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Easy Sudoku for 3/January/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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2:16 Good night all!
03/Jan/18 12:08 AM
Good Maen, good people. My weather app is giving me an igloo icon! -2F / -19C real temp but with windchill it feels as if it is -17 F / -22C.
03/Jan/18 12:15 AM
03/Jan/18 1:24 AM
Good morning to all! Still a very cold start to 2018.
03/Jan/18 2:31 AM
Maybe this will give you some idea....

03/Jan/18 2:32 AM
Our thermometer red 19F this morning, I believe it's supposed to get up to a blistering 24F this afternoon.
Our heat has been running continuously for days. We do have a humidifier attached to the furnace, but, it doesn't More...
03/Jan/18 2:32 AM
red??? Someday I will learn to proofread before posting.
03/Jan/18 2:33 AM
Dog/cat report: There were no intestinal problems with either of them with the change of food. After dumping the litter box, and, scooping the back yard, I say this with confidence. I will also report that scooping is much easier when the ''scoopables'' are frozen solid.
03/Jan/18 2:40 AM
03/Jan/18 2:48 AM
03/Jan/18 4:44 AM
03/Jan/18 5:21 AM
Happy anyway!
(Haven't gone outside yet!)
03/Jan/18 5:26 AM
I just heard that Sue Grafton had picked her last title: Z is for Zero.
03/Jan/18 5:50 AM
03/Jan/18 6:10 AM
Morning all, tricky puzzle today. Started at 1 then went to 9 managed to get 8 going, worked back to 1 and finished with 9 !
03/Jan/18 6:15 AM
I have Ella and Cailin arriving at 7:30 , better get moving.
03/Jan/18 6:17 AM
Kind of eerily appropriate.
03/Jan/18 6:22 AM
Oops. I wrote the previous comment after listening to an interview with Sue Grafton, and after failing to refresh the page. I thought Zero was oddly suited to the circumstances.
03/Jan/18 6:50 AM
Agreed, Sarah. Zero Z. I've never embarked on her books but it's sad she won't be able to finish her series. It was brave of her to begin the alphabet series and thus lock herself into such a lengthy commitment. I imagine some days, some years, it was that 'I can't quit' commitment that kept her going. Writing is as tough a job as any out there and probably tougher than most.
03/Jan/18 6:50 AM
I wonder how tough it will be to snag 22 today?
03/Jan/18 6:52 AM
Tough for me because my internet is loading very slowly lately, even timing out to error pages. There's a very good chance someone else can interrupt my attempt.
03/Jan/18 6:54 AM
Well, here goes ... Did I snag 22 or did I hit a snag?
03/Jan/18 6:55 AM
Yea, me. Maybe I can also snag a cp?
03/Jan/18 6:58 AM
Um, by the way, due to computer issues and wanting to 'hit the ground running' in 2018, I think I must postpone resuming my poozling for at least another week.

If someone else wants to carry the baton a bit I'm happy to hand it off.

Vowel Movements, Keith?
03/Jan/18 7:04 AM
Plum, I could always slip in an ECCO poozle - remember those?
03/Jan/18 7:16 AM
Today's ECCO poozle.

All about jobs.....A distant memory for us retired folk.
(Answers in the singular).

N---- (5) – Wombat and CG have been up close and personal with these good people recently.
----------- (11) – The bright spark in the neighbourhood.
------------ (12) – More...
03/Jan/18 7:25 AM
I came back while we were sitting on 17 ... thought I'd wait just a little longer ... apparently, that was a mistake.
03/Jan/18 8:03 AM
Another of my favorite authors will not be limited by the constraints of the alphabet. Janet Evanovich follows numbers instead, and those seem to be unlimited! She just released Hardcore Twenty-Four and is going strong! Lighter reading than Grafton, but a very funny lady.
03/Jan/18 9:02 AM
On line and on the phone all day today with AT&T and still no better than before. They were very busy today - never got a callback, online support crashed, took 1 hr to do a job which failed.
03/Jan/18 9:09 AM
1:37. The way that started out I thought it would be a lot slower. Good afternoon everyone.
03/Jan/18 1:41 PM
I'm famous. Rather GG and I are famous. We've both been mentioned in Peter world famous ECCO puzzle. I'd solve the poozle if I could just raise the energy
03/Jan/18 4:56 PM
Stated the New Year off yesterday with no water. Harry called to report the problem, it was 3 hours before he had a reply. They could not find our street, had heard or wrote an incorrect name. When they found us the water meter was frozen, their problem to fix.
03/Jan/18 5:17 PM
Very busy today, had to go to Tulsa 2 1/2 hour drive each way. Kevin had to have an eye injection. He has to do this every other month.
Was going to eat at our favorite Pizza restaurant. They were closed because of broken water pipes. Have I mentioned that it is cold here.
03/Jan/18 5:22 PM
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