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Easy Sudoku for 29/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning, as the saying goes.

29/Jul/09 12:00 AM
Hi all.
29/Jul/09 12:00 AM
How do I become an honarary Sudokachook?
29/Jul/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
29/Jul/09 12:00 AM
Good Morning
29/Jul/09 12:00 AM
Granny - Did you follow all the recipes. I mean 'did you cook them all'?
29/Jul/09 12:02 AM
GannieMo - The key to becoming a Sudokachook is to attend one of the Sudokufests!
29/Jul/09 12:02 AM
2:10, good night all.
29/Jul/09 12:03 AM
Next year we will be taking a Sudocruise. You must join us!!!
29/Jul/09 12:04 AM

I'm trying to remember what this picture was, but I can't.
29/Jul/09 12:04 AM
When Jane? Inquiring minds need to know!
29/Jul/09 12:06 AM
We haven't decided on exact dates yet, Gail. But it looks like it is a go.
29/Jul/09 12:08 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
Temps are supposed to be in 3 digits today...

Just saw coworkers cruise pics yesterday (from last week)--I'm ready to go on a cruise!
29/Jul/09 12:15 AM
29/Jul/09 12:15 AM
29/Jul/09 12:15 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
29/Jul/09 12:18 AM
Why are we supposed to "Remember the Alamo"? We lost. Big time.
29/Jul/09 12:20 AM
Looks like Crystal's temp job is going to turn into a real one. They have her working on secret documents.
29/Jul/09 12:21 AM
Hahaha, Ian! Very good!
Nice shot.
Dan MUST attend the Sudokucruise...we need someone to sing "The Love Boat"
29/Jul/09 12:24 AM

Happy to hear Mama made it home safely (if not quickly!) What a delightful person the airline was dealing with. I'm sure they don't get many like our Mamacita!
I don't believe I will ever look at a chicken in the same way again
29/Jul/09 12:26 AM
It's amazing, as busy as the Texians were at the Alamo, that they had the time to nurture potted plants!
29/Jul/09 12:32 AM
Yesterday's brain teaser flummoxed nearly everyone.
EXCEPT for Linda/Pioneer! She had the first (and only) correct answer
The question was: What happened in the middle of the twentieth century that will not happen again for 4,000 years?
Answer: The year 1961. It reads the same upside down. This will not happen again until the year 6009.
29/Jul/09 12:32 AM
Ugh, ca'mon, Kath ... give us some math or logic riddles!!
29/Jul/09 12:35 AM
Judy - there are 3 very good reasons Kathy doesn't do math riddles: She's not too good with numbers and not everyone enjoys doing them.
29/Jul/09 12:39 AM
What about 3003!
29/Jul/09 12:40 AM
everyone! I got up late and wow! The 22 race was up and won in a half hour!

29/Jul/09 12:40 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Tony!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

29/Jul/09 12:41 AM
Grass-Hopper, an upside down 3 is a cursive E. But you do have a number palidrome.
29/Jul/09 12:42 AM
Was the San Francisco meeting a sudoku fest? Do I qualify?
29/Jul/09 12:43 AM
Well at least I do qualify for an annoying cp!!! Here goes and then I will hie myself to the NC giggle!
29/Jul/09 12:44 AM
Shosho - you absolutely do qualify as a Sudokachook!
29/Jul/09 12:53 AM
g'maeN people. Busy at work tonight and relieved that I can come home and chill with a sudoku.
29/Jul/09 12:56 AM
Listen, Wicked Witch of the West Coast, if you want #*&*! math riddles post 'em yourself!
BTW, people, I have not seen ONE answer (correct or otherwise) from WWWC!
29/Jul/09 12:56 AM
Hey, Judy -- I'm with you. I love math and logic problems.

Hope everyone is having a good day and recovered from the Fionafest.
29/Jul/09 1:02 AM
Ahem. Everyone try this, except Judy.

Once upon a time, in Sudokuland, a servant lived with his master. After service of about 30 years, the master became ill and was going to die. One day, the master called the servant to him and asked him for a wish. It could be any wish but just one. More...
29/Jul/09 1:08 AM
Chook, chook, who's a chook.
I've only had time to read this morning's comments ... only the ripples of Fionafest dying away.
Grats, Kathy, though you didn't even notice.
29/Jul/09 1:16 AM
Your Texas history lesson for today:
"Remember the Alamo!" and "Remember Goliad!" were rallying cries at the Battle of San Jacinto where the Texians led by Sam Houston defeated the Mexicans and captured Santa Ana. It was like "remember the brave men who died in More...
29/Jul/09 1:23 AM
cool and shady in the courtyard with sun that's low in the sky. The Alamo was originally a monastery, wasn't it?
29/Jul/09 1:26 AM
Keith - Lots of pictures have been posted already by several of the FionaFest attendees! Have a look. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone, but check out Sue's, Tami's, Debby's, ceecee's and my galleries.
29/Jul/09 1:26 AM
29/Jul/09 1:27 AM
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