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Easy Sudoku for 27/August/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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27/Aug/13 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
27/Aug/13 12:01 AM
National Dog Day
27/Aug/13 12:02 AM
friends! I'm back from a short beach vacation!
Had great weather and I'd rather still be on the beach!
Nice to get away!
27/Aug/13 12:02 AM
The first inkling of fall in the air this morning.
27/Aug/13 12:03 AM
I did it. I did what my baby requested and I put her on the bus at exactly 6:31 this morning.
The house is cleaned and the laundry is done and only 6 hours to go.
27/Aug/13 12:05 AM
Nice, calm scene.
27/Aug/13 12:10 AM
School has started? Her 'First day'?
27/Aug/13 12:11 AM
Wow! What a gorgeous place to be... in more ways than one!
27/Aug/13 12:13 AM
(I mean the photo, of course!)
School, too, but then, the water wins every time!
27/Aug/13 12:15 AM
The answers to yesterday's puzzle are:

1. Rock & Roll
2. Mom & Pop
3. Law & Order
4. Rise & Shine
5. Rough & Tumble

In the today we have HalT, Aileen, Canuk Greg, Keith, shosho, Sue, Peter, youkidme, Dottie R, Judy, More...
27/Aug/13 12:19 AM

It was going to be another really hot day, but Ted needed a new pair of cool sunglasses before he could hit the surf. He needed another $52 to buy the ones he wanted.

Ted decided to sell home-made smoothies: $2 each, or three for More...
27/Aug/13 12:20 AM
I really, really, really don't like making phone calls. I have put it off for months in the past. Today was a super productive phone day for me. I made two appointments and got Elijah enrolled in the 6th grade band. Now I should be good on calls until at least October.
27/Aug/13 12:37 AM
Guess I won't bother giving you my phone number, Serena!
27/Aug/13 12:45 AM
What a fabulous photo...and another undoable jigsaw! Or am the only one this is happening to? Or am I the only one who cares?
27/Aug/13 12:49 AM
No, Bev, you're not the only one it happens to. I too miss doing the jigsaw when it's too big for the frame. I'm not sure why it happens, but it IS annoying!
27/Aug/13 1:18 AM
Oh, for heaven's sake! I should have gotten the DK answer considering ''From Here to Eternity'' was the first bonus question!

I wasn't around yesterday to try Serena's offering. Darn it! I love the word puzzles!

Today's seems to have numbers.
I'll make a feeble effort.
27/Aug/13 1:29 AM
Could there be more than one answer, Serena?
Why do I try these???
27/Aug/13 1:58 AM
Numbers? Probably not.
27/Aug/13 2:04 AM
Look how close.
27/Aug/13 2:05 AM
Why not?
27/Aug/13 2:05 AM
27/Aug/13 2:05 AM
It bothers me, too, Bev. Do you do all the others as jigsaws, too? Often, only the Easy is too big.
27/Aug/13 2:09 AM
The Kid's Easy is a great jigsaw today ... if you like spiders.
27/Aug/13 2:22 AM
Gorgeous photo! Too bad we can't do the puzzle.
27/Aug/13 3:04 AM
27/Aug/13 4:17 AM
First day, Karen? My grandie is starting his third week of school already! I suppose he could ride the bus but I don't think his mom is ready for that.
27/Aug/13 4:18 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is this a real photo, or a photo-shop picture? It almost looks fabricated.
27/Aug/13 6:12 AM
Kathy, if it makes any difference, four people said don't know for DK. Dottie said Deborah Kerr or don't know and Serena initially said don't know but changed it later to Deborah Kerr.
27/Aug/13 6:18 AM
Morning all, I have seen this warped effect on photo's on the Australia site,still looks pretty.
27/Aug/13 6:45 AM
I survived.
Well, sort of, brain function was minimal. I started out with busy work and great plans for the day and that is all that happened.
Bus, was supposed to give me back my daughter at 3:16. Darn bus did not arrive until 3:25. Yes, I was panicking.
27/Aug/13 6:46 AM
That child of mine, will not tell me about her day. She is too busy giving the dog all the attention, which she missed so much.
She was kind enough to throw me a bone and say she had a great day.
27/Aug/13 6:48 AM
1:59. Good morning everyone.
27/Aug/13 7:04 AM
Lizzy G, have left you a PM.
27/Aug/13 7:20 AM
Hello everyone!
I know that feeling very well Karen - it's come back very sharply after reading your comment! You have my sympathy!!
I was talked into letting my daughter go to a school friend's place one afternoon - I'd met the mother out side the school & we'd chatted with the other new More...
27/Aug/13 7:59 AM
Re the jigsaw puzzles - they went wild after one of Gath's changes. If you go back in the beginning (15th May 2005) & check the photos in the archives you'll find that the only jigsaw is the torso in the black jumper with the white coffee cup, you'll find that photo as the jigsaw on every Easy More...
27/Aug/13 8:12 AM
I'd say the photos we're getting are the ones from the Easy pages that don't have a home any more! And the off sized ones are possibly the very early reward photos for finishing the sudoku!
So I think we just have to accept that the Easy Sudoku jigsaw is going to too big or very small, more frequently than being a good size!!
27/Aug/13 8:18 AM
I would send these last comments to you by PM if I could copy & paste them, but my PM won't let me & it would take too long the type them to you all!!!!
27/Aug/13 8:21 AM
Actually, I am now copying & pasting to peoples' pages!
27/Aug/13 8:29 AM
Good afternoon, we spent the enitre day in Tulsa. Had errands to do while there. I had an MRI that lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. I have no idea why it took so long.
27/Aug/13 8:31 AM
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