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Easy Sudoku for 27/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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27/Aug/15 5:41 AM
Veni, vidi, whee whee!
27/Aug/15 5:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! A cooler day here, but I don't mind at all.
27/Aug/15 6:02 AM
Kathy. I strongly agree with you about gun laws and gun control. We've done our best here in Canada, but the ripple effect of illegal guns coming into Canada is out of control. It's so sad, and the acts associated with it are senseless.
27/Aug/15 6:06 AM
Need I say those guns are coming from the USA!
27/Aug/15 6:08 AM
Sorry, CG!
27/Aug/15 6:14 AM
A lot of us are trying our best but that NRA has deep pockets and we have a lot of greedy politicians who think of helping their rich friends over the general population.
27/Aug/15 6:17 AM
Morning all, off to golf . Hope you all have a great day.
27/Aug/15 6:19 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
27/Aug/15 7:03 AM
We're going to be having fun in our house over the next three months or so. One of our dogs managed to rupture the cruciate ligament in his back left leg yesterday. It'll mean an expensive (around $1,800) operation followed by 12 weeks of being kept as immobile as possible. So someone in the house More...
27/Aug/15 7:21 AM

I feel sorry for you and the dog Chris, it will be hard but it will be worth it!!
27/Aug/15 7:42 AM
Good morning all. I have to say - Gun laws are incredibly effective in Australia. There is absolutely no problem getting a gun here if you can pass a Police check and can show a legitimate need for it. Of course there are illegal guns out there, but Australia is still a very safe place. I More...
27/Aug/15 7:48 AM
Off to check the kale and signs of rabbit!
27/Aug/15 7:55 AM
Chris, how terrible for your dog. Keeping Rufus out of trouble for 3 months last year was a nightmare, so I understand what you are faced with.
27/Aug/15 7:57 AM
If I may check in on the gun debate, the only thing gun control laws do is regulate law-abiding citizens. Since many of these horrific acts we read about are often perpetrated by people with illegal firearms, the laws will do nothing to keep us safe. NY passed one of the strictest laws about gun More...
27/Aug/15 8:17 AM
I must say that I am happy to see our American friends at least talking about the gun problem. I think this thing can only be resolved through healthy debate - as long as it doesn't get personal.
As most of you know, I am a retired military man and have been taught the correct way to handle More...
27/Aug/15 8:35 AM
We need a cat owner to look at the photo on Hard and tell us what the cat is standing on or in.
27/Aug/15 8:38 AM
Sarah, I think it is a mat to put the food on and keep it from spilling on the floor.
27/Aug/15 8:52 AM
Oh, thanks, Serena. I mistook the empty dish for steps!
27/Aug/15 9:03 AM
All these years later, this brings me around to the reason I joined as a member: in order to make a comment about a photo that confused people who saw something incorrectly due to unclear perspective.
27/Aug/15 9:05 AM
I wonder what I've done to get ads in Spanish on this site and others today. I know maybe twenty words in Spanish, most of them names of food.
27/Aug/15 9:06 AM
Morning all. Despite all my blunders fourteen people submitted answers to the vegetable puzzle. The answers are:
Winners are Peter, Judy, Lonewolf, Kathy, Silvergal, Hal, Cake Lady, Joyce, More...
27/Aug/15 9:09 AM

cute cute cute
27/Aug/15 9:19 AM
DoA makes the point that it is people who fire guns, but another issue is availability. Most of us don't eat from gold plates, drive a Rolls Royce to work, have caviar for breakfast, and similarly you can't go out and massacre innocent children in a fit of rage if you don't have access to a gun. More...
27/Aug/15 9:49 AM
Well, lookey here....
27/Aug/15 12:13 PM
27/Aug/15 12:14 PM

A police officer called the station on his radio.

'I have an interesting case here. An old lady shot her husband for stepping on the floor she just mopped.'

'Have you arrested the woman?'

'Not yet. The floor's still wet.'
27/Aug/15 12:15 PM
'Oh, that, and she still has the gun.'
27/Aug/15 12:46 PM
27/Aug/15 1:00 PM
27/Aug/15 1:02 PM
Very hard to argue with the statistics proving that countries with serious gun restrictions have very low rates of violence by guns. What do we really care about, the safety of our citizens, or the profits of gun corporations?
27/Aug/15 1:11 PM
DoA, hysterical! Love it!
27/Aug/15 2:30 PM
Statistics can be compiled by any person or group and skewed to prove 'their point'.

27/Aug/15 2:38 PM
Participating in a gun buy back because you believe that the criminals have too many guns, is like having yourself castrated because you believe the neighbors have too many kids.
27/Aug/15 2:39 PM
While Americans do take their 2nd Amendment rights very seriously here, I do wonder if we are not a little too liberal with those rights. The 2nd Amendment was designed to allow us to rise up in the event our gov't became oppressive and began taking away our rights as citizens. I don't think we More...
27/Aug/15 2:59 PM
1:46 best time ever.
27/Aug/15 3:21 PM
Am up because one of my cats decided to defecate on my bed. And now I'm laundering the bedding.
27/Aug/15 3:53 PM
Cat is going to be history if I catch her tonight! I think she has decided to stay outdoors until I cool off!
27/Aug/15 3:54 PM
Well, well, well, as long as I am here . . .
27/Aug/15 3:55 PM
27/Aug/15 3:55 PM
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