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Easy Sudoku for 29/April/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/Apr/12 2:05 AM
Hi Heidi!! Beat you to it!
29/Apr/12 2:06 AM
I'm just a little stinker!
29/Apr/12 2:06 AM
What did the baby Skunk say to the sulphur spring?

See above
29/Apr/12 2:48 AM
I didn't go far enough ...
29/Apr/12 2:49 AM
Hi Keith. Sorry.

Funny, CG.
29/Apr/12 2:50 AM
Good mAen, good people. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I went shopping yesterday but couldn't find what I was looking for. I was going to go out shopping again today, but ended up unable to think of any other place to go. So, I came back home and have been internet shopping - nothing. I think I'll do some housework and reading then wait until the end of the week to try again.
29/Apr/12 3:19 AM
Have a , tomorrow, Plum.
29/Apr/12 3:32 AM
to everyone. to Plum pkp and possum. I have posted a few pictures of the visit from Sue and Sarah Beth. I really enjoyed their visit and going to the quilt show. I don't quilt but seeing the beautiful handiwork of those who do was worth the trip up to Kentucky. Do visit my page. I will try to get serval more pictures ready to upload.
29/Apr/12 6:43 AM
That would be, Several. I do know how to spell a few words but it is the typing that is tricky.
29/Apr/12 6:53 AM
Nice photos Jackie, and I like the Keith copy-cat one.
29/Apr/12 7:00 AM
Keith certainly has started a posing frenzy among our sudokuists!
29/Apr/12 7:14 AM
I've posted a rather heart warming video on my page. Brought a tear to my eye.
29/Apr/12 7:16 AM
What hath Keith wrought?
29/Apr/12 7:17 AM
At everu Sudoku meet up, HalT, there is a trend to find a statue to pose with, just as Keith does!!
29/Apr/12 8:06 AM
29/Apr/12 8:10 AM
Good to see Peter full of cheek last night.
29/Apr/12 8:11 AM
This LOL does have a long memory.
29/Apr/12 8:11 AM
More than that ROF has - after all he's male!!
29/Apr/12 8:12 AM
A few more pictures posted. And, I figured out how to update my 'words of welcome". It had been a while! I hope you all enjoy the photos. We had fun.
29/Apr/12 8:18 AM
When we went to lunch three ladies from Australia were sitting in the next table. Imagine the odds of that happening! A conversation was started and we had a "lovely chat" with them. They had also met each other on line on a quilting site. Rest of story in my photos.
29/Apr/12 8:21 AM
And, CP, it is you I must thank for being the one that came from Australia and then Sue and Sarah came to my house. Next time you can come to my house. You need to see the Southland now.
29/Apr/12 8:24 AM
Two more and I will have a CP to honor CP.
29/Apr/12 8:25 AM
to all.
29/Apr/12 8:26 AM
1:39. everyone.
29/Apr/12 8:43 AM
everyone. Enjoyed your photos, GmaJackie. Were they taken with different cameras? Can anyone explain to me why some turned out normal size & some are giant sized?
29/Apr/12 9:07 AM
2.34 Hi all.
29/Apr/12 9:23 AM
Kathy(V) - If you go to Jackie's page, then to the gallery and move your cursor across the pictures, you will notice that the giant sized pictures are 3Mb and the smaller one are in the 250-350 Kb range. If you want the pictures to fit on the screen you have to resize them. Most photo software have a resize feature.
29/Apr/12 9:34 AM
Hi again, I spend hours trying to resize those pictures. Sorry, I will try again, but, on another day. I will appreciate suggestions.
29/Apr/12 10:01 AM
GmaJackie, check your private messages.
29/Apr/12 10:12 AM
Jackie, open your photo software and find the 'help' function (normally at the top of the screen). Then search for 'resize' or 'resizing photos.'
29/Apr/12 10:16 AM
Good morning folks.
29/Apr/12 10:29 AM
I use QuickResizer:
It costs US$39.95, but is so simple and convenient to use. It will resize a whole group of pictures, all at the same time.
29/Apr/12 11:46 AM
2:02 Just couldn't get going on this one today.

Good morning one and all!
29/Apr/12 11:46 AM
I use Picasa to resize. Actually, I use Picasa for everything! The editing is easier and better than anything else I've used, and it's free!!
29/Apr/12 12:22 PM
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th collages I posted the other day in my gallery are 1000x1000 pixels each, so you can see the detail of all the photos within them, but they're not so large as to be hard to navigate.
29/Apr/12 12:28 PM
By the way, it is so much fun to see people enjoying posing with statues. I'm proud to have inspired others to join in the fun.
29/Apr/12 1:31 PM
Plans for the day was to finish the FPA.
I finished packing the rest of my food preparation books, which I had only one more box to pack.
29/Apr/12 1:59 PM
Thought I would finish my book, which there was only 3 chapters to go. Man was at work this morning, for the first 3 hours, I think I was allowed to 3 pages.
I tried, "Let's all read together. You read your book, and you read your book, and Mommy will read her book."
I think that worked for, maybe 5 minutes.
29/Apr/12 2:02 PM
So the only thing I accomplished today was packing one box and finishing my book and it took the entire day.
I am pooped.
29/Apr/12 2:03 PM
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