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Easy Sudoku for 28/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Mornin' everybody!
28/Feb/16 12:03 AM
Morning Peter and everyone to follow...
Have a good day.
Time for bed.. goodnight
28/Feb/16 12:22 AM
Good morning. Slept too long in front of the TV and now it is hard to get to sleep.
I had a great day yesterday with Jane and Sacky and lunch with other Sudokuists. I will post some photos later today when I have time to resize them.
28/Feb/16 12:28 AM
June for organising the Sudokuits lunch today. I was great to catch up with new and old faces...
28/Feb/16 1:22 AM
two days in a row the same error the lunch was yesterday but whenever it was it was very enjoyable!!
28/Feb/16 1:26 AM
Sun makes all the difference in winter.
28/Feb/16 3:10 AM
another beautiful day in OK
28/Feb/16 3:12 AM
Hello Sharon
28/Feb/16 3:13 AM
Nice long phone call from daughter this morning. With her schedule I let her do the calling when she can talk.
28/Feb/16 3:15 AM
Have to finish getting ready, need to go see Harry.
28/Feb/16 3:16 AM
28/Feb/16 3:17 AM

I'm glad you all enjoyed your luncheon yesterday. I wonder what timezone Jane feels like she's in at this point!
28/Feb/16 3:28 AM
AND I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
28/Feb/16 3:58 AM
Ooooh great, Sue!!!! I love that string of pearls!!! Thanks!
Here's flying your way!!!
28/Feb/16 4:02 AM
It DOES look like ''Happy Times''. Nice pic & actually in focus.
28/Feb/16 4:52 AM
Morning all, two big balls of fluff.
It was a great day wasn't it ,Lizzy. I can now add two more to the list of Sudoku family I have met, CP and Sacky.
28/Feb/16 5:18 AM
Even stranger, Amelia. A half a world away, I have met both CP and Sacky, too! And I got the both of them lost, too! It was a bit harder for Sacky in the airport but I managed it! I got CP lost in a parking lot! Well you had to see the size of the parking lot at Griffith Park, swings around a mountain!
28/Feb/16 5:50 AM
28/Feb/16 5:53 AM
Nice to hear all goes well on the trip.
28/Feb/16 5:53 AM
Wish I was there.
28/Feb/16 5:53 AM
28/Feb/16 5:53 AM
28/Feb/16 5:53 AM
Got a chuckle out of your last post shosho.
28/Feb/16 6:02 AM
Sweet pups having fun. Great photo.
28/Feb/16 7:44 AM
28/Feb/16 8:20 AM
1:51 Morning
28/Feb/16 8:44 AM
I have taken Jane and Sacky to the station to get a train to the City. They will have a day with a lot of walking.
I have put a couple of photos on my page from the last couple of days.
28/Feb/16 10:02 AM
1:44 Good morning one and all!

Sounds like you all enjoyed your Sudoku get-together, June. Perhaps next year I may venture over that way. This year I have something else planned.
28/Feb/16 12:46 PM
We would love to see you over here Anne.
28/Feb/16 1:04 PM
Serena's in-law's dogs?
28/Feb/16 2:36 PM
In-laws' dogs, that is.
28/Feb/16 2:37 PM
Or their relatives, other Australian Shepherds in Vermont.
28/Feb/16 2:38 PM
Or these puppies are something else, possibly fuzzier than Australian Shepherds. I am no expert in dog breeds.
28/Feb/16 2:41 PM
Maybe Husky puppies?
28/Feb/16 2:42 PM
How about Great Pyrenees?
28/Feb/16 3:02 PM
Just a late hello & good night to all; great photos on June's page & TOS of last night's Sudoku Dinner with familiar names & now the faces to match!
28/Feb/16 3:07 PM
I left in such a rush I forgot to do the poozles this morning.
28/Feb/16 3:37 PM
Where I is everyone today???
28/Feb/16 3:39 PM
It is getting late here but again I am not sleepy.
28/Feb/16 3:41 PM
I can not leave us with only one page
28/Feb/16 3:42 PM
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