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Easy Sudoku for 28/May/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Ian - a quick check through the contributors on today's easy page shows that the most recent new members are saylz, Heidi, Vici and Colo Jim - all regular posters but all joined mid 2008. I can't think of a regular poster who has joined since - but having spoken in person to one new member who More...
28/May/09 7:12 PM
When I first visited there were no comments, saylz.
Then they were introduced but with no time and date frame. The site has progressed in many ways and has had to change too through what some would call abuse of privileges.
I do tend to scan past certain block posters as these do not More...
28/May/09 7:13 PM
And that I can't answer!
28/May/09 7:13 PM

There are all kinds of technical devices which have a moral suasion, saylz. Some sites have a counter which lists how many posts that person has made that day, or what percentage of posts that person has occupied. Other sites block someone's ability to post more than once every five minutes. All it takes is the will to make it happen.

28/May/09 7:13 PM
While you're on the topic of new members - I have noticed that certain regulars systematically welcome the newbies on their page each day as their names appear on here. Out of interest, how many of these new members reply to the welcome message? Do they even realise they have a welcome message? On More...
28/May/09 7:15 PM
Mo - send me the address, please - my sister and I would be very interested and I have often meant to ask you for further information on that subject.
28/May/09 7:15 PM
Big Brother Sites
28/May/09 7:15 PM

CynB, you've left an interesting question hanging out there in cyberspace. Did she say why she felt "daunted" by the prospect of posting here?

28/May/09 7:17 PM
I have noticed that as well, Fiona. Then why join, the puzzles can be done without becoming a member, can't they?
28/May/09 7:17 PM

And the question you've left dangling, Fiona, is why they're not interested in participating?

28/May/09 7:19 PM
I know Cyn, that's what I find strange.
28/May/09 7:20 PM
Exactly CynB.
I became a supporting member almost immediately 1 Because I can't stand those irritating ads and 2 Because a site as good as this deserves the support of it's members
BTW My blog address is in a private message to you.
There are links within to other places too
28/May/09 7:21 PM
Ian - no, she didn't say what daunted her, but I will attempt to contact her and find out.
I know for me, it was the idea of being the newcomer and not being welcome - those fears faded when I was welcomed quite overwhelmingly both on easy page and on my own page. I may have worn out my welcome many times over but, sorry, I'm here to stay, folks.
28/May/09 7:21 PM
There can be a million reasons for not participating, finding the time being the most obvious one, and maybe also being afraid of becoming addicted to this place!
28/May/09 7:22 PM
Fiona what are you doing indoors at the computer with 15 for lunch and the sun shining?
28/May/09 7:22 PM

Never mind polling Rosemary, Deb, Jaz, Fraz, Col and several others about their feelings...and opinions.

28/May/09 7:24 PM
th 15 arrive in half an hour, are bringing all the food, so I have nothing to do but wait!! And yes the sun is out!!
28/May/09 7:24 PM

But, Fiona, you've conveniently left out any reasons that might engender introspection on the part of the 'regulars' here, and the atmosphere they've (we've?) created.

28/May/09 7:27 PM
Bon appetit
28/May/09 7:28 PM
I don't think CP-ing will put people off. It might even relax them. It could equally be argued that more erudite posts will deter people, who will become shy of posting. Obvious cliquiness might deter people - and that may not be obvious to us - only to them. They might feel - well this is a closed shop - I don't belong here. We know it isn't a closed shop of course but they don't.
28/May/09 7:29 PM
the atmosphere changes every day Ian - there are silly days like earlier today; there are more serious days when a deep meaningful topic is discussed,; there are bad days when we do nothing but argue like children and get all worked up for very little; there are happy days of announcements we've More...
28/May/09 7:33 PM
I do not send out welcome messages to new members when they are announced in the box above right as I consider that their welcome. Should they decide to post then I will respond should I feel it requires a response. As to wishing everybody Happy Birthday I try to send greetings to the people I More...
28/May/09 7:33 PM
Another factor is that committment to anything at all is increasingly unpopular these days. Of course some realise that it is essential to get anything worthwhile out of life - but that does not generally easily click.
28/May/09 7:34 PM
I agree with that Fiona. You can't judge the site on one day. Also such judgement as you mention is very subjective. How you view the day's posts is prone to reaction to how you are feeling and how your personal life is going.
28/May/09 7:36 PM
Ian if you are wondering what has happened to many of the original posters here you could do a lot worse than take a look on Facebook where you will find most of them alive, kicking and playing games.
28/May/09 7:37 PM
When my back is bad I can't even bring myself to read the postings - let alone write anything !!
28/May/09 7:38 PM

All of that's true. But still, none of it causes us to question ourselves, we're just laying the blame on the newcomers.

28/May/09 7:40 PM
You are better today then Rayray?
Ian do you always get up this early?
28/May/09 7:40 PM
So Ian, have you questioned yourself? Do you lay any blame on your doorstep?
28/May/09 7:41 PM

And why have they moved to Facebook and abandoned this place?

28/May/09 7:41 PM
They play computer games Ian. There are hundreds to chose from.
28/May/09 7:42 PM

Yes, of course. I may have been a significant factor during the great teacher/Outlander/cp-ing battles nearly three years ago. And that is why I have toned down my act considerably.

Nevertheless, the questions remain.

28/May/09 7:43 PM
There are only 24 hours in the day and if you get into playing those games they can become all consuming because as friends beat your score you go back to beat theirs. You need a lot of self discipline to stop.
28/May/09 7:44 PM
have to go now but will look forward to seeing the rest of this introspection later!
28/May/09 7:45 PM
I would be quite happy to become a supporting member but I don't use cheques and will not authorise regular withdrawals from my credit card. If I could just pay the annual charge and be advised each year when it is due, it would be paid immediately.
28/May/09 7:45 PM

Playing computer games is a good reason to go other places; but it does not explain abandoning this site.

28/May/09 7:46 PM
Have you looked at PayPal?
28/May/09 7:47 PM
It does if you run out of time.
28/May/09 7:47 PM

I think you can, saylz. Check out the payment options.

28/May/09 7:48 PM
Jankovic has won the first set.
28/May/09 7:49 PM
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