Jul/13 12:56 PM
Wow! Kathy and I have had almost 800 hits on our 'Destination Oz' blog site so far!
27/Jul/13 1:00 PM
Good night people of the world.
27/Jul/13 3:25 PM
Sue, we got lots of rain (but a half inch less than the rain gauge said ), about an inch, lots of thunder and lightning. People upstream had more rain, the creeks and rivers are running high. Before bed, I unplugged my pooter and chose not to charge my phone so the wouldn't get fried.
27/Jul/13 3:28 PM
27/Jul/13 3:50 PM
An old Groaner.

The Big Flood:

It had been raining for days and days, and a terrible flood had come over the land. The waters rose so high that one man was forced to climb onto the roof of his house.

As the waters rose higher and higher, a man in a More...
27/Jul/13 4:45 PM

Gotta run. Things to do and places to be.
27/Jul/13 4:46 PM
Favourite FPA tool - my cook, sometimes known as my husband.
27/Jul/13 5:13 PM
I must admit that my favourite tool in the FPA is anyone else willing to cook &/or clean up.
27/Jul/13 5:46 PM
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