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Easy Sudoku for 28/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:12. Good Morning, all!
28/Jan/20 12:04 AM
2:06 Good night all.
28/Jan/20 12:17 AM
Tom. 'Night, Anne!
28/Jan/20 1:22 AM
Not sunny.
Hope you see some rays in your day!
No worries, I'll be seeing sunshine soon!
28/Jan/20 1:24 AM
I'll be in a 'sunshine state' of mind!
28/Jan/20 1:25 AM
I am taking my dog-free self off to play cards and have lunch in a few minutes.
The canine hair clogged vac will have to wait until this afternoon to be addressed. Emptying it is easy, but, I suspect the filters need to be washed, too.
We had a Siberian Husky for many years. This is not my first rodeo.
28/Jan/20 1:28 AM
28/Jan/20 1:33 AM
Of all the inventions over the past one hundred years, the whiteboard is the most remarkable.
28/Jan/20 1:57 AM
28/Jan/20 2:11 AM
Good Maen, good people. I love when people ask me for ideas. I’m especially partial to architectural things like room design and work flow. I make floor plan designs on graph paper for fun. So, Skye just asked me for ideas about salon design in a specific space. I spent 20 minutes brainstorming ... and now it turns out I’ve just about done her homework for her!
28/Jan/20 2:28 AM
If Tom Sawyer came along I’d be whitewashing a fence.
28/Jan/20 2:32 AM
28/Jan/20 4:03 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
28/Jan/20 4:04 AM
Oh Kathy, between my pair of cats and my hair, my vacuum cleaner has to get unclogged regularly! The cats fill up the the bin for trash and my 2 ft hair strands have to be unwound from the bristles below!
28/Jan/20 4:07 AM
While out on a run, I met up with my great blue heron buddy, Origami, and 3 pairs of Canada geese couples plus a small flock of them in another marsh vernal pond!
28/Jan/20 4:09 AM
28/Jan/20 4:09 AM
Good morning all...
28/Jan/20 5:13 AM
28/Jan/20 5:28 AM
28/Jan/20 6:20 AM
1:39 after a very slow start. Good morning everyone.
28/Jan/20 6:49 AM
Pretty yellow flower.
28/Jan/20 6:53 AM
Morning all, hopefully Keith has been while I've been typing!
28/Jan/20 7:10 AM

you, Shosho.
28/Jan/20 12:26 PM

Monday 27th January.
Lori – Explains the days puzzle photo. Her nine year old grandson about eight and a half years ago.
Hey You – Visualises DoA back in the day. I wish I hadn’t read that. Now that image is burnt into my brain. I’ll never be the More...
28/Jan/20 1:37 PM
Hello... all those still awake! I had a very nice day. First day back to school full time...at retiree age...will be learning how to use new technologies like earing aids connected to Iphone and more ...Very nice flower, love the vibrant green color! Thank you for sharing Good night
28/Jan/20 2:23 PM

Bit sloooooooooooooooooooow on 'ere
28/Jan/20 9:20 PM
You could always regale us with some pearls from the 'Joke Book of Cee'!
Yeah, I know Phanty...tempting fate aren't I? You just keep that image of DorA in ya head. You'll be right.
28/Jan/20 9:29 PM
I could.

I will instead leave you hanging in great suspense.

When will he strike again?????

Stay tuned.
28/Jan/20 11:07 PM
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