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Easy Sudoku for 28/May/2016


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Memorial Day Weekend here - a time to remember those who died in service to our country.
28/May/16 12:02 AM
Ba muoi ba.
28/May/16 12:02 AM
Ghost post strikes again.
28/May/16 12:04 AM
Eeeeeeeeee! Did you say ghost???
28/May/16 12:10 AM
28/May/16 12:16 AM
Good morning.
28/May/16 12:19 AM
Hi Shiela, HalT, and Keith.
28/May/16 12:20 AM
Denny and Pengo.
28/May/16 12:21 AM
Lots of housework to be done today - mostly putting away stuff after the plasterers and painters were here this week repairing the storm damage we sustained at the end of January.
28/May/16 12:24 AM
Dust everywhere as well. I can see it'll take a few days to get back to normal.
28/May/16 12:25 AM
That strikes fear in my heart, CP!
We're going to have most of our main floor renovated this summer... kitchen, powder room, dining room, new wood flooring throughout - I won't even have the laundry room available! Dishes in the upstairs bath tub????
I know, I know - keep the eyes on the prize!
28/May/16 12:56 AM
We did dishes in the bathroom sink, Shiela. And we set up our old refrigerator in the front hall, got quite good at using the barbecue and crock pot. It was like living in the Clampett house. Keep your sense of humour!
28/May/16 1:13 AM
Surgery went well. There was only need for one biopsy because it was clear. I have 10 more days until the stitches come out. Hubby has become quite proficient at changing the bandage twice a day. I only needed the pain meds occasionally, other than that, it's just Tylenol.
Thank you all for your messages!
28/May/16 1:24 AM
Good morning folks; today begins our LEST WE FORGET memorial weekend - pause to be grateful...
28/May/16 1:26 AM
Great news, Kathy!
28/May/16 1:27 AM
I remember when we went through that many years ago. The fridge was in the back yard, we showered at the local campground, etc. We got so tired of it all, but it sure was nice when it was done.
28/May/16 1:28 AM
The answer to Tuesday's (Wed) poozle: Let sleeping dogs lie

Speaking of sleeping, winners Aileen, Judy, Keith, DotCom, Sarah, Wombat, Joyce, and June are awardrd the ''Catch A Snooze During The Coronation Crown''
28/May/16 1:32 AM
There always seems to be confusion as to the meaning of Memorial Day. We are remembering those who gave their lives in the service of our country. I know service members who are quite disturbed when they are wished a ''Happy'' Memorial Day. I can understand that.
28/May/16 1:40 AM
Good picture NAL - surreal...
28/May/16 2:04 AM
Glad I came back now.
28/May/16 2:06 AM
28/May/16 2:06 AM
28/May/16 2:06 AM
Good mAen, good people. Wow. Just missed colliding with Keith.
28/May/16 2:07 AM
So glad to hear the procedure went well, Kathy.
28/May/16 2:09 AM
I'm starting to put all Burl's packing items into one space, so I asked him where his tickets were. He said he never got them, since someone else paid for them and they are supposed to just 'be there' when he gets to the airport and identifies himself and shows a copy of his itinerary. Wow. Scares me. What if they can't find the record?
28/May/16 2:12 AM
another beautiful overcast it will rain day in OK.
28/May/16 2:26 AM
28/May/16 2:27 AM
Kathy good to hear all went well with the surgery especially the biopsy.
28/May/16 2:28 AM
Still have the June gloom even though it's still May! Wonder what summer's going to be like. Last year we had a horrid hot humid summer all three months! Usually we have June gloom (cloudy in first half of the day which keeps the temperatures about in the high 60's to low 70's) July begins to More...
28/May/16 2:32 AM
Hi, shosho. Can you tell me ... is the Japanese woman's name Mei pronounced like the month of May?
28/May/16 3:20 AM
Beautiful photo.Love that sky.
28/May/16 3:29 AM
28/May/16 4:26 AM
Quick search found this, Plum:

Pronunciation: Similar to the English word 'May'
Gender: Female
Word/name: Japanese
Related names: Meiko, Meina, Meika
28/May/16 4:29 AM
Sheila, I sell fireplaces, so I deal with a lot of customers and contractors renovating homes. The really smart contractors block off the rooms being renovated from the rest of the house to minimize dust transfer. Some contractors will actually build a wall and only cut the doorway out when all the dust-generating work has been completed and cleaned up.
28/May/16 4:34 AM
Kathy, glad everything went well. Feel better!
28/May/16 4:44 AM
28/May/16 4:59 AM
Am I the only one here?
28/May/16 5:00 AM
No shosho?
28/May/16 5:00 AM
In that case...
28/May/16 5:01 AM
28/May/16 5:02 AM
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