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Easy Sudoku for 28/September/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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How to make a colonoscopy more enjoyable - #4

Stamp your rump with a meat inspection stamp:

(U.S. Prime Inspected)
28/Sep/10 6:34 AM
How to make a colonoscopy more enjoyable - #5

Sing "The Colorectal Surgeon" song over and over again...

28/Sep/10 6:35 AM
Woo hoo! A colonoscopy CP!
28/Sep/10 6:36 AM
Morning all,I thought I was looking at a volcano crater until the caption came up.
Regarding the talk on bowel cancer, on my Mums fathers side of the family every second son has died of this cancer so you can imagine the worry if you happen to be a second son.
28/Sep/10 6:37 AM
Here's a picture of a deer my colorectal surgeon bagged several years ago:


Most people mount the head!
28/Sep/10 6:42 AM
Glen, I think #5 is the best for the men but the glitter for the ladies. lol
28/Sep/10 6:42 AM
Amelia - it works just as well for the ladies when they visit the OB/GYN!
28/Sep/10 6:43 AM
Glen,I like Dr Blakes humor.LOL
28/Sep/10 6:47 AM
oops!! Glen--Glenn.
28/Sep/10 6:48 AM
Well, I came in on the rear end of some wise butt frankly back-end comments from Glenn. The nice thing about all this farting around is seeing and hearing from a survivor who bared the base extremities and survived the rear assault. Cheers Glenn!
28/Sep/10 6:57 AM
Yes, colon cancer is a serious subject, but humor lightens the tone while enlightening others about it. My best friend is a Stage 3 colon cancer survivor, and I cherish every moment with her. For men, it can't be any worse than that "bend over and cough" thing, so schedule your procedure! They even give you a cool photo when you're finished!
28/Sep/10 7:06 AM
Oh man, I love the 'where's waldo' one. We've done the writing thing on family member's before various surgeries...
28/Sep/10 7:14 AM
Indeed they do, Judy. I'm thinking of framing mine (photo, that is!)
Because of family history, I have to have the "U.S. Prime Inspection" (love that one!)every three years.
You do what you gotta do!

Sue, I don't know what's going on with the 'Skins. They are breaking my heart!
28/Sep/10 7:25 AM
Off to the food preparation room!
28/Sep/10 7:46 AM
2:13, good morning all.
28/Sep/10 8:06 AM

One thing about Chicago is that we take our sports very strongly -- there is a reason we havn't talked about our Baseball teams --- just to painful -- but tonight -- tonight - have some pizza More...
28/Sep/10 8:08 AM
Re colonoscopies:
It's better to be over the hill than under the hill!
28/Sep/10 8:15 AM
The tile men are finished for the day. All the tile is up around the tub/shower. Tomorrow they will put down the floor, maybe grout the shower if there is time. I doubt that will happen since the installers for the counter top will be here tomorrow afternoon.
28/Sep/10 8:32 AM
lurker, I am glad I am over the hill
28/Sep/10 8:33 AM
No one wants to be 100? guess it's up to me.
28/Sep/10 9:06 AM
Will be fun in my house tonight, one of us is a cheesehead and one of us will be cheering for the correct team....
28/Sep/10 9:09 AM
2:11 Good TUESDAY morning everyone!
See Phantom, I got it right this time.
28/Sep/10 9:24 AM
Goodness gracious, how the post fly when you are talking about poop.

Gleen, hate that you had to go through your ordeal, but so happy you are hear to tell us about it.
28/Sep/10 10:31 AM
Nurse Judy and Kathy, sorry for not using your services today. Thing II had her 15 month appointment today. I am sure you two would have been prefect for her and not have one screaming tear fall from her, but quite frankly, you scared me, so I went to our regular doctor.
28/Sep/10 10:34 AM
No big surprise. I have a prefect child. Again, I state, I am not bragging just stating facts. She is now not short but not average either, no longer chubby but just right and of course, by taking after me, is highly intelligent.
Then the mean old lady with the needles came in.
28/Sep/10 10:38 AM
Good Morning
28/Sep/10 11:38 AM
Honey's happy dance is really annoying. I will just state that I hated Jay Cutler when he played here in Denver and was thrilled to see him go , but it killed me that the Bears took him in. His still empty house is close to mine, I'd go egg it but he'd never know....
28/Sep/10 11:51 AM
To add my two cents to the tush conversation. My procedure was done in my late 20's. (The Phantom should love this next comment). Because they could not find out what was wrong with me, so they were checking every aspect. They gave me that gallon stuff, it kept returning from the wrong end, so I More...
28/Sep/10 12:20 PM
Then the real problem began. They wanted me to do what, before they would let me go! First of all, I do not do that and second, I really do not do that where people could hear it. After, a while of no activity, I finally went back to sleep. When I woke up the nurses said I could go home, that everythng was fine. Thank goodness, I did not have to do what they wanted me to do.
28/Sep/10 12:24 PM
28/Sep/10 12:25 PM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Susana!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
28/Sep/10 12:26 PM
Wow after a chilly summer we finally have some 90º weather at least above 80ºF. But my students all came in with redden cheeks from an audible sigh of relief came as the air conditioned air hit them!
28/Sep/10 12:28 PM
I swear Fiona that you brought the gray clouds and chilly weather from France! The week before you arrived out west was sunny! And then it hit us, the sun disappeared, the winds picked up and brought the clouds and morning fog. I almost didn't get a chance to wear my summery clothes. In fact I'll be putting them away hardly worn!
28/Sep/10 12:30 PM
One more for a cp then it is back to working on the PE list, and scheduling the activities.
28/Sep/10 12:31 PM
28/Sep/10 12:42 PM
Wishing all of a nice day.
wishing June a very safe and happy trip.
Wishing Susana a very happy and special Birthday.
to Susana .
28/Sep/10 1:03 PM
What does one star say to another when they meet?

Glad to metor!
28/Sep/10 1:13 PM
What stories do the ship captain's children like to hear?

Ferry tales!
28/Sep/10 1:13 PM
Why didn't the banana snore?

He didn't want to wake up the rest of the bunch!
28/Sep/10 1:13 PM
Why did Mickey Mouse take a trip into space?

He wanted to find Pluto!
28/Sep/10 1:13 PM
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