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Easy Sudoku for 29/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Mr. Fee.
29/Sep/14 7:42 AM
And TOPP, unless someone else is lurking!
29/Sep/14 7:42 AM
. . . . .and the rugby match we went to this afternoon on a hot steamy last sunday of September, lovely.
29/Sep/14 7:43 AM
29/Sep/14 7:43 AM
Ah, HalT sneaking up from behind!
29/Sep/14 7:43 AM
Oh well my carriage is slowly reverting into a pumpkin and my old slippers are far more comfortable than glass ones. I shall take myself up the wooden hill to bedfordshire, good night all
29/Sep/14 7:45 AM
Silvergal, I have never had a memory card fail, Thank goodness. I would be beyond mad. I try to back up all my documents and pictures in at least two different ways.
29/Sep/14 8:20 AM
Sue - I loved your reminders about the home schooling we all got in our youth.
29/Sep/14 8:24 AM
Mr. Cee!
It's my niece's b-day today (28th) and one of my best friend's b-day tomorrow (29th). I have a feeling your birthday is the same day as my friend! Enjoy your special day!
29/Sep/14 8:26 AM
Sue, I've had a 2gig one fail before, but all had been duplicated. This card, an 8gig, had a lot of photos still on it. I'd swept many off on to my laptop... which failed. We have an external HD, and photos up through April are on there. Hadn't taken many photos with my camera until this month, but these mean a lot to me.
29/Sep/14 8:43 AM
...it appears I've recovered the photos on the card.... It took a software purchase, but it's done what it's designed to do. I'm soooo relieved!
29/Sep/14 8:47 AM
I'm just waiting for the next failure in the Silverhomestead. Why stop now?
29/Sep/14 8:48 AM
The countdown begins! Sacky leaves home tomorrow (Tuesday morning in Oz) and arrives in St. Simons a zillion hours later (late Tuesday night here). I hope I'm better at keeping track of her flight numbers than I am at figuring out the time difference!
29/Sep/14 8:58 AM
Returned from Raymond. Tom took me on a tour of the Quivera wetlands this morning. Beautiful. We saw lots of birds.
29/Sep/14 10:04 AM
On the way home, I stopped at the cemetery where my great-grandfather and two of his daughters and two of his grandsons are buried. A 'volunteer' tree had sprouted from the base of the large family headstone. I first noticed it about 3 years ago, but didn't make it back. It was a chore with the More...
29/Sep/14 10:08 AM
An update for this site. I had previously posted on TOS about my dilema, and Kathy/Valrico came up with the most logical solution.
TM and I parted ways last December (lots of drama, and it took me 4 months to get all my stuff out thanks to his shenanigans....I did get my money from him.) I am More...
29/Sep/14 10:15 AM
Mr. Cee
29/Sep/14 10:18 AM
One more for a CP.
29/Sep/14 10:18 AM

To Mr Cee. He's so old that he has probably forgotten that it's his birthday.
29/Sep/14 10:20 AM

And good luck to you Sarah Beth......look forward to a bright future with young Tom.
29/Sep/14 10:21 AM
Howdy, y'all.
I guess I've been a lurker for quite some time now, I do read and play here, but seldom really have anything significant to say. Today however, I have a link especially for Silvergal, and for anyone else who takes photos and doesn't want to lose them:
29/Sep/14 10:25 AM
Thank you Peter, but you have seen the picture! Tom is not young! (but still age appropriate for me)
29/Sep/14 11:01 AM
That is a great link for backing-up photos, Captain J - thanks for sharing it!
29/Sep/14 11:53 AM
Great luck to you Sarah Beth!!! And thanks for the site, Captain J.
I think the Cowboys can hold on - I need to get to bed. Grandson #3 is coming tomorrow! His dad is hopefully going to get everything finalized to officially get his Masters degree (long story).
29/Sep/14 12:35 PM
29/Sep/14 1:19 PM
good night world
29/Sep/14 1:20 PM
Good afternoon everyone. Thanks for the memory trip Sue. I know I was definitely home schooled!
29/Sep/14 2:22 PM
Happy birthday Mr Cee! I hope you've had a good one!
29/Sep/14 2:23 PM
Thanks Kathy and Jamie. I will remove the 8 update when I get back home. I just hope the iPad remains functional while I'm away, otherwise you won't hear from me for a month!
29/Sep/14 2:25 PM
Rayray, post whatever you like. It's good to read your contributions anytime.
29/Sep/14 2:27 PM
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..... Alarm is set for 3:30 tomorrow. Eek!
29/Sep/14 2:28 PM
Hi everyone!
29/Sep/14 3:02 PM
Just in time for my Dad's Number 73
29/Sep/14 3:03 PM
Happy birthday Wazza, Shelby & Blossom!
29/Sep/14 3:04 PM

All right you lurkers, c'mon, out you come......show us your posts!
29/Sep/14 6:34 PM

Silence prevails.
29/Sep/14 8:06 PM
Thanks for the article Capt J. I do back up photos taking copying them to my laptop - giving me the PC and the SD card. When I get enough to fill a CD, I put them there, and start building a library with a fresh SD card containing several CDs. Only then do I clean up my camera's SD card. Meanwhile, I've got copies on the external drive.
29/Sep/14 9:09 PM
That being said, when the laptop and SD card fail within the same period of time, and access to another computer is limited or not a good idea (I wouldn't want to sweep personal photos to my work computer), the whole system gets interrupted. That's what happened.
29/Sep/14 9:11 PM
Intermittant lurker reporting in, sir
29/Sep/14 10:00 PM
ooh shame not to
29/Sep/14 10:01 PM
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