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Easy Sudoku for 29/April/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
canteen — capable young adult

...and here's today's factoid:
In May, 2010, sixteen-year-old Australian Jessica Watson became the first to sail around the world solo, nonstop and unassisted.

(http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Asia-Pacific/2010/0516/Round-the-world-teenage-sailor -Jessica-Watson-gets-hero-s-welcome-in-Australia)
29/Apr/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen
29/Apr/13 12:00 AM
29/Apr/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen friends!
Awesome factoid, Kayo.
29/Apr/13 12:13 AM
29/Apr/13 12:14 AM
Good morning people of the world.
29/Apr/13 12:15 AM
National Pet Parent's Day
29/Apr/13 12:16 AM
Happy Advancing in Age, Plum, and possum and pkp.
29/Apr/13 12:17 AM
Watch where ya put that paw.
29/Apr/13 12:38 AM
That's a lot of dog!
29/Apr/13 12:46 AM

Looks like a Bernese Mountain Dog. When we were in Switzerland we heard them referred to as ''Berners''. They are gorgeous animals.
29/Apr/13 12:56 AM
I have to leave in about an hour for a baseball game and we are serving dinner to the players afterwards. I have stuffed shells in the oven, so I hope they like pasta. The restaurant is nice enough to furnish us with a hot box so we can keep the food hot until after the game. We also have access to a refrigerator for the cold food. All the comforts of home, just on a larger scale.
29/Apr/13 1:01 AM
Mr. Cee's poozle for today looks to be a hum-dinger! Hopefully, I'll have time to work on it when I get home this evening.
Have a good day/night all!
29/Apr/13 1:04 AM
Happy Birthday Plum , possum , and pkp
29/Apr/13 1:14 AM
Mr. Cee's poozle does look like a hum-dinger. Will take me most of the day to figure it out with some being beheaders and some being curtails.
29/Apr/13 1:17 AM
Apparently, the link I posted in my factoid is dead. Please try this one instead. The story is worth the look.

http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/movies/solo-sailor-jessica-watsons-story-to-be-made-in to-major-movie/story-e6frfmvr-1226454294016

29/Apr/13 1:35 AM
Happy Sunday!
I'm having a good time with my sister visiting from Ohio, but today I need to abandon her for a niece's wedding shower (hubby's side) then dinner with my girlfriends (planned months ago)
So she and hubby will have to get into mischief on their own in my absence
29/Apr/13 1:35 AM
Maybe I'm here at the right time.

29/Apr/13 1:42 AM
Seems so.
29/Apr/13 1:42 AM
Now, if everyone will just
29/Apr/13 1:42 AM
Let me have it ...
29/Apr/13 1:43 AM
29/Apr/13 1:43 AM
& a CP.
29/Apr/13 1:44 AM
all. I waited until after the race for #22 was over. I don't like stealing thrills away from anyone!

Heidi, I like your description of Jane's special day for Jaime as a ''Remembrance''. It really was a wonderful gathering of family, friends, & memories of all More...
29/Apr/13 2:10 AM
Rob, being the avid photographer that he is, took lots of photos during the Friday evening gathering. He will be sending those to Jane in a few days. On Sat. morning he snapped one of Jane & me outside her house with his brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 cell phone. I have posted it on my page.
29/Apr/13 2:14 AM
For almost a year I have been trying to convince Rob that he needed a more updated cell phone than his little old miniature slider type with a 1.3 mg camera & no texting capabilities. He insisted he only needed a cell phone for emergency calls. What a surprise to me when he suddenly decided last More...
29/Apr/13 2:23 AM
I like today's picture. Everybody needs a good dog.
29/Apr/13 2:36 AM
It sounds like a special day, Kathy. I wish I could have been there for Jane, but I was in my heart.
29/Apr/13 2:38 AM
29/Apr/13 2:48 AM
Trying to update my hubby is a very bbiiiiiiggggg deal!
It took a flat tire while on his bike more than ten miles from home along the beach with no payphones in sight (in fact nowadays do they even exist any more???) before I could convince him that he needed to take a cell phone with him!
29/Apr/13 2:51 AM
Barbara and I would have liked to have been there also, Kathy. Thanks for 'filling in' for us.
And the very best to you, Jane.
29/Apr/13 2:53 AM
It took a frustratingly long time to research an image of a painting he remembered before he would condescend to having a computer! Now he's on it constantly, can't imagine not having one now!
29/Apr/13 2:53 AM
Saw the photo Rob took on TOS. I was glad to see Jane still looking good! Yes, you too Kathy!
29/Apr/13 2:55 AM
Heidi, Hal, & shosho - thanks for your nice comments. I feel quite sure Jane could feel the good thoughts you all sent along with the hugs. I took care of the female hugs & let Rob give the male ones! By the end of the evening I had run out of time for individual hugs so I had to start giving More...
29/Apr/13 3:09 AM
shosho - I love your lily of the valley avatar (oops, started to call it a profile pic! )

I sympathize with your challenges in ''modernizing'' your husband. Does it seems to you (or others) that men are more resisitant to change than women? Oooh, I realize that could get me in More...
29/Apr/13 3:18 AM
Yeah, Kathy, we're kooky, in a sort of lovable way.
29/Apr/13 3:34 AM
As for being up to date in electronics, I use to be one of the first kids on the block to own the newest of the techie things. But as for my cell phone... I've had it over a year now, and it's only really, REALLY, been needed once. (And that was becaused I locked my keys in my truck. Can't wait for Peter's and Mr Cee's comments on that one.)
29/Apr/13 3:40 AM
Something like a naviguesser not being able to find his own keys.
29/Apr/13 3:42 AM
Too close...
29/Apr/13 3:42 AM
not to try.
29/Apr/13 3:42 AM
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