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Easy Sudoku for 28/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
28/Apr/17 12:00 AM
Wow. The photos don't usually give this perspective.
28/Apr/17 12:04 AM
...from the top of the temple this time - what a view!
28/Apr/17 12:08 AM
G'morning, Plum & all who follow later! Have a delightful day........
28/Apr/17 12:09 AM
28/Apr/17 12:17 AM
2:09 all!
28/Apr/17 12:24 AM
28/Apr/17 1:16 AM

28/Apr/17 1:19 AM
8 -> 1, Then 9
28/Apr/17 1:40 AM

The answer to yesterday's poozle:
1. Vienna
2. let

The ''Will You Be Mine?'' Crown goes to winners Plum, Judy, Darwen Jim, Hal, Wombat, Joyce, and Amelia.
28/Apr/17 1:51 AM
28/Apr/17 2:04 AM
Nothing more to do for the cat but give her time to get well or, failing that, to adjust. Her indoor/outdoor days are over, however, unless she vastly improves. This will be tougher on us than on her because she is a nuisance when she wants to go out. And she's really good at darting between our feet and blending in to the landscape.
28/Apr/17 3:03 AM
... at least she used to be good at darting between our feet. Now she seems to tumble or throw herself right where we're trying to walk.
28/Apr/17 3:11 AM
28/Apr/17 4:11 AM
Sunny this afternoon. Rained earlier.
Hope your day goes as well!
28/Apr/17 4:18 AM
We are finally on the train to NYC - so late we're now a 'double' - half will go to Boston when we reach Albany - departed nearly 3 hrs late - but we DID depart!
28/Apr/17 4:46 AM
Thanks DoA - that was so much faster than the convoluted 1,9,2,8,3,7 etc.method I tried - never saw that pattern emerge!
28/Apr/17 4:58 AM
Joyce, comin' to my neck of the woods I see! How long are you staying?

And I found 9->1 the way to go today.
28/Apr/17 5:17 AM
I always wondered where Flower City was. I just saw you are Rochester, NY. NYC trip-business or pleasure?
28/Apr/17 5:19 AM
Morning all, you don't often get to see the view from the top of a temple.
28/Apr/17 6:51 AM
been a busy day. My new pantry is up and running. Took the bookcase from the entry and added a section of the bookcase to the laundry room. Laundry is 12X13 why so big ???? don't ask me.
28/Apr/17 7:03 AM
I need some that can lay tile. where the bookcase came from is now a floor with no tile. Why build a bookcase then lay the tile floor around it is beyond my thinking.
28/Apr/17 7:09 AM
Hi Keith, sorry
28/Apr/17 7:09 AM
Going to nieces for dinner, yea! I don't have to think of what to cook.
28/Apr/17 7:10 AM
28/Apr/17 7:12 AM
Just for the weekend, Cake Lady, for a visit with son who works there & lives in Brooklyn. Yes, Rochester will be show casing what makes it the Flower City now very soon - its renowned LILACS!!! Historically it earned its name from the Flour Mills here, but as those left , the flour moniker was changed to Flower.
28/Apr/17 7:24 AM
Good maeN - at a conference for Aquatic rehab- busy day - but a mini vacation for me - almost like being at college!- will be here til Sunday. Water is warm - outside where I don't need to be is cold and brisk!
28/Apr/17 12:27 PM
Love lilacs - they are blooming here - Lombard Illinois has a lilac festival in May and a wonderful little park filled with lilacs
28/Apr/17 12:29 PM
Spring sprang forward fast here. I've never seen such an early date for the dogwoods and lilacs to be in blooom. Even the mid season tulips are blooming and late season is in bud. I estimate we're running a full ten days ahead of normal.
28/Apr/17 1:52 PM
Sue, I would love to have that large of a laundry room so I could set up a sewing space and storage for out of season and seldom used clothing.
28/Apr/17 1:55 PM
I have some photos of my oldest daughter and one of her friends friend dressed up in 'Jane Austen' period clothing strolling through the blooming lilacs in Rochester, NY.
28/Apr/17 1:58 PM
I'm planning on making a huge bouquet of lilacs and tulips for myself for my birthday -- all in shades of purple, of course.
28/Apr/17 2:03 PM
Lilacs, the predominant bush in our yard. Spring is glorious for us, for that reason. We have around 20 bushes, white, pink and purple, all well established before we took over the property. We love enjoying their show year after year.
28/Apr/17 3:39 PM
Love lilacs and dogwoods but it is the wrong climate for them here in Sydney.
Sue, that is even bigger then my laundry which is 9ftx 9ft. I have a bench for sewing but it is covered in crap from sewing, craft and somewhere to drop things. As I am trying to repaint the laundry, a big job, it is More...
28/Apr/17 5:27 PM
say Chemo went better this time. the dose was reduced 25%. I was not as sick and did not dehydrate. Felt almost normal again today. Had the drip Chemo removed this afternoon so I have next week free. Biggest problem is the markers were up quite a bit which means the bl###dy thing is still growing.
28/Apr/17 5:31 PM
1:34. 1->9 not the way to go today, but it didn't turn out badly. Good evening everyone.
28/Apr/17 8:10 PM
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