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Easy Sudoku for 27/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello page 7.
27/Jul/14 4:02 PM
Now, off to that room. I don't wanna.
27/Jul/14 4:02 PM
Good grief Karen it is 1.03am in Texas. Go to bed woman.
27/Jul/14 4:03 PM
OH, Mr. C, where have you been? Are you alright? Have you been ill? Or have you been traveling?

(It is 1:05 AM)
27/Jul/14 4:06 PM
Lol Mr Cee lurks but yes have been traveling a lot. Mainly in Northern NSW and All over Queensland.
27/Jul/14 4:18 PM
Well, it is great that you popped in, on such a day. Too, bad, after all those elderly folks went off to bed.
27/Jul/14 4:33 PM
Now that room is cleaned, I can rest easy.
So, I am going to join, the land of slumber, hopefully.
27/Jul/14 4:34 PM
I think I can get to 250..
27/Jul/14 5:23 PM
Yes poor old things. They need their nap times,

27/Jul/14 5:24 PM
It's the least I can do.
27/Jul/14 5:24 PM
Aha The shifty one has arrived.

27/Jul/14 5:24 PM
Yay we did it!
27/Jul/14 5:25 PM
I've never thought of you as that!
27/Jul/14 5:26 PM
27/Jul/14 5:26 PM
I had to go out this afternoon to get to 222.
27/Jul/14 5:31 PM
We took Laura to 'Featherdale'. They have lots of native girds and also some native animals and reptiles.
27/Jul/14 5:33 PM
Keith would have enjoyed it as they have 5 or 6 common wombats and also a couple of hairy nosed wombats. They were all awake and wandering around their pens.
27/Jul/14 5:34 PM
The dingos had a litter of 4 week old pups. 6 were reddy brown and one white. They were so cute. The parents had also been bred in captivity.
27/Jul/14 5:36 PM
Laura has now gone home so I can sleep in my own bed tonight without interruption.
27/Jul/14 5:37 PM
I may as well get 260. Then I can think about some dinner. There is some curry in the freezer so that means I only have to cook the rice.
27/Jul/14 5:38 PM
I'm surprised and a little jealous that Keith got his 222.
27/Jul/14 6:23 PM
This, by the way, is the reason I don't do nights.
27/Jul/14 6:23 PM
7:30ish here and we're just about to take the dog for a walk. He's been a bit neglected lately. Poor little thing.
27/Jul/14 7:36 PM
After all the dogs surgery and everything I am sure he is not really neglected Sacky.
27/Jul/14 10:02 PM
I was hoping there had been some more posts so we could get to page 8. Not to be.
27/Jul/14 10:03 PM
I have been looking up the archives. On 11 June 2010 we had 58 pages and 2287 comments. Then another one the next day. Different people kept it running at different times of the day. I was one posting during the afternoon. Had to go out to dinner then resumed some posts when I got home.
27/Jul/14 10:37 PM
Nice to see C pop in, and nice for the group to have gotten up around 270. I emailed André but don't even know if I was writing to an active email address. It was fun to make a run for it, none the less.
27/Jul/14 10:39 PM
Keith, I do not think Andre posted much after that year.
27/Jul/14 11:21 PM
too many things going on at work tonight to be of any help
27/Jul/14 11:21 PM
I am not waiting for change over. I need some sleep.
27/Jul/14 11:21 PM
all. It certainly has been busy here while I was getting my ''old-Man's'' rest.
27/Jul/14 11:24 PM
Doesn't look like we'll make page 8 though.
27/Jul/14 11:26 PM
I Cee you even got Mr Coe involved. G'day stranger.
27/Jul/14 11:30 PM
It was a fun run, though.
27/Jul/14 11:30 PM
Darn spell-check.
27/Jul/14 11:33 PM
Have you been up all night, Keith?
27/Jul/14 11:34 PM
Page 8 is doable.
27/Jul/14 11:37 PM
Just 4 to go.
27/Jul/14 11:38 PM
27/Jul/14 11:38 PM
27/Jul/14 11:39 PM
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