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Easy Sudoku for 27/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Jaysus Rose. What more do you want. I thought I just did. You seemed to be having fun with it at least.
Beehive - beehave, I'm one of those silly baskets, and 'inane' topics can be more interesting than navel gazing...ooooh look, a bit of naff...
Nope, Inane topics are just that. Inane.
Does this mean that our new topic for discussion is inane topics and what is or isn't considered inane?
I mean the inanity of it all just sort of grabs you, doesn't it?
Welcome Back, Beehive!!!
It seems to only be Baz and Beehive and any aliases beehive uses that are not happy with the use of 'inane'topics for everyone to join in comments and enjoy the interaction with each other.
But as I said earlier in the week Baz ..... come up with a better idea to involve everyone rather than the arguing and nastiness that we had a few weeks ago.
Balls in your court ...
Baz - 'Nope', meaning you prefer gazing at your navel than having input on this site?
Inanity could be just useless information such as...
The first Russian museum of erotica, founded by Igor Knyazkin, the chief of the prostate research center of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, is More...
No worries Rosie Baby. I think arguing, bitterness, nastiness with touches of abuse would be fun. There is far too much niceness in this world, and a bit of grunge would do us all good.

And if we can't do that, then maybe a chat about something important might just do.
And according to legend, he had the balls to go with his pe nis as well!
Good thing you dont suffer from acrophobia, Rose. Falling from that high horse could get quite messy.
Actually Billie sometimes, yes that is dead right.
A 13 incher. Bloody hell, I don't think I would like to cut a couple of inches off!
actually beehive
the site is all yours to amuse yourself with I dont need to put up with your rubbish. I have too many other things in my life to enjoy without the put downs that you seem to enjoy dishing out.
So Billy, did the article say how they got it erect to preserve it? Considering that he was murdered, I dont think he would have had a hard on at the time and how the fuk would his daughter know?
Congrats Elsie re the netball. Commiserations re the Crows. Dockers are firing at the right time Mel - or is it a tad too early. That's 2 tips I didn't get. Good to see you Beehive- now beehave.
or in our Oz Strine Beehive, behive!
Sorry Billy, I used the same joke as you- I hadn't read it. and I hadn't read any of the other comments on this page either- Thought it stopped at 6. I enjoy the banter and a a bit of stirring, fun and even baiting but I hate seeing people getting hurt.
Rose, I am very sorry if I hurt your feelings. I never meant to.
Wow, 13 inches, that would hit your G spot Baz
Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the problems connecting yesterday (for the Aussies). There was a general network connectivity problem, but it seems to have been sorted out now.

Hope You Are Proud Of Yourself Beehive!!!!!!!!
2:21. Pette: Welcome. I'm from Ohio so I do follow the Buckeyes.
However, It is definitely NASCAR. Lover the Cup, watch Busch, Enjoy going to the Truck races.
GO Jimmie J!!! #48.
As a graduate of USF and WVU, the only teams I care about are our local MS and HS teams...I go to fottball and basketball, but volleyball is my favorite.
I don't mean to continue the debate between Rosemary and Beehive unnecessarily but I have been visiting this site and reading the comments for months now, only rarely commenting and when the tone changes I always get one of those feelings in the pit of the stomach. It seems to me that some of the More...
I am not having a debate with anyone, I posted my thoughts and when the comments were targeted at me, I left it alone.
I am happy to discuss openly most subjects but dont accept when the tone begins to put someone down.
I saw beehives apology .... I ACCEPT beehives apology but I dont More...
2:20, but felt slower.
DEB: enjoyed the slogans!

Been using the Internet for 10 years now and have made quite a few friends online. So has the wife; maybe more than I. Some of these folks have been to our home and spent time with us. I used to belong to a group that played online FPS computer games together. More...
Humor (not really a Joke)
These so touched my funny bone this morning, that I had to share it with you all....although the tone of recent postings doesn't sound so, um, 'in the mood'. Maybe those of you who just got up will appreciate these. They were published in this morning's Boston Sunday More...
Mrf: Recently, Dunkin Donuts announced that it has decided to go for customers beyond the breakfast crowd and will be adding hot dogs to its menu.
Mmm, yumm! The extent to which they will go to keep us healthy and well-fed! :)
4:33 - I'm ready to go to the beach!!! Summer is ending and I didn't get enough vacation time.

My favorite football teams are the Raiders and the 49ers. I'm sure going to miss Monday Nite Football.
So good to see the Aussies back on the site! Beehive/Baz, great to read your comments about the Crows/sports injuries, etc... a fine contribution to today's 'SPORTS' topic

Scott, yes. Apparently, the origin of friendship is less important than sustaining the relationship. Building and More...
Good morning all - time for my fix!
3:59 on 09/25/06, and a nice day at the beach! I miss it sometimes....my beach in San Clemente. Life throws you opportunities and tugs on the heart strings. You need to be willing to give up some good things to get better things. My beach in San Clemente was soooooo far away from my family, and More...
06/Oct/11 6:10 AM
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