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Easy Sudoku for 28/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
28/Feb/15 12:03 AM
It is our Friday, WHEW!
28/Feb/15 12:04 AM
Between normal routine, (snicker, snicker), weather and lunches, I am worn out.
Normal routine, was a joke, because Man was home at send off time 3 out the 5 days. He does not believe in routines or schedules. But I bet if we messed with his driving schedule we would hear about it.
Exciting weather, nothing can be done about that.
28/Feb/15 12:06 AM
For some reason, lunches were an issue this week. Gave one child to turn in an envelope, that was clearly marked, K, Lunch money and the amount.' Lunch lady informs me, that only half was in the delivered envelope. The little rascal. Took three days, to get the rest of the money back to the lunch More...
28/Feb/15 12:11 AM
Sounds like you have had fun this week, Karen!!
28/Feb/15 12:14 AM
Plans for the day, seems I am going to be doing what Silvergal did the other day. Re-install my laptop.
The darling 5 year old, changed all my settings and installed a plan, I could not get rid of, then last night the contraption told me, to do something or it will shut down. Well, everyone More...
28/Feb/15 12:16 AM
Did you enjoy the Texas Blizzard, Jamie?
Man passes by you daily, and said you were warmer than Dallas.
28/Feb/15 12:17 AM
Shosho must be out running.
Maybe getting ready to go out to run.
28/Feb/15 12:18 AM
Now off to run loud machines before Man comes home. I did run the loud machines once this week after he went to bed and he said he never heard it. The bedroom door was open and I took the shop vac down the hall doing the edges and corners and he did not hear! I could possibly understand, somewhat, if we were carpet people, but this is echoing tile and he did not hear!
28/Feb/15 12:22 AM
Karen, Jamie, and friends to come...
Still c-c-hilly, but who cares when the sun shines!
28/Feb/15 12:46 AM
Karen, after my car battery was drained down to nothing, I had to re-program all of my personal settings. Unfortunately, it was prompting me as I drove.
I hadn't noticed it was doing that when I started driving. I have no idea what settings were there originally or what I chose! If there had been a password, I'd be totally stopped dead in my (wheel) racks!
28/Feb/15 12:51 AM
SHeila - that describes Texas today - sunny but chilly (at least for Texas).
28/Feb/15 12:52 AM
Looks pretty calm.
28/Feb/15 12:52 AM
We are in the sunny but chilly club as well. It's gone up 10 degrees since I woke up so now we are at 0.
28/Feb/15 12:53 AM

1) W
2) WI
3) Win
4) Twin
5) Twine
6) Winter
7) Writhen
8) Whitener

In the today we have HalT, Joyce, Shiela, Kieth, June, Judy, Silvergal, Kathy(7/8), Sue More...
28/Feb/15 12:58 AM
Each statement describes two words that when fused together create a new unrelated word (not a compound word). The clues do not necessarily indicate in which order the two words are attached. Example: This is the average oldness of a tablet (pill + age = pillage).

1) This is an alcoholic More...
28/Feb/15 1:01 AM
We are donating several things to a thrift shop this morning: 3 beds, 2 dressers, and the sofa & loveseat. Since we were getting things ready for the beautiful wood desk and chair to be delivered today (to make our old living room into an office for hubby) we decided to get rid of a few other More...
28/Feb/15 1:33 AM
Well, I'll be. Writhe was in some on line dictionary, so I stuck an n on the end of it because I needed that for whitener. Was sure it would be wrong.
28/Feb/15 1:56 AM
Anybody coming along for the ride?
28/Feb/15 1:57 AM
28/Feb/15 1:57 AM
28/Feb/15 1:58 AM
28/Feb/15 1:58 AM
Pant. Pant.
28/Feb/15 1:59 AM
28/Feb/15 2:10 AM

''writhen'', huh? I have never heard that. I thought of ''writhed'', but it didn't work.
Well, I've learned a new word. Always a good thing!
28/Feb/15 2:13 AM
Well, the plan was to run the loud sucky machines just in the living room. One for the fireplace and the other for the floor. Well, that did not work.
28/Feb/15 2:15 AM
28/Feb/15 2:16 AM
Started with fireplace, which while shoveling out, Man calls, so I changed my plans to work till he gets home. Went from fireplace, to all the base boards throughout the house, with the exception of the girl's rooms. I like to have someone home, just in case they figure out I am missing and come More...
28/Feb/15 2:20 AM
Jamie, could you share your sunshine, please? We are overcast, over here and I can go outside for just a tiny bit in flipflops and a t-shirt any longer than that, a jacket would be needed. It maybe because I am moving and grooving, but had to turn the heater down inside, too.
28/Feb/15 2:23 AM
twisted or contorted out of normal shape or form.
(of antique glass or silver) having spirally twisted ornamentation.
28/Feb/15 2:28 AM
Shiela, I love donating day. If I had my way I would have a donation day once a week. M and I alike in this aspect, but we live with Man and K, who need everything and do not get rid of anything. At the moment, K's need to keep is every candy wrapper. The child has been a junk food junkie this More...
28/Feb/15 2:28 AM
28/Feb/15 2:33 AM
Keith, I did the same thing. Didn't know the word but felt it might work. I confirmed that it WAS a word afterwards, but I submitted as a best guess.
28/Feb/15 2:45 AM
2:39 today, off my pace. Fighting a headache
28/Feb/15 2:46 AM
28/Feb/15 3:25 AM
Thank you, Karen! I was in the shower at that time!
Here's flying your way!!
28/Feb/15 3:26 AM
Well as long as I'm here . . .
28/Feb/15 3:26 AM
I usually try to do math work as I run to keep me occupied. I finally finished figuring out 7 to the 20th power,
79, 792, 266, 297,612, 001! Whew! I do all of it in my head!
28/Feb/15 3:28 AM
Sometimes I forget a digit and have to do the whole thing all over again! ARGH! So I try to remember to the 10th and 15th power so I don't have to go back to 1!
28/Feb/15 3:29 AM
28/Feb/15 3:29 AM
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