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Easy Sudoku for 27/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
27/Jul/16 12:00 AM
27/Jul/16 12:01 AM
Another nice morning in wine country!
27/Jul/16 12:03 AM
I don't know why, but that looks to me like it would taste awful.
27/Jul/16 12:11 AM
Good 🌞 And off I go on my travels on this site
27/Jul/16 12:28 AM
My husband brought me my morning English muffin for breakfast in my chair - I waited until he had gone to his work meeting to get the dounut to dunk in my milk !! 🍩
27/Jul/16 12:30 AM
27/Jul/16 12:33 AM
27/Jul/16 12:34 AM
Ah yes, mymare! Must keep up a health-wise appearance. I occasionally hide a treat or two!
27/Jul/16 12:40 AM
Denny, can there ever be a bad morning in wine country? I'm trying to picture it ... Nope. Can't do it.
27/Jul/16 12:51 AM
Good morning.
27/Jul/16 1:03 AM
Keith, the cake is likely to be fruit cake, both layers.
27/Jul/16 1:04 AM
That's what, traditionally, wedding cakes were here until relatively recently (last 20 years or so, but some brides still go for traditional.
27/Jul/16 1:07 AM
We had fruitcake, 40 years ago, eldest daughter had mudcake 20 years ago, and younger daughter had mudcake cup cakes ('fairy cakes') for her wedding.
27/Jul/16 1:11 AM
So, now, basically anything goes. Some couples still have a small fruitcake to cut (and keep the older rellies happy).
27/Jul/16 1:13 AM
my daughter was married almost 12 years ago. She had a two-tier cake. The top was fruitcake and the bottom (that was cut up for guests) was orange mudcake because that was her husband's favourite cake. The kept the top tier in the freezer for their first wedding anniversary and it was beautiful!
27/Jul/16 1:27 AM

There is a tradition that the top layer of the wedding cake is saved and frozen to be eaten by the bride and groom on their first anniversary. I learned this the hard way at my daughter's wedding when I was instructed to ''guard More...
27/Jul/16 1:28 AM
Same tradition, Chayote!
27/Jul/16 1:29 AM
Can I get the poozle in before Keith gallumps in? I'd better wait.....
27/Jul/16 1:30 AM
Come on, Keith!
27/Jul/16 1:31 AM
To heck with it. Here it is.

Each of these words can have the same letter placed at the beginning and the end to form a new (common) word. For example LIT becomes ELITE by adding an E at both ends. What are the new words?

27/Jul/16 1:34 AM
Keith must have gone back to bed.
27/Jul/16 2:20 AM
Good afternoon to all! Wedding cake was a long, long time ago for me.
27/Jul/16 2:27 AM
Yes, Hal. ''You snooze, you lose'' would be correct.
Unless you have some type of incontinence problem, I suppose.
27/Jul/16 2:29 AM
Happy Tuesday!
I did notice 'you snooze, you loose', but was too polite to mention it
Although, I thought she might have been going for 'you snooze, you looze'
27/Jul/16 2:48 AM
27/Jul/16 3:52 AM
Here comes the bride.
27/Jul/16 4:01 AM
Just pooping in to say I'm not lost. I'm working on homeschool paperwork for the year. I also got Elijah signed up for high school today and am working on not completely freaking out.
27/Jul/16 6:24 AM
that should be popping
27/Jul/16 6:24 AM
We know what you meant, Serena.
27/Jul/16 6:50 AM
A friend of mine who got married recently had a cheese wedding 'cake' - neither of them like cake so layered rounds of cheese was the go.

2:04 for the Sudoku - need more coffee!
27/Jul/16 6:52 AM
Morning all, pretty cake .
My youngest sister had the top of her wedding cake frozen and left with Mum , on their first anniversary they were living too far away to get it. When their daughter was christened they used it for a christening cake seven years later, it was yummy.
27/Jul/16 7:02 AM
Good morning all.
27/Jul/16 7:18 AM
I too, am still around. Now hubby has reduced his working hours, I don't get on as much. We have to share the computer and we're outside doing 'stuff'. Yesterday he did the heavy part of pruning fruit trees, which I now have to finish off.
27/Jul/16 7:22 AM
You know how gung ho blokes get when there's a chainsaw in their hands! Very close supervision is required!
27/Jul/16 7:27 AM
Off to buy a new wall oven today. We did get 20 years out of the old one, so I can't complain. I have to choose, not the one I would like, but the one that fits the hole the old one is in.
27/Jul/16 7:29 AM
I like having the height of the wall oven, just I don't have to bend down, but the size restriction is a pain.
27/Jul/16 7:31 AM
After that, off for a pre-swim warm up at a local cafe and then the hard work begins.
27/Jul/16 7:32 AM
Last week I manage 680m and today I want try and beat that.
27/Jul/16 7:33 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
27/Jul/16 7:33 AM
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