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Easy Sudoku for 29/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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to LISA from Northern Ontario: try also Henry Porter (A Spy's Life, Empire State, Remembrance Day)--I forget which one comes 'first'. Also a new first novel by Stella Rimington (former head of MI5) titled At Risk, a first-rate thriller. Am dying (so to speak) for her next book!
2.57 finally cracked 3 mins.
have a lovely day to all
Thanks, Judy. I'm amazed at the deep pockets mentality of our legal system. Often the word justice gets lost someplace in the jibber jabber.
Good Maen to all. Hice a great day!
Judy From San Diego; I agree! The way this is going, next time we meet it will be our turn to watch you guys play.
Keith, while snopes.com will tell you that those are all made up, there are many genuine ones like them. In Mt Isa, Aust a basketball ref was awarded $80,000 when she broke her wrist while running backwards. No-one told her not to do that. In the US parents of male students put in a lot of time and More...
Good Maen everyone....Beautiful spring morning in the Gold Country of California. Have a great day, afternoon, or evening whereever you are and Good Night OZ...
Timer 00:02:59

Just a touch of lippy then you're done!
snopes is no fun.
A personal best! 3:06 It must have been extra easy.
..so many things to comment on.
I'm missing Baz. If anyone's in contact with him, please send him a 'wish you were here' postcard from me.
Nurn, I regret that you were made to feel bad by someone for expressing your opinion. Unless there was something malicious in what you said s/he had no More...
3:28 today, that is my best time ever.
Happy Memorial day
beehive, that's the start of round 2 :o) I'm winning so far
FROM - sorry to disappoint you in my reply to fiona but I was talking about thongs/flip flops/jandals. We call what you're thinking of 'g-strings' I couldn't think of anything more uncomfortable.
JILL Onya for collecting for More...
Happy Memorial Day (US only)? Remember all soldiers; prayers and good wishes for them and their families. Stay safe! We love you and honor you for your sacrificies.
You're a brave lady planning to home school your children. As much as I love my 3, it's nice to send them off each day, although I do keep abreast of what's happening at school and help them whenever they need it. While I respect your desires and beliefs, please make sure that their needs for More...
Good Maen!

Only his hairdresser knows for sure?
CELIA As Baz's deputy and self crowned birthday keeper, please tell me whether Mar 9 is your birthday or the day you got caught in the crossfire here. I'll keep updating the birthday list so keep posting them everyone.
time now for desperately needed beauty sleep. I will have nightmares of walking in pouring rain wearing a g-string.
Good Sunday Maen, all!

May go to the Strawberry Festival this afternoon in a nearby town with a gal pal...

Had a nice afternoon yesterday celebrating a niece's birthday (2 years old!) So many presents that the child lost interest before all of them were opened...she has LOTS of aunts and uncles!
hi all,thought wouldnt make any post toay..too tired but then,couldnt sleep either..so here iam just to say a hello,and a little quiz..(hope u find it funny)alot of teachers so picked one for their sake!

Are you a true elementary school teacher? Let's find out:

1. Do you ask guests More...
bye all,hope you enjoy that..
My best time! This was an easy one.
Weather here is sunny and 75 degrees - a little warmer than the past week.
Many great topics discussed here over the last two days. Its great to hear differing views that can only help us clarify our feelings, as has been done recently, with out wrangling. Loza; I liked the way you summarized our Memorial day in your sign off yesterday. It was most appropriate! Steph, you More...
So much going on! ap/india - not a teacher but answered yes, maybe cos I am a mother of six?
Keith - I really, really hope those lawsuits were made up,as received wisdom is that the UK follows the USA and I don't fancy that level of compensation culture!
Holiday for us too, used to be called Whitsun
2:12 went straight through except for a few 7's.
Windy windy day here, expecting a stormy week.
AP, I answered yes on too many! I spent too many years in the high school classrooms, I guess. Those teaching habits are hard to break.
To my southern neighbours across Lake Ontario: Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your long weekend!
I do the sudoku on here a lot & love reading all your comments but never post one myself so just thought I'd say hi for a change. (Although ur comments about the lovely warm weather get quite depressing when its been pouring with rain all weekend here!)
It always irked me that John Walsh sued Sears for the death of his son Adam. His mother left him in one department while she went shopping elsewhere in the store in the early 80s in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.

My mother NEVER did that with me in the late 50s in a small town in PA More...
If I could send you sunshine in exchange for some of your rain, I would.

At least your world will be green and not be plagued with brush fires.
non potrei trovare le informazioni I state necessarie. Ora le ho, ringraziamenti..) http://www.pagine-gialle.bizcoachmde.com
Susan, your comments about clear cut logging are very perceptive. It is the chosen style by the big corporation loggers...get in, get as much profit as possible, get out, with no concern for the environment or the locals. Also, since I've never gotten on your birthday list, mine is 9/17/45.
Too bad the Stella Awards thing is all a bunch of urban legends that has been out for several years and is completely false. Do a check at www.snopes.com and type Stella Awards in the search box for a complete breakdown.
Sorry to rain on everyones parade.
Best time ever!!! The kids must all be asleep...
1:56 my fastest time ever
To AP, Those are right on! Don't forget seeing a crowd of people and trying to put them in a straight line. Yes, many years in first grade are hard to put behind me.
Site looks good! Real good!;-) http://www.agriturismo.blogsfinder.net
Dick, Susan pointed that out about 25 comments ago. I still say snopes is no fun.

Steph, somehow your comment reminded me of the teacher direction, 'Line up in alphabetical order by height.'
Good mAen! Re: Another suit like Keith's entries! This is true story: a couple of weeks ago a couple who owned a little dog sued and won $1300 from a Python owner in West Palm Beach. The dog got loose; the python was loose. The python got the dog; the dog owner tried to free dog by beating the More...
3:57 - pretty fast for me! Make-up time. I sure am glad I don't have to wear it. Seems like such a chore to put it on and take it off again. Good Maen. Loved the Stella Awards!
Thanks for your comments. Actually homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds here in the Midwest. Their is a huge support group base and that even encludes team sports and drama, debate and forensics for the older children. The YMCA has classes for homeschoolers, as to many church schools and More...
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