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Easy Sudoku for 28/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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28/Jan/12 11:46 AM
All out!
28/Jan/12 12:00 PM
And within the hour.
28/Jan/12 12:00 PM
[continued from pg. 2] Lets see how many different candies (sold in theaters) this site can come up with:

I'll start it off with 5 (from my list of 40). [those with "*" were not on my list]. It's up to you to add to the list - not more than 5 (let other rack their brains) & no More...
28/Jan/12 12:43 PM

Doesn't take long.......just in!

How do they serve alcoholic drinks on Italian cruise ships? - On the rocks.

What vegetables do you get with dinner on Italian cruise ships? - Leeks.

What's the fastest way to get off an Italian cruise ship? - More...
28/Jan/12 1:21 PM

Hi Peter I see you cleaned that one up.
28/Jan/12 1:30 PM

Musk Sticks.
28/Jan/12 1:31 PM
Good night people of the world.
28/Jan/12 3:02 PM
Hot Tamales
28/Jan/12 3:26 PM
Reeses pieces are relatively new, but I like putting them in my popcorn, too!
28/Jan/12 3:27 PM
Good night all.
28/Jan/12 3:29 PM
Some positive news on the job front today. I will give further details as I come to pass. Some negative news. On job I responded to asked me for my email address so they could send me an email, so I could send them my resume. They never sent the email.
28/Jan/12 3:30 PM
Nobody said Non-Pareils, my favorite boxed candy, the only one I ever buy in theaters.
28/Jan/12 4:24 PM
Tonight it's 26°F out - that is about 15° lower than 2 nights ago (when we had rain). The coldest temp is usually around dawn. No rain/snow - probably fog.

Peter happy belated bithday - never heard of musk sticks.
28/Jan/12 5:47 PM
Good evening.
28/Jan/12 5:55 PM

You Americans are funny.

28/Jan/12 5:56 PM
Had afternoon tea at a friend's to meet and celebrate her new grandaughter.
28/Jan/12 5:56 PM
I agree, Mr Cee.
28/Jan/12 5:56 PM
But the sad part is they don'r realise how much better our lollies are.
28/Jan/12 5:57 PM
They eat things like cinnamon mints.
28/Jan/12 5:57 PM
And wintergreen candy (think a deep heat lolly! Blerk!).
28/Jan/12 5:58 PM
If you google Musk sticks you will get pictures of them.
28/Jan/12 5:59 PM

And Hersheys CP.
28/Jan/12 6:00 PM

A blond city girl named Amy marries a Wisconsin farmer.
One morning, on his way out to check on the cows, the farmer says to her,
'The artificial insemination man is coming over to impregnate one of our cows today, so I drove a nail into the 2 by 4 just More...
28/Jan/12 6:08 PM
Time for me to hit the sack. Goodnight.
28/Jan/12 9:28 PM
Happy Birthday Victoria from Fernlands Hope you have had a fantastic day
28/Jan/12 10:00 PM
I love musk sticks haven't had one for years
28/Jan/12 10:15 PM
1 Sweitzers Licorice
2 Cinnamon Imperials
3 Sugar Daddy
4 Malt Balls
5 Necco Waffers
6. Milk Duds
7. Fan Tales *
8. Jaffas *
9. Raisinets
10. Goobers
11. Bit-O-Honey
12. Junior Mints
13. Jujubees
14. Juicy Fruit Gum (not really a candy - nor was Beemans, Adams More...
28/Jan/12 10:19 PM
Well I did it...I went for my walk this morning. It was drizzling as I left. Wore a light raincoat but left the gumboots and brolly at home. Took the raincoat off after 45mins. Walked for 3hrs 50mins and went 20.8km Light misty rain most of the way and just started to get a little heavier half an hr from home. Hubby picked me up then 'cause he was waiting for me to go to town.
28/Jan/12 10:23 PM
2:50 quick time for me tonight. That is one place I have been-many years ago-
Very pretty spot
28/Jan/12 10:33 PM
Evenng all, a lovely calm photo.
The only thing I liked at the movies was popcorn still have it when we go.
28/Jan/12 11:01 PM
Musk sticks

Fresh popcorn
28/Jan/12 11:14 PM

Whatever any form of sweets are good.
28/Jan/12 11:15 PM
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