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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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this was SoOOo EaSzY!
Cyndi from sc: What made you figure jeb (ks) dated him/herself? Only Dale,Roy and a horse were mentioned in the comment. :>
Cute picture!
2:59 Pretty young girl!
Wow! after seeing all the cool 'my pages' mine is boring. How did everyone get the words around their pictures? I am new at this, any help would be appreciated.
Good afternoon to all! Little Annie Oakley maybe?
Angie/Wisconsin, nice looking family! My kids use to love to play in the leaves.
Why would Dale Evans ride Trigger, Roy's horse? She had her own horse - Buttermilk! I think this is a photo of Dale and Buttermilk!

I guess I just dated myself!
hello there Glenn...a cozy lil corner for yourself!good..how abt a pic of your daughters art here?
I like this 'cowboy'!
AP (India): Thank you for the tea. May I be greedy and ask for some freshly baked naan with that?
Fi: One of your cows is on the 6x6 Kids Sudoku. Cool picture!
Morning all, I've been round and had a coffe with lots of people this morning, since I sety alarm too early by mistake. But it was nice visiting. CG - beavertail pastries, yummm, could I have maple sugar please. Got to go or I'll be late to work.
Cyndi from sc: I tried dating myself but the S.O.B walked off leaving me to pay the tab. Fool me once.....
Just heard it's going to be 45C in South Australia today - poor them!
Morning all.If South Aust are getting 45C we won't be far behind it got to 40C here yesterday and fool me had gone to Mildura Xmas shopping not a good day.

All guesses for the competition have been lost!!!!

You will need to redo them if you wish to be a part of the competition.

Guess the weight and date of arrival of my Grandbaby. Click on 'competition' and be in the running for 6 months free membership that Gath has so graciously offered.
To all who wish to take part in the competition...

If you go to 'check out my page' after my name you will see a photo of Nicole at 37 weeks. This may help in your guess. Some of you may wish to revise your guess...lol....Maybe the 'BIG CRASH' was a good thing
4:20 - I finally got one under 5! Hip Hip Horray!
3:46 That is good time for me.
Sweet picture
I need help!!! I've been uploading pictures to flickr to try and share pictures, but they all are fuzzy when I look at them. Kathy's and Nal's are clear...what did I do wrong? I know resizing them distorts them, but how do you keep them from being too distorted? Ideas? Should I redo? Asvice? All are welcomed.
Dale who? Roy who?? Never heard of them
everyone. My new floor is now finished. It is beautiful and I am happy! We went with a flooring called Dura-Ceramic. It is a vinyl flooring that looks like ceramic and is laid like a ceramic. They did a great job laying it. Now the real work begins.......putting everything back in its place after 24 hours.
Sorry, Mamcita, can't help. Looked at Nal and Kathy's this morning, they're fabulous!!!
Good morning to all in Sudoku land. Have had some fun doing a little visiting last night and this morning. These extra rooms make this site all the more endearing, I may never leave now, and my husband already complains I spend too much time on this site, he said if I spend half the time I spend here on housework we would have a tidy house all the time....fat chance....
Yeah, right, KATHY! You know that you grew up with Dale and Roy, just like the rest of us old fa*ts!

And, GLENN ... although I am too young to remember Roy Rogers, this couldn't be Buttermilk ... wrong color!! :)
sue she is a real cutie
have been visiting lots of special pages ... many creative people out there.
mmm yesterday was a very funny day, not sure we can repeat that one.
have a great day/night one and all
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Oh Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Now those were the days. Happy Trails to you!
Great picture. This kid would put Dale Evans to shame at the same age. Love the fact that all of you folks that are not too far behind me are having fun denying that you know Dale and Roy. Its so funny,and we know you're joking, but enjoy it while you can.
Islandbee: I guess I made the assumption that Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were being referenced (along with Trigger)--my apologies. While growing up I watched them on tv (black & white,of course, no color).
Jeb; sorry that didn't work out for you.
Have a nice evening/(whatever) everyone.
3:04 I think I am brain dead from lack of sleep - this baby belly is making me so uncomfortable.

Sue, she is really gorgeous. Does she dress up like that all the time or was it just for this photo?
Hi Everyone,

I've been checking out everyones personal pages, and they look great!

You can now 'hotlink' to any image on the net (check out my page, I've done it with the Google logo), not just Flickr. You can also add all kinds of text/fonts/backgrounds etc.

I'll write up some instructions over the next few days, but for the moment .

Mamacita---I just started using flikr last night (with Nal's help), so I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you need to do to fix the fuzziness.

On that note, thank you to everyone who has visited my flickr page today! When I posted it, I had no idea so many of you would be interested enough to take a look.
Sue, what a great pic of an adorable little equestrian!!

Angie, thank you for sharing your family and friends with us! My best friend has just come back from America, and has almost the identical pic taken at the Grand Canyon sign!
Well done Gath! this is fun, I did figure out how to get more photos on the flickr page, have photos of my kids, house, our town, etc...

Looking forward to being able to change things around in the future, this is going to be so much fun!
Topaz (Jindera): Saw your message. It is an altered Irish blessing, as I have an Irish heritage. I removed reference to the supreme being (whomever she may be) to avoid conflict.
Woo Hoo! figured out how to change my page! Thanks Gath!

Islandbee, thanks for visiting, and you can have the snow. It is about 58 degrees here today, but rain tonight, turning to snow tomorrow and only 25 degrees for a high by Thursday. Gotta love Minnesota!
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