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Easy Sudoku for 29/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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82F=28C with Scattered Thunderstorms in Sydney today (Friday)
29/Jan/16 12:00 AM
10 day forecast shows even warmer then the same with just 20% chance of rain. Of course 50% Scattered Thunderstorms Wednesday the 10th when we see Sydney.
29/Jan/16 12:11 AM
Happy Thursday!
Hi, Wolf!
29/Jan/16 12:45 AM
Meow! all.
29/Jan/16 1:53 AM
Mostly grown kitten.
29/Jan/16 2:06 AM
Good morning all. Wolf we're just having a thunder storm. The dog has had enough!
29/Jan/16 2:43 AM
AWWW! How long was it before you could move your hand?
29/Jan/16 2:45 AM
He's handling it pretty well for him - hiding under a coffee table, but not hysterical and frantic as he usually is. I've found that putting his lead on does have a calming effect.
29/Jan/16 2:47 AM
Wolf the 10th is a long way off - I don't think I'd be worrying quite yet.
29/Jan/16 2:50 AM
a beautiful day in OK
29/Jan/16 2:50 AM
There are flash flooding alerts out for the north east of Tassie today, while the bush fires continue to rage in the north west. The fire front is 770 kms long now and with thunder and lightning in the area, it may well be longer today.
29/Jan/16 2:53 AM
Sacky, I would think your pup would be MORE upset if you put the leash on him....thinking you were going to drag him out in the storm.
Our dog used to get all excited during a storm, too, but, that was because she wanted to go out in it. For some strange reason she loved thunder and lightning. Crazy dog.
29/Jan/16 2:54 AM
Enough doom and gloom from me - the dog is a bit more settled so I might be able to sneak back to bed.
29/Jan/16 2:55 AM
Kathy I am sort of wearing the leash too - it's around my ankle. He really is terrified of the thunder and would panic if I pulled him out of his hidey hole.
29/Jan/16 2:58 AM
More thunder -I don't think I'll be sneaking any where soon.
29/Jan/16 2:59 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: The police officer was a man (John) while the doctor and lawyer were women.

The Brightest Bulbs In The Chandelier Crown goes to winners Judy, DorA, Sarah, and, because they tried, Joyce and Wombat.
29/Jan/16 3:01 AM
How is Harry doing today, Sue? I hope the recovery is going well.
29/Jan/16 3:05 AM
News Headline of the day -

''Police investigating 'screaming' find a man singing opera''

29/Jan/16 3:10 AM
And, what a problem for you....having to elevate your foot AND see to Harry. I guess the best you can do is elevate it whenever you can. Maybe you could commandeer a wheelchair at the rehab, put the foot brace up, and wheel yourself around that way. Might be a solution, since I know you'll be spending a great deal of time there.
29/Jan/16 3:14 AM
I am off to look at TVs. Hubby has decided we need a new, larger one in the back bedroom. I don't care one way or another. I don't watch it back there, but, he does when I am watching one of my ''girly shows'' as he refers to them. Anything that doesn't involve shooting and mayhem is considered ''girly'', I guess.
29/Jan/16 3:20 AM
On to you, Keith!
29/Jan/16 3:21 AM
OK, I've had to even sign-in again while waiting - no longer!
29/Jan/16 3:36 AM
Oh, and good morning all - sorry Keith!
29/Jan/16 3:37 AM
Everybody (and Joyce in particular!)

Keith lost out again this morning on his 22, but almost got his 2. Maybe he went back to bed!
29/Jan/16 3:47 AM
Sacky - I wish some of that rain would fall on NW Tassie. Or at least not let lightning strikes start more fires.
29/Jan/16 3:48 AM
29/Jan/16 3:52 AM
Missed out on teasing Keith with a character from the 100 Acre Wood today.
29/Jan/16 3:53 AM
Mr P's fault.
29/Jan/16 3:54 AM
When I got up at 3, I found him, up since 0130, on the pooter. We had a cuppa and he's just gone back to bed to try for more sleep - so I've got the pooter now.
29/Jan/16 3:57 AM
Seems I was the culprit who woke him up. Have had a restless night and have been getting in and out of bed and talking to people (unintelligably). OOps.
29/Jan/16 3:59 AM
Yup, I'd gone back to bed.
29/Jan/16 4:08 AM
29/Jan/16 4:36 AM
Guess I've been very lucky in that I don't stay awake once I've wakened up during the night! Hmmm, I guess that sounds rather confusing. I just don't sleep through the night simply due to nature calls, at least twice a night. But I go back to bed and fall back asleep. If I were to try to stay awake, it would be a battle of the consciousness!
29/Jan/16 4:39 AM
Good afternoon to all! Love the kitten. Hope it had a good sleep.
29/Jan/16 5:15 AM
Morning all, now would not be a good time for Jim to visit the site. lol
29/Jan/16 5:41 AM
Watching the ladies golf tournament at the Bahamas , beautiful course.
29/Jan/16 5:50 AM
Nearing the bottom of the page. Where's shosho?
29/Jan/16 6:06 AM
Oh well, I'll try.
29/Jan/16 6:07 AM
One more.
29/Jan/16 6:08 AM
29/Jan/16 6:08 AM
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