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Easy Sudoku for 29/May/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates, here's today's medical daffynition:
Impotent: adj. Distinguished, well known.

29/May/12 12:00 AM
29/May/12 12:00 AM
29/May/12 12:00 AM
You two are sure fast.
29/May/12 12:00 AM
That's a very cute dog.
29/May/12 12:07 AM
Happy Memorial Day to everyone. A time for remeberance and thanks to fallen and Vets.
29/May/12 12:09 AM
Hi. 1.49.
29/May/12 12:12 AM
as noted Dave - sunny day here
29/May/12 12:16 AM
29/May/12 12:31 AM
29/May/12 12:52 AM
....."from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion"....

As true now as it was then.

29/May/12 1:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
29/May/12 1:04 AM
Memorial Day.

Thank you, to all the men and women who served and thank you to all their families.
29/May/12 1:06 AM
everyone & to all veterans & their families.

Kathy - love your quote & smilie, which really isn't a smilie in this case. Did any of you watch 60 Minutes last night? The story about the vets returning to Iraq for closure actually did More...
29/May/12 1:11 AM
What an adorable, wistful face!!!
29/May/12 1:11 AM
Send good thoughts Jane's way. Beryl, though only a tropical depression had winds up to 70 mph and knocked out power to 10,000. Jane is right in the path.
29/May/12 1:18 AM
all. Today in the US, is a day to remember our service men and women who gave so much for their country. Let's pray they will NEVER be forgotten.
I'm off now to attend a local Memorial Day ceremony. Peace, everyone!
29/May/12 1:19 AM

The answer to yesterday's poozle: 1980 refers to the quantity, not the year. 1,980 nickels equal $99.00 (approximately $100).

A special type of crown for the puzzlers who realized that.
29/May/12 1:20 AM
Happy Memorial Day and to all who served our country...and the countries for freedom around the world.
Kathy - great quote.
29/May/12 1:22 AM
Ooh. Getting close.
29/May/12 1:23 AM
29/May/12 1:24 AM
29/May/12 1:24 AM
Captain J has my avatar!
29/May/12 1:24 AM
So I switch.
29/May/12 1:25 AM
Sweet puppy! Enjoying your day at the beach, no doubt!
29/May/12 1:25 AM
Forever in their debt.
29/May/12 1:26 AM
I will wait until tomorrow to visit my parents at Arlington National Cemetery. Flags were placed at all the tombstones. It is a sobering, but awe inspiring sight.
29/May/12 1:27 AM
Here in Magnolia, our Lions Club places flags at the graves of all veterans. It's an old cemetery with vets from many wars. There are more than one would suspect. Lots of Civil War vets. We even have one of G. Washington's bodyguards.
29/May/12 1:31 AM
HI all! Here's today's poozle - answers to the Whitsun inbox please!
We are four brothers in this world and we're all born together.
The first one runs and never wearies.
The second eats and is never full.
The third drinks and is ever thirsty,
The fourth sings a song that is barely heard.

Who are we?
29/May/12 1:33 AM
Thank you Kathy, about my avator. Like you, I do not care for all the moving, though I have lots of moveable avators. Don't mind the very slow moving so much.

Just a reminder to everyone, if the avators get to be too much, just let me know, I have plenty and can change.
29/May/12 1:48 AM
Jane posted about an hour ago on the other site and said she still has electricity, with high winds and the rain had started. Or something along those lines.
29/May/12 1:50 AM
It is amazing how fast I can help out the economy when I do not have my little helper by my side.
This morning it took less than an hour to do my coupon shopping, which my $115 purchase only cost me $77 and we have enough cereal and paper products to probably last the summer. Anyway, I generally More...
29/May/12 1:55 AM
Now, before the heat really arrives, I am going to take my tush upstairs. The plan is to finish cleaning out the rooms up there, but since it is already 11 AM, I hope to at least make a dent in one room.
29/May/12 1:57 AM
Karen, Re: Your avatars - unlike some on this site, I have tolerance for things that annoy me. Do as you will. At last check we still have some freedoms left.
29/May/12 2:18 AM
Thank you D or A, it is no problem to change an avator, so much easier than changing a mind.
29/May/12 3:20 AM
Today is the first weekday of my retirement - the first day of the "best" of my life. I haven't posted here in at least a couple of years - I should have time now to join in the fun.
29/May/12 3:30 AM
Well, it lasted a little bit over an hour and I barely made a dent in the upstairs before I had to bail. I cleaned out my dresser, which, mostly, held my working clothes. I think I would have stayed cooler, longer if I had not been going through mostly winter clothes.

I did learn a few More...
29/May/12 3:31 AM
OH, you are the "happy retirement Jane," that was mentioned sometime this past week. I think by Ian, but don't quote me. I was thinking it was Jane, but she has been retired for some time now.
I hope you have a wonderful retirement Jane.
29/May/12 3:34 AM
The upstairs, is now at the point, where it should not take no time at all to finish cleaning out. Really, should have worked on it this weekend, when my helpers were not here, but that has now past. The best time is to do it early in the mornings, when it is cool and all natural light. It is at More...
29/May/12 3:40 AM
I will stop rambling in just a sec.

Bye-bye page one.
29/May/12 3:41 AM
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