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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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We are so close.
29/Oct/11 10:05 AM
29/Oct/11 10:05 AM
Hehehe, I was pushed.

Hello page 3.
29/Oct/11 10:05 AM
Thought I could sneak past you, Karen!
29/Oct/11 10:06 AM
I am too big, Jane, you just have to push me.

29/Oct/11 10:07 AM
I guess using your adage I could also shine a light on pearls or hide a pig under a bushel !
29/Oct/11 11:01 AM
Judy - Watching cars driving in circles is not my favorite spectator sport. I don't have a favorite anymore.
29/Oct/11 11:07 AM
But baseball has got to be the most boring sport.
29/Oct/11 11:09 AM
HalT, must come a close second to cricket I reckon HalT.
29/Oct/11 11:14 AM
Ooops apologies for the second HalT in that last sentence.
29/Oct/11 11:15 AM
I agree with you, Hal. Of course, being raised a Chicago White Sox fan, I was thrilled when they won the Series in 2005. But since they only win once every 88 years, I guess I don't have to follow them any more. hehehe
29/Oct/11 11:18 AM

And the most exciting, HalT, would be evading sharp pointy sticks.
29/Oct/11 11:18 AM

Especially those weilded by wild hairy women from the west.
29/Oct/11 11:20 AM
The only sports I enjoy watching are the ones that I also enjoy/enjoyed playing: tennis, soccer, biking and ice hockey.
29/Oct/11 11:20 AM
Thanks Peter. I think I've become quite adept at dodging pointy sticks. Especially when I know where they're coming from.
29/Oct/11 11:26 AM
If the first inning is any indication, this is going to be one he11 of a game.
29/Oct/11 11:30 AM
Jane, I know what you mean. I'll watch any sport when it involves my alma mater. And having grown up in Dallas, I'm kinda partial towards the Cowboys and I'll watch the World(?) Series if the Rangers have already won three games.
29/Oct/11 11:37 AM
I started watching NASCAR on a limited basis when Jeff Gordon was in his heyday. By limited, I mean the race was on the TV but I was not necessarily watching every second.
29/Oct/11 11:44 AM
Where is everyone? Do I get a free CP?
29/Oct/11 11:44 AM
Guess I do. AND 100.
29/Oct/11 11:45 AM
2:08 Good morning one and all!
29/Oct/11 11:50 AM
G'day Anne.
29/Oct/11 11:53 AM
Hello. Anybody home?
29/Oct/11 12:58 PM
Hi there, Hal. Do I count?
29/Oct/11 1:00 PM
Aw, what the heck. Right now, I'll talk to anyone. Whatcha been doin'?
29/Oct/11 1:02 PM
Well, this weekend we're 'baby-sitting' a 15 year-old boy. And the friends he's had over.
29/Oct/11 1:05 PM
Wow, how's that for coincidence, we are too. Wonder what the other Hal is doing?
29/Oct/11 1:07 PM
I'm preparing for the Aggie game tomorrow at noon, 11 central. We're playing Missouri. It will be on the FX channel.
29/Oct/11 1:10 PM
I'll be there.
29/Oct/11 1:11 PM
What European capital has the most ghosts?

… Boo-dapest!
29/Oct/11 1:13 PM
"He certainly looks weird and scary tonight!"

… "Yeah, and just wait till he puts on his mask!"
29/Oct/11 1:13 PM
Yeah, me too. Come on over an join me. We'll have a beer or two.
29/Oct/11 1:13 PM
What did the ghost serve at his Halloween party?

… Hallowieners!
29/Oct/11 1:13 PM
What is a witch's favourite TV show?

… Lifestyles of the Witch and Famous!
29/Oct/11 1:13 PM
What would you get if you crossed a pumpkin with a Magic superstar?

… A Shaq-o'-lantern!
29/Oct/11 1:14 PM
Did you hear about the really stupid horror movie?

… It was shudder nonsense!
29/Oct/11 1:14 PM
Pretty rude of you Goblin, interrupting like that!
29/Oct/11 1:15 PM
But I just may be able...
29/Oct/11 1:16 PM
to turn the page.
29/Oct/11 1:17 PM
In a minute or two.
29/Oct/11 1:17 PM
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