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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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changeover took a minute
mAen all
2:19 Maen
Just a quick time and was writing a nursery rhyme to go with the photo and it had a banned word in it.
The Banbury Cross one.
Now I can't remember what my time was. That's what old age and laughing does to you.
Attention Perth Sudokoists:
Next week Lauren, Rose from Wangaratta's daughter is coming over to Perth on holiday. If you are interested in another catch up, couldn't make the first one, want to celebrate Xmas in style please join us at...
The Queens
520 Beaufort St, Highgate
9th December

Hopefully you can RSVP on my page (will have to try it out!!)
Good morning all.
Good Tuesday Maen, all!
Nal/Miami: Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help setting up my flickr page!! You're the best! :)

Anyone who wants to see me and my family can check out my page:


as always, remove any spaces :)
2.27 Ride 'em cowgirl,Yee ha.
A little bear said to his mum,'what kind of bear am i,mum?'
'You're a polar bear.'said mum.
'Are you sure?'he replied.
'Of course i am.Look, you've got a big black nose and lovely white fur.Why do you ask?'
The little bear exclaimed,'Because i'm bloody freezing!'
2:42 Good Maen everyone. I love this picture!
2:54 - Good mAen - nice child!
Cute pic! Missed all of the excitement yesterday while I was bringing my daughter back to college after the Thanksgiving holiday. I wonder what words of wisdom were lost in cyberspace.
Good Maen to the Cowgirl! What a cutie!
Ride 'em cowgirl! Yee ha!
2:19 MAEN from snowy(!) Seattle
2:17 Hi to all. Sweet little girl, who does she belong to?

Thought for the Day:

Once you get a mouthful of hot coffee,
whatever you do next is going to be wrong.
Angie - Great photo's! Nice to see who you are!
Thanks for looking!! I'm so excited to finally be able to share my pics. Haven't figured out how to adjust the size and shape so I can submit them on here. Someday I will get it right (kinda like how I'll figure out how to do the accent on your name!) I've always enjoyed your TFTD's.
1:45 Circle the wagons, cowpoke.
ap - my messages don't seem to be getting through on skype.
Dale riding Roy's horse?
2:56 should be easy to surpass
Beautiful kids, ANGIE! Why do I get the idea that your last name begins with ''M''?!
ANNE: I think I need to learn some of YOUR nursery rhymes! I can't think of a single one I sing to my grandkids that has a naughty word!
3:13 she's very cute!! Still freezing here -42 degree and we are in autumn! What it will look like in winter!!
Good Morning to all!
Thanks to Liz from France and Rola from Perth for my latest postcards!!
Judy, it's not a naughty word, but part of it is a banned word.

Ride a c**k-horse to Banbury Cross
to see a fine lady upon a white horse.

Perhaps I've got the words wrong.
I was just closing this down when I saw your note. Definitely off to bed now.
Good night all.
That's my little girl. I have been waiting to see her picture come up. That made my day. Thanks for the nice comments. We think she is adorable too.
Andre: Good TFTD!
This is interesting..
This story was told by people from Motorola and is supposedly included in every microcontroller training course Motorola gives.
Test flights of F-16's were being conducted in Israel. The F-16's were doing low height rounds. On approach to the Dead Sea, the whole More...
Excellent site, added to favorites!!
Second part of nursery rhyme:
With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
She shall have music wherever she goes!

Good Maen all.
Pretty Little Girl - I remember when I was little having a rocking horse like that. So long ago I didn't think they were still made.
Watch out Sue! Next thing you know, your little equestrian will be asking for the real thing. (I speak from experience.)
Good Maen everyone. Supposed to be in the 70's again today.
Sue, she's one adorable cowgirl.
(jeb/ks -- you're dating yourself)
Thanks for the nice comment about my kids! Sorry, no 'm' in my last name. Starts with 'c'. The 'm' thing wasn't my idea. Morgan's name if she had been a boy was Montgomery. She didn't get a name for about 15 hours. So when he was born, I finally got to use it. Mitchell was supposed to be a More...
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