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Easy Sudoku for 28/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/Jun/15 12:00 AM
Hal....and all to follow!
28/Jun/15 12:35 AM
Good morning all! A quick 1->9 puzzling with a wonderful reward!
28/Jun/15 12:53 AM
A bit slow for an hour in.
28/Jun/15 12:58 AM
Good morning people of the world.
28/Jun/15 12:58 AM
Had a booming T-storm show up about 5 this morning, which was more bark than bite. It did bring one child running to the safety of her mother's bed and me going to check on another child, that just as I opened her door, there was a big boom and had that girl flying out of her bed into mine. M was worried about her daddy, so he received a phone call.
28/Jun/15 1:03 AM
The big booming did bring joy to a mother's heart. I now have proof that my eldest still loves her younger sister and wants to protect her. K took the outer side of the bed and wrapped her arms around M, in a protective way. AAAAAWWWWWW.
28/Jun/15 1:07 AM
Took both girls out in public, last night, at the same time, for some coupon shopping. Personally, I think it was a good educational adventure. M worked on her reading and math skills, and K worked on math and problem solving.
I believe because of my fear of math, I may push the math thing a More...
28/Jun/15 1:13 AM

Very rainy and storming here today. I also heard thunder about 5 am my time (4 am Karen's). Already have almost 2' of rain in my rain gauge that I emptied yesterday while enjoying a gorgeous sunny, temperate day. The rain also brought a cold front in with it. But I refuse to put the furnace on during summer!
28/Jun/15 1:16 AM
I used something new, on my stores site, than my normal shopping estimated, shopping spread sheet. The only thing I like about the link, is that it puts your list in aisle order. I do have access to actual prices, instead of estimating how much something, then having a sticker shock at the register, ev3en with my coupons.
28/Jun/15 1:18 AM
Coupon users and the person behind a coupon user, you know there is always a glitch. You know the beep you do not want to hear. Now, I work hard in my planning and shopping to get the right item. I had two of those beeps out of about 30 coupons, last night. I do not want to cause major headaches, More...
28/Jun/15 1:28 AM
When I told the cashier to take the items off, instead of trying to get the coupons to work, she looked at all the already bagged items and tried the coupons again. Strangely one did go through, but the item, that could be seen and easy to get to, did not.
Other than that it was a pleasant shopping experience for the girls and me.
28/Jun/15 1:32 AM
Dottie, I tempts have dropped, too, but we still have the humidity. According to the weather guesser we will have high 80 degree tempts for the week. So nice for the end of June, but the AC will not be turned off.
28/Jun/15 1:35 AM
The owner of the rent house stopped by yesterday and informed us that he has rented the house to a young couple, with no children. Bummer for me, because I need a pet sitter for the end of July. It is only a weekend getaway, since Man does not have vacation time built up, yet. Really do not like More...
28/Jun/15 1:41 AM
Speaking of MIL, I was informed yesterday, that she and her to-be grandie are coming over this weekend for a camping trip, in our backyard. I fear, that the camping maybe done in my living room, after this morning t-storm. After a month of house guest and a week of Man's projects, unfinished More...
28/Jun/15 1:45 AM
OK, Keith, I may return, but I got you closer. My food preparation show is over and my cup is empty, so I am moving away. The plan is not for long, but at almost 11 AM, there is still a sleeping child in the house. I fear something may be wrong. Whoever heard of a child sleeping till 11, on a More...
28/Jun/15 1:49 AM
Perhaps I'd better carry on now,
28/Jun/15 2:05 AM
instead of taking a chance
28/Jun/15 2:06 AM
Karen will return to snatch victory
28/Jun/15 2:06 AM
from my grasp.
28/Jun/15 2:06 AM
She wouldn't do that, would she?
28/Jun/15 2:07 AM
28/Jun/15 2:07 AM
28/Jun/15 2:07 AM
In a heart beat darling. You know it.
But as I was trying to get the last lump out of my bed, Man came home and replaced her. The someone started a chain reaction after yelling, 'I am hungry.' I have made several purchases of DIY breakfast foods, which all were happy with, until I said, 'You More...
28/Jun/15 2:40 AM
Don't worry, Grandma is on her way over and the child will not starve...this time.
28/Jun/15 2:42 AM
Pretty sunset.
28/Jun/15 3:38 AM

1.Moose (Mousse)
2. Bear (Bare)
3. Lion (Lyin')
4. Whale (Wail)
5. Boar (Bore)
6. Deer (Dear)
7. Toad (Towed)
8. Lynx (Links)

In the very crowded we have Pam, More...
28/Jun/15 3:45 AM
Happy Saturday!
Happy to have 2 days off in a row this weekend: have a load of laundry in the dryer, balanced some bank accounts, and going to a service project at the local childrens' home (kids taken away from their families because of abuse or parents' incarceration, etc)with my church group.

Tomorrow, I think I will schedule an afternoon nap
28/Jun/15 3:49 AM
Gorgeous sunset in Fla.
28/Jun/15 4:00 AM
a rather late fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
28/Jun/15 5:05 AM

Now I know Im stupid I looked at Serena's puzzle yesterday and even with the clue/hint couldnt see what she was asking...Now Ive seen the answer the penny finally dropped....
28/Jun/15 5:09 AM

Have a good day all, only another 50minutes til going home time........am I counting? sure am
28/Jun/15 5:11 AM
Good afternoon to all! What a lovely photo today!
28/Jun/15 5:56 AM
Serena didn't mention my alternative answer to #4. I thought that Owl (British pronunciation of Howl) was an acceptable answer.
28/Jun/15 6:17 AM
Weekend Rebus time! Figure out the 10 fairly well-known phrases from the clues below. Answers to my 'NOT Two Feet' inbox, answers and winners announced in two days!

p   h
o   o
h   p


foot foot

imbus More...
28/Jun/15 6:33 AM
Now I'll say , y'all! I wanted to get the rebus in before the page turn. I've learned it doesn't get seen if I put it on page 2.
28/Jun/15 6:38 AM
Nice pic for today! I can almost hear the skeeters...!
28/Jun/15 6:42 AM
Morning all, beautiful photo today.
I'm glad I don't use the timer on here, it's a bit hard to keep track of what I'm doing and watch golf at the same time.😁
28/Jun/15 7:18 AM
Well we can't leave it here.
28/Jun/15 7:22 AM
It's time to move on....
28/Jun/15 7:22 AM
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