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Easy Sudoku for 27/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello, page three.
27/Jul/14 9:41 AM
Zen philosophical question, What is the sound of one brain cell talking?
27/Jul/14 9:41 AM
The eagle was feeding with an adult on a wallaby carcass earlier yesterday morning. Hope this makes sense, I'm still in a rush!
27/Jul/14 9:42 AM
Oh, Sacky, scared me. I just knew, she would pull a Lizzy, and I would miss a thrill.

Hey, Sacky.
27/Jul/14 9:42 AM
... with the sound of the page turning as background.
27/Jul/14 9:42 AM
I'm off. Enjoy the rest of your day folks.
27/Jul/14 9:42 AM
Wow! Hi Sacky. You sure flew in low and quiet.
27/Jul/14 9:43 AM
Sorry Karen - didn't mean to frighten you, but I'm on a mission!
27/Jul/14 9:43 AM
Sacky with a fly by.
27/Jul/14 9:44 AM
Sorry again folks - it seems I interrupted a philosophical conversation!
27/Jul/14 9:45 AM
27/Jul/14 9:45 AM
I was about to prepare children for bed, but maybe I will stay for a little while.
27/Jul/14 9:47 AM
If the page keeps moving it is possible that I can see 111 and get to the kids to bed at a decent hour.
27/Jul/14 9:48 AM
Or maybe they all left after getting my hopes up.
27/Jul/14 9:49 AM
No, no, I just got a little dizzy, from Whirlwind, that blew in.
27/Jul/14 9:52 AM
Keith, I really, do not get a chance, to get to know, my brain cell, because of all the voices in my head, are constantly going. Every so often, it makes an appearance.
27/Jul/14 9:54 AM
Aww, Serena, give the lovelies, some independence, and let them put themselves to bed.
Then, again, it is Saturday night, stay up late.
27/Jul/14 9:55 AM
Karen, I've been trying to convince hubby that we should solve our bed too small problem by taking a room and making it wall to wall mattress. So far, no sale.
27/Jul/14 9:56 AM
I don't do nights. Never have, probably never will.
27/Jul/14 9:57 AM
Oh, the door slammed open and I hear the rustling of bags, so, my dream will not come true, of going out to dinner. Now, I have to wait, for my dinner. Bummer.
27/Jul/14 9:59 AM
& Serena has jumped into the fray.
27/Jul/14 10:00 AM
I didn't know I'd be getting the LOL.
27/Jul/14 10:00 AM
But does that mean it won't be you fixing it?
27/Jul/14 10:01 AM
I need to stop, for a moment and listen to all the excitement from and afternoon of 4-wheeling. So far, all I understand is that, 'Grandma, left me.'
27/Jul/14 10:02 AM
My 12 and 5 year can do the put themselves to bed thing. My 2 1/2 year old is another story.
27/Jul/14 10:02 AM
I stopped typing for a little bit so I wouldn't get the 100 and the lol in case someone who wanted them wandered by.
27/Jul/14 10:03 AM
Get real, Keith.
Me? Prepare dinner.
27/Jul/14 10:03 AM
Does Grandma have a 4-wheeler of her own?
27/Jul/14 10:04 AM
Wall to wall mattress sounds like a lot of fun, except for the lying down and getting back up again part. That was a lot easier when I was younger.
27/Jul/14 10:04 AM
Do I get to go for it?
27/Jul/14 10:05 AM
Humm, something seems off here.
I sent three people out the door, this afternoon, yet, only two are sitting here, telling their tales. I know, I have a really hard time, with math, but seems, one is missing.
27/Jul/14 10:05 AM
27/Jul/14 10:05 AM
Karen, you I may have to be mad at you now.
27/Jul/14 10:06 AM
Oh well, the kids are getting violent now. Time for bed.
27/Jul/14 10:06 AM
I held off, Serena. I waited.
27/Jul/14 10:07 AM
I know. It was HER. Another day maybe.
27/Jul/14 10:08 AM
Goodnight all.
27/Jul/14 10:08 AM
Yes, Bammaw, has her own 4-wheeler.
Seems, Bammaw, left one child, and took the other. I have no idea how that happened.
And, they are not hungry, so my dinner will not be prepared for me, and my sandwich making child is the one, that is not here. I see a problem here.
27/Jul/14 10:09 AM
Oops. Did I do that?
27/Jul/14 10:11 AM
I love this child. She is yelling to go out to eat.
When have you all known, Man, to deny his child of anything?
27/Jul/14 10:12 AM
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