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Easy Sudoku for 29/November/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Nov/11 2:05 PM
Hmmm. Did I break something?
29/Nov/11 2:17 PM
No, HalT, I do not care for secrets among close friends. We should tell all. Now spill.
29/Nov/11 2:33 PM
I hope 53 cm is more like it,or that girl will be hard to carry around. Even 53 cm is pretty long...
29/Nov/11 2:39 PM
...but I guess if she's over 8 lbs then 21 inches makes sense.
29/Nov/11 2:42 PM
Oh, folks, he is a new Great Grandpa, he is not worried about numbers, he just sees the most beautifulest baby girl in the world.
29/Nov/11 2:47 PM
The people next door became grandparents again today. They are celebrating their son's first little boy.
All 3 of her grandchildren are boys, so she helps us spoil the girls.
29/Nov/11 2:49 PM

Congratulations Peter. May Sienna live a full and long life ♥
29/Nov/11 2:51 PM
Hee, hee, hee. Don't hold your breath Karen.
29/Nov/11 3:07 PM
My bed time folks.
29/Nov/11 3:08 PM
I would tell you, HalT.
29/Nov/11 3:22 PM
I had one 23 inches long, but he weighed 10lbs 11ozs. I had never weighed more than 97lbs before him, so I ate everything I could get my teeth into.
29/Nov/11 3:34 PM

Yep, that should be 53cms. (21 inches).

Although they do breed 'em big up there in Queensland.

29/Nov/11 4:04 PM
Congratulations GREAT Grandpa Peter... lovely news for you and your family... and for your Sudoku family too Little Sienna
29/Nov/11 4:19 PM
New video game(s) for guys.

29/Nov/11 4:33 PM
I spent the rest of the afternoon helping TM paint his deer hut. We then went to town to buy material for curtains for said hut.
29/Nov/11 4:35 PM
Congratulations, Peter! You must be on Sienna!
29/Nov/11 4:38 PM
I shall head to bed now. Goodnight, world!
29/Nov/11 4:38 PM
Oh, what the heck!
29/Nov/11 4:39 PM
29/Nov/11 4:39 PM

ONYA Pete. Congrats to the Family.
29/Nov/11 4:58 PM

You know you're in a QUEENSLAND Summer When...
The best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance.
Hot water now comes out of both taps.
You learn that a seat belt buckle makes a pretty good branding iron.
The temperature drops below 35C and More...
29/Nov/11 5:08 PM
Good night people of the world.
29/Nov/11 5:34 PM
Countdown to Christmas

Can't Wait?
How long 'til Christmas?

25 Days
23 Hours
16 Minutes

Way down south - it's a day less.

...But who's counting?
29/Nov/11 5:44 PM
Congratulations Great grand dad and Great grandmum.
Great news!
29/Nov/11 5:45 PM
53 inches long????
29/Nov/11 5:47 PM
Are you sure the voices are in your head?
or it is just that pesky parrot chattering away.
29/Nov/11 6:09 PM
I was pretty blown away by 53 inches too = 4 foot, 5 inches!!!
29/Nov/11 7:34 PM
And I thought 4 T was long!!
29/Nov/11 7:35 PM
Stormy and humid here at the moment.
29/Nov/11 7:35 PM
Could almost close my eyes and believe I was in Queensland.
29/Nov/11 7:36 PM
Fan's on, but it's not doing much good!
29/Nov/11 7:37 PM

Well, it WAS overdue, CP.
29/Nov/11 8:18 PM
29/Nov/11 9:40 PM

Today in summary............

Easy – Carlton’s Clydesdales.

FYI – Heidi might be interested in this.

Back before cars, trucks and rail transport in Australia the beautiful Clydesdale was a familiar site working on the land and More...
29/Nov/11 9:46 PM
Yes indeed Phanty, the CUB clydesdales clip clopped through Port's main street just the other week.
29/Nov/11 9:49 PM
Congratulations Pete.
29/Nov/11 9:51 PM
Have been logging in my Avon orders.
Not so many to do tomorrow night now.
29/Nov/11 9:52 PM
Ohh keep going V.V. Thinks I am on my own here.
29/Nov/11 9:52 PM
Might manage a TOPP?
29/Nov/11 9:52 PM
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