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Easy Sudoku for 28/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Keith; Unfortunately so very true. Regardless of subject matter, it seems. However, there has got to be hope! ap; I loved growing up...lol! Peace be with you.

To Keith: Bringing down the wrath of the whole of the chatroom, I think you left out one stage, somewhere are 1975:

A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. Her
cost of production is $80 and her profit is $20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

another typo...'somewhere around'

Good mAen

Brrrr! That looks COLD!

And I know I will pay dearly...

I agree, Mamacita, and I still say anyone that wants to can get an excellent education in the US. Bostonian, too funny. Great addition to the list.
My best time of 2:36. Not that it matters. Some days it flows, some days it blows.

ap, Barb enjoyed the nurse joke.

Dave, I am looking forward to listening to their new album also. Friday I listen to an interview on public radio.

Keith, Sad but true.

Judy, When was More...
Keith: Until the technocrats take over:

A logger exchanged a set L of lumber for a set M of money. The cardinality of set M is 100, and each element worth $1. Make 100 dots representing the elements of M. The set C of costs of production contains 25 fewer points than the set M. Represent More...
ED: Alex's comment was right above mine. I would NEVER pick on the grammar of friends. It's just that his comment seemed a little flip ...
2:09- best time on easy, but don't think I can break the 2 min mark. :\
Thanks for the jokes AP. I've missed you. Keep them coming.
Good Saturday Maen, all!

ap and Dan--enjoyed your lists (too true)

Keith--I have been to a similar Japanese takeout with almost identical results! I was brought up in my parents' business (Chinese takeout) when the register didn't automatically give you the answer (Plug in $4.08 More...
Ed, I know you are probably off to sleep but I agree, The Dixie Chicks rock and I will buy their new album. I think they got a bum rap for Natalie's comment in England. Free speech apparently does not apply in Country Music community. To bad...Good night.

And thanks to all for your wishes for a wonderful birthday which it was. Now it is time for me to sleep as well.
Finally hit the rainy season here, lovebugs and thunderstorms...must be summer.
Dave, happy belated birthday!
Ian, you okay...silly me was worried.
Cowboy, did you read Ap's nurse/lawyer joke? Cattle prods aren't the only weapon LOL!
2:30 - and I thought this picture was very nice - it reminds me of the cloudy winter days with a field of fresh snow next to our home in New Hampshire. After 13 years in Florida, however, I doubt that I would be able to handle the cold weather again...
Hi Ed! When is the Queensryche concert? I think I'm busy that day!! But thanks for thinking of me.
Saw that your birthday is Jan. 17,'43, but don't think Barb's is July 27,'73 unless she's 30 years younger than you! Maybe that's your wedding date since you said you've been married 33 years?
ap, loved the nurse joke & will forward it to my two daughters & son-in-law, all of whom are nurses!
cee cee - bet you liked the nurse joke, too. We haven't had much rain here in Tampa area yet, but the lovebugs are swarming all over the place!! My car got covered with them this morning.
Love the picture! Just looking at it makes me feel cooler. It's another cloudless sky here in Phoenix.
KATHY: Whassa 'lovebug'??
Bonjour à tous!
Hello Kathy! The french open will be getting underway. Current world number ones are Roger Federer and Amélie Mauresmo.The french woman's dream to win her home tournament has yet to become a reality!
Are lovebugs 'coccinelles'(ladybugs)?
Lovebugs are similar in size & shape to lightning bugs (remember those from Michigan?), but they tend to fly around in 'couples' if you know what I mean!! Because they fly around in open spaces like highways, they end up smashed all over your car & the bug juice in them can actually damage the More...
1:49 demasiado facil che! lindas las ramas nevadass
Bonjour Catherine! Yes, I am very happy that the French Open starts tomorrow! It is too bad Mary Pierce had to drop out, but I wish Amelie Mauresmo the best. She seems like a very nice person. Have you heard of an up and coming 19 year old female French player whose last name is Monfils (I can't think of her first name)?
Eew ... gross! The bugs might be well advised to lay off (here we go again) the romancing and watch where they are going!
Jim from Jupiter - I gave a non-scientific description of lovebugs. Maybe you could give more information on the scientific data?
Good mAen!! Weather was beautiful this morning, but is clouding up now. We've had enough rain for now.
Keith, I taught 6th grade math about 20 years ago, then didn't teach it for many years, thaught Grammar and Literature, but went back to it the year before I retired, and it had changed More...
Judy - LOL again! You do it to me every time! Ed, perhaps you'd like to make a comment about lovebugs? heh, heh, heh
It seems to me we have a disproportionately large number of teachers & previous teachers on this site! Sudoku obviously appeals to great minds! Judy & I have been wondering about what draws certain people, but not others, to sudoku & THIS site in particular. Comments anyone????
Thanks Kathy for your explanations:lovebugs are perhaps 'ver luisant'!
I 'm going out to night : my two daughters have invited me for the mother day! Je vais avoir des cadeaux, des fleurs et je suis invitée à dîner!Aurevoir, à demain!
Kathy, Yes I am a retired teacher. My daughter (who is not a teacher, but her husband is) got my interested in Sudoku, and I found this site by chance. I've been trying to get her to visit us here, but she says she just doesn't have time. Maybe someday! Somebody in the neighborhood has a puppy More...

To Kathy: I don't know. Probably like everyone else, I came here looking for Sudoku stuff. When I brought the subject up in the chatroom, people said 'Huh? What's that?'

Gath: given the number of post that are just a little longer than the allowed space, a slightly larger block might More...
Timer 00:03:33

Gloomy pic. today.
Graduation day here in North Texas. Many of my friends have someone graduating high school today. Went to the ceremony this morning and have a few parties to attend this evening. This time I get to sit and enjoy instead of hosting it.
Ian, that's a great idea. It's happened to me more than once. Gath doesn't read all comments and when I click 'Contact Us' it doesn't work, so you could try and email him with your suggestion. Would you also ask him about the possibility of a sports comments criteria?
Kathy, how many people other than teachers reveal their occupations? I know the occupations of very few regulars other than teachers. I guess that teachers are initially attracted to the mental stimulation that the puzzles give, plus are the sort of people who enjoy reading and writing. I enjoy the More...
Susan, are you anticipating the large numbers of comments I'll be making about the French Open? LOL It seems like a long time since the Nasdaq tennis tournament in Miami, the last BIG international tournament. Meanwhile I've been trying to learn more about some of the other sports More...
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