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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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She looks smug. He looks like he doesn't really know what just happened.
29/Oct/10 1:18 AM
Um ... wheee?
29/Oct/10 1:18 AM
Jill, Little Plum's costume came out of one of our storage boxes full of old costumes. I originally made it for a Tolkein costume contest. Starr entered the contest as Goldberry, the water naiad-like "River Woman's Daughter" and wife of Tom Bombadil.

I made that costume using a More...
29/Oct/10 1:20 AM
Hullo, Rayray. Have you been around lately? I haven't. I'm just back and so it's extra hard for me to leave just now, but must enjoy the time I have with Starr home for a long weekend.
29/Oct/10 1:22 AM
1:47 Hello peeps...been such a long, long time. I've been climbing Mount Everest, swimming in shark infested waters, eating raw lion in the jungles, battling with monsters of the deep...Can you detect a fib in there somewhere? I've had plenty of thoughts of the days...but for now must dash. Love to all, Moi xx
29/Oct/10 1:30 AM
andré - um, trying to detect the fib ... was the lion medium-rare? (missed you, too!)
29/Oct/10 1:33 AM
It's A-LIVE! Thanks for popping in, Andre!
29/Oct/10 1:34 AM
Yes, great to see you, andré.

TFTD: Come back soon.
29/Oct/10 1:41 AM
everyone from beautiful Sedona Arizona ...
We are on our way down to Tucson Arizona for a motorcycle rally and then to our winter home in Yuma.
Thanks for popping in André.
On the road again ...
29/Oct/10 1:48 AM
Safe travels, Dave! Don't fall off your bike and break your boom-boom!
29/Oct/10 1:58 AM
Such a way with words that woman has.
29/Oct/10 2:00 AM
maen, all Y'all
29/Oct/10 2:08 AM
This will bring back memories to more than a few of us...

29/Oct/10 2:09 AM
No bike, just the Jeep til we get to Yuma.
29/Oct/10 2:10 AM

Dave, I love Sedona. Absolutely beautiful area. Safe travels.

Hi, André! Bye, André! Don't be such a stranger!

Hubby and I had great fun with Fiona's puzzle yesterday. He came into my More...
29/Oct/10 2:11 AM
You and hubby must have a really dull life, Kathy ...
29/Oct/10 2:13 AM
But we laugh a lot, Judy!

Ahem. When Dave falls and hurts his "boom-boom" he will be rushed to the emergency room to be examined by Drs. Bendover and Kuttitoff.
29/Oct/10 2:22 AM
She's on a roll.
29/Oct/10 2:34 AM
Bed, Kathy, bed. Go back to bed please.
29/Oct/10 2:37 AM
I feel like I'm becoming just a shadow of my former self.
29/Oct/10 2:49 AM
Good afternoon to all! Another photo for the "kids" to have as a memory Lori!
29/Oct/10 3:01 AM
Hehehe Keith!
Good Maen everyone.
Late getting aboard this morn.
Dave - have a great trip - sounds wonderful.
Andre - so nice to see your icy heart
29/Oct/10 3:03 AM
I couldn't resist that first post this morning. I was reading Phantom's summary, refreshed the page, and there was that empty page staring at me. Yippee!
29/Oct/10 3:03 AM
Who is André? Luverly to 'see' you young lady. Don't be a stranger.
29/Oct/10 3:05 AM
Indeed they look happy, Lori!
29/Oct/10 3:05 AM
Mo, I was sorry to hear about Jasper. I'm glad you were so far away when it happened as it helps lessen the pain.
29/Oct/10 3:08 AM
Well, André's brief appearance prompts an alternate thought for the day.....
To write with a broken pencil is pointless.
29/Oct/10 3:10 AM
me too, Mo - Jasper rest in peace.
29/Oct/10 3:10 AM
Glad to see The Phantom is on the mend...summaries returning - Yeah!
29/Oct/10 3:11 AM
Mo, I am so sorry. RIP Jasper.
29/Oct/10 3:50 AM
I looked back to find out about Jasper. So sorry, Mo. You've been having a difficult time with pets lately. Once is tough, I have trouble imagining how hard it must be to have 3 gone in the recent past. May a new pet fill your life with joy soon.

RIP Jasper.
29/Oct/10 5:45 AM
1:44. everyone.
29/Oct/10 6:00 AM
Phantom - wonderful to see you back! They obviously didn't harm your ironic sense of humour!
29/Oct/10 6:06 AM
What oinks and drinks blood?

A hampire!
29/Oct/10 6:08 AM
How do zombies celebrate Halloween?

They paint the town dead!
29/Oct/10 6:08 AM
Where does the Wolfman live?

In a werehouse!
29/Oct/10 6:08 AM
Where do werewolves stay when they're on vacation?

At the Howliday Inn!
29/Oct/10 6:08 AM
Where would you take a ghost for lunch?
Pizza Haunt!
29/Oct/10 6:08 AM
What would you get if you crossed Halloween with Christmas?

A ghoul Yule!
29/Oct/10 6:08 AM
Why is stupid monster like a jack-o'-lantern?
They both have empty heads.
29/Oct/10 6:08 AM
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