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Easy Sudoku for 28/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Thanks Mamacita and Mrf. I have now walked the dog and am going for a long soak then early to bed. My joints just don't cope with exercise the way they used to.
Wanda was that 80kms ride by horse or bike whichever it sounds like you enjoyed yourself
Ok, 4pm and I have to get dinner but wanted to get back on one more time. I have been out on the tractor in the RAIN----FUN! My favorite horse was racing me---he won in the short race but the tractor won in the long haul.
MAMACITA2, Cyberfriends are great!
Wow I was More...
Yes Kim, You can see that we need you here to do some cping... I agree,RE: cyberfriendship! Have a great week and teach them well!!!!
Judy - I read all of yesterday's posts and can't figure out what Beehive said to insult the Americans. Can you repeat the phrase for those of us who just don't get it?
KIM: I'm glad that there are no serious problems with the 'new' truck. I thought you were having difficulties just because it is a FORD (Found On Road Dead) ... confirmed Chevy folks here!! LOL

'Before and After' ad for ARbonne anti-aging cream!
GANNIEMO: Congrats! Most of my athletic endeavors are solitary, but my husband and I do race walk. I usually win my age group (yeah, I know, everyone else my age is dead) and place overall. It's a real rush to come in ahead of 20 and 30-year-olds!
BOB: A few months back, someone here used a very derogatory Aussie nickname for Americans. Most of us didn't even know what it meant, but the implication soon became clear. There was a LOT of discussion on the site, many hurt feelings, and some anger. The issue has passed, and it is water under More...
Bob, Judy, Beehive, et al
I also couldn't find the 'anti-American' comment spoken of - were some comments removed from the site? I was quite happy to see Beehive back as I love a good dollop of cynicism. It does seem to me that a lot of folks on this site are way too easily 'hurt'.
GANNIEMO - Way to go!!
I second the thoughts on cyberfriendship - this is a great place that has evolved, and there is room for wonderful discussion, agreement, disagreement, kidding, condolances, congratulations, and the list could go on.
Time to begin grading papers I should have started yesterday.
I may get back later, maybe not.
Judy...Way to go, the road less traveled!
Judy - I understand your sensitivity and your desire not to offend. I only asked so that I might recognize the nickname should I ever hear it. I have studied languages and find there are published volumes in translations which specify both colloquialisms and deragatory phrases for recognition and education. I ask only for education.
NURN and others: I'm very GLAD that the slight was not obvious! I just called a good man on a poor choice, and would have done it by email if it were available. Let's let it die! Yes, people are easily hurt on this site ... unfortunately, friends, even Cyber Friends, tend to do that to each More...
Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this is a bit behind the times - but has Ree P had her baby yet? If so, who won the contest?

And thank you for asking, BOB. Please don't feel ignored! I'd be glad to tell you if we had a private forum, but I don't want to stir things up here.
To date, I've heard or read nothing from Angry Ant or anyone about the birth of Ree P's baby, Gath, so I believe it's yet to be announced.
Judy - can you meet me in chatroom? Anyone not interested can simply stay away.
Congratulations to GannieMo! Well done!

Floridians: Please tell Ernesto to go away. He is aiming for my unfinished house, I think. Well, at least any damage is not my problem...Yet!

Before the 'Lemon Law' was written, we had a Fix Or Repair Daily automobile, too.
Judy, If you didn't want to bring it up, why did you bring it up?
I think seppo's is the term you are looking for....old rhyming slang and mostly used as a term of rough endearment. seppo = sepitic tank = yank. Youse are all seppo's in the US.
The term, which shall NOT be repeated, is in Wikipedia, of all places. It is defined as offensive and clearly explains the meaning.
GannieMo From South West France - Well done on your golf win - I hope weren't taking an advantage and you were wearing ALL your clothes and it was not windy....
I had a bit of a CP in the middle of the night - couldn't sleep. Jamie awarded me a B.CP - Thanks Jamie.
Why do you Yankee guys call maths, math - do you study mathematics or mathematic?
Hugh: 'mathematic' is an adjective, whereas 'mathematics' is a common noun. This is probably why we study 'math'--a shorthened form of the noun.

Sounds good, anyway!
Hugh: And congratulations on your new degree.
to my knowledge no news on the birth of baby for Ree Pee and I suspect Angry Ant will let us know when the happy event occurs .... must be anytime now.
Wikipedia is not exactly the font of all knowledge, since anyone can post anything there. These days the term 'seppo' has to be taken in context of who is saying it and how it is being said.

The term ‘seppo,’ far from being perjorative, has a very positive--even proud--history and recalls More...
congrats on the golf win!!
what a great effort to achieve such a high degree of achievement!!
who is going to own up to being the wicked witch??
have a great day/night one and all
Back home in cold Canberra - but it's a beautiful day.
With degrees/awards in CPing now being handed out, I'll have to consider my name options.
Or, indulge in lots of CPing.
Because I have a previous degree in photocopying that I earned at university, and it's getting a bit out of date.
And just one to meet the minimum standard requirement.
Meant ''just one more''
Now I'll take leave and catch up on the archives.
WOW - not sure what that does for CP (the CP'er)?
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