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Easy Sudoku for 29/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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We are continuing to have very warm weather - I'm not complaining!
29/Dec/16 12:04 AM
29/Dec/16 12:45 AM
Good Maen, good people. Slow morning here and everywhere, I guess.
29/Dec/16 12:59 AM
It is a bit warm tonight. I put the AC on but hubby says it is then too cold and turns it off. That is why I am not in bed asleep!
29/Dec/16 1:27 AM
Sunny! It's been awhile since I've seen the sun!
Whatever is outside your window today - hope it makes you smile!
29/Dec/16 1:44 AM
June, I understand your situation completely! Hubby and I have that conversation often in the summer!
29/Dec/16 1:45 AM
Wolf... we are also continuing to have very warm weather but I *am* complaining. We had 37°C today with strong wind. I've been inside all day keeping company with the airconditioner.
29/Dec/16 1:46 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
29/Dec/16 2:44 AM
Morning. Wish I was at the beach.
29/Dec/16 3:38 AM
Good morning!
29/Dec/16 4:02 AM
Good afternoon to all! I wonder if that person is Fire fly fishing?
29/Dec/16 4:15 AM
Morning all, the best time to go fishing.
29/Dec/16 5:02 AM
I've been fighting off a cold that hubby so generously shared with me, they last a week right , well it's got today to disappear!
29/Dec/16 5:12 AM
Rena,Linda and Janie enjoy your day.
29/Dec/16 5:19 AM
Questionable wisdom:
Due to the shape of the North American elk's esophagus, even if it could speak, it could not pronounce the word 'Lasagna'.
29/Dec/16 5:23 AM
29/Dec/16 5:42 AM
Thanks, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
29/Dec/16 5:43 AM
29/Dec/16 6:23 AM
Thanks, Jeb - I never considered wondering about that, but now I can legitimately squander untold #s of minutes contemplating this!
29/Dec/16 7:34 AM
..and Greg - quite the quipster today!
29/Dec/16 7:43 AM
Hello to all - enjoy your day & the clever humor of our sudokuists!!
29/Dec/16 7:46 AM
Joyce, better'n contemplating the square root of -1. That question came up while visiting my great aunt out on the old home place back about 1957 or 8. It was late December early morning making the quick walk out to the biffy. Talk about ordering priorities.
29/Dec/16 8:30 AM
I hope that solving that equation, Jeb, was not a requirement to enter the biffy ... considering the complexity of the answer ...
29/Dec/16 8:51 AM
'Twas only a matter of, on a cold December morning, facing the philosophical dilemma of keeping Horace before Descartes.
29/Dec/16 10:14 AM
Now these pages are becoming very erudite so I'll pop in a simple one even for non-mathematicians. Considering all possible numbers, what is the ratio of odd numbers to even numbers?
29/Dec/16 10:59 AM
I promise I will stick to word puzzles in the new year. Look for one on Monday, if you aren't too hung over.
29/Dec/16 11:02 AM
What's erudite about a biffy?
29/Dec/16 12:20 PM
Why is it 'a watched pot never boils', but if you leave a pot for a couple of minutes, the damn thing boils all over the stove. My stewed rhubarb and apple just made a big mess but thank goodness, it didn't burn. Now I will later make a rhubarb and apple crumble.
29/Dec/16 1:03 PM
Anne - ANYTHING rhubarb is my favorite - save a serving until I can get there!!
29/Dec/16 2:58 PM
Good afternoon.
29/Dec/16 2:59 PM
Have taken possession of my laptop while Mr P watches the clicket.
29/Dec/16 3:00 PM
I can and have been using my iPad a lot but it quickly makes my shoulder hurt.
29/Dec/16 3:02 PM
So does the laptop but I get more time before I have to abandon ship.
29/Dec/16 3:06 PM
RIP ~ Debbie Reynolds, 84
29/Dec/16 3:06 PM
I'm off to curl up with a book and try to make better progress with it so i can return it to the library in the next few days,
29/Dec/16 3:09 PM
Jaimie - my neighbour always gives me some and although I like it, it's not among my favourites. I don't like to refuse it.
A friend of mine loves it and I was told today my son-in-law also loves it.
I'll keep you some.
29/Dec/16 3:23 PM
Oh, no! Not Debbie Reynolds as well. I read that she was taken to hospital. This is really sad.
29/Dec/16 3:24 PM
Talking of rhubarb, just harvested mine, about two kilos worth, stewed it and then sealed it in foodsaver bags then into the freezer for later use in crumbles, pies or just with some custard. Yum, yum!
29/Dec/16 3:36 PM
I've made my usual mistake of not stating the question properly. The question should have read something like this.
Considering all possible numbers, what is the ratio of odd numbers to even numbers when two numbers are multiplied together.
Easy, but not stupidly so.?
29/Dec/16 3:53 PM
Well here we are at the bottom of the page. It is great to see that we will get at least one page full.
29/Dec/16 3:55 PM
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