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Easy Sudoku for 3/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Just had another go at this puzzle and got down to 1:27. it must have been easy
Timer 00:01:43
Fastest by far for me and for real
Hey Canuk Greg & Rosemary & other 'guns are all bad' types:
When this (CG's 'The best thing would be to ban the manufacture of weapons in general and send all nations back to bare-fisted fighting.') is the best solution you can come up with, why not just be like France, wave the white flag, lay More...
Back at my own computer after driving all day.
1.48 - I don't know enough about either side of the gun debate to add anything, but I will enjoy reading the opinion of others with more knowledge.
Hey, Keith ... long drive?
KATHY/VALRICO: If you want to watch Boston Legal, it will help if you get some idea of the characters and past plots as each somewhat builds on previous ones. I suggest looking at this site: http://abc.go.com/primetime/bostonlegal/ It is set up as Denny Crane's website. You can read brief More...
I also have the right to bear arms. I have the 2 legs and the torso but where can I get the 2 arms from. Yogi isn't going to like this.
you should all buy our latst weapon the Austrian made glock-en-spiel. It makes shoot-outs all that much more melodic.
By the by: the French haven't lain down, they just smell that way.
sacre bleu....your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. You silly Austrian kernigget.
It is unfortunate that you choose to misquote me. The comment I made in chat was that my father taught me at a young age to respect weapons & handle properly & w/ supervision. It was always locked & he was an expert marksman. Don't disparage my father & make it out like he had an arsenal laying More...
I don't want to wear long sleeves so I want to retain the right to bare arms.
Judy, 8 hours non-stop. We usually take several breaks and get home 9-9 1/2 hours after we start.
I also was taught how to handle and clean weapons from an early age. Why, I shot my mom when I was only 2. You always keep the safety lock on and handle with care like this littl'ole 44 magnum here....ain't she a beauty. you can just feel the powe BANG.............ugghhhhh....
Wow Renee you sound like a model citizen but maybe just a bit angry. I would like to see you guns one day. Do you pole dance?
I grew up in one of those houses with guns (for hunting only), was taught to shoot, etc. but I think guns are WAY too easy to get hold of in this country. And TV and movies and especially video games make shooting people seem so harmless . . . Don't the people who are shot all just pop back up afterwards so you can play another game?
Reality Check is exactly correct. If you disarm the populace, all you do is ensure that all of the weapons are in the hands of the dishonest. The problem is that you will never dis-arm the criminals. Or the mentally unstable. So the peacenik's answer to the gun problem is put all the weapons in the hands of the criminal and mentally unstable element and then no-one gets hurt.
Yes, KEITH, we all have to stop and take wee breaks ... :) Sounds like a grueling drive ... but probably some good scenery along the way? Is Lynne about ready for her second operation?
Don't know much about guns, but boy o boy, does Cindy go off with a bang.
And I've never tried a gnu....that would be sick.
Lynne will wait a couple more months before she decides. There's still a slight limp and if she doesn't keep it elevated enough time, it still swells. She wants it to get back to as good as it's going to get and live with it for a while before she decides to do the other one.
Yogi Bear - According to boo-boo you are 'armless. where is my picnic hamper?
It is good to see that there is room for discussion on this site dispite the ramblings of a misguided individual who obviously thinks he/she/it is funny, but ifact is boring, inane and a bit of a butt head!
Could you be a little more specific, please? You haven't narowed it down atall.
Suzanne/Seattle: Its a good thing we never forget those dance steps we once could do so easily. It seems you are about to be plied with all of the drinks needed to get you started again, so go for the lessons again and have fun!!! Amaze everybody.
Welcome back Keith! Glad you had a safe, if really long drive home.
MAMA: This one-point lead isn't going to hold up ... the Eagles had better get cracking!
Yes Judy, The way they're playing is really stinking up the joint! Hurray!!!! They finally did it really well. Now they have to do it several more times> Its still too close! Ed is loving it though!
Thats what I'm talking about!
Hi Baz, caught a travel program last night showing Normanton .. with a huge ugly creature as the main attraction. It was fun to see the location of a regular Sudokoist contributor, & I had a private chuckle about the fierceness of the creature in Normanton! LOL
They're really pouring it on now, MAMA!
Hi all
My heart goes out to those poor families that have been affected by todays tragic shooting.
I whole-heartedly agree…take away the curiosity by all means. As we all know that curiosity killed the cat.
Yet your point is what!!!!!!!
A few glasses of wine More...
Thanks for getting me started calling this game Judy!! I keep telling Andy that he needs to listen to me more often! Sorry Ed, But I did say one of us would be happy no matter who wins!!!
Guns don't kill people. Nutty gun owners kill people.
I believe we should forgive our enemies, but only after they've been taken out and shot.
a number of years ago a very sick amish man had missed his meds and killed and disemboweled his wife,I tell this because he was mentally ill and the knife he killed her with wasn't the problem ,he would have killed her with any knife legal or not. the same as a gun ,the people who are doing these terrible things are very sick.And the others crimimals and such can buy them on the black market.
Knives don't kill people, bleeding to death does.
I am comparing various acts of negligence, irresponsibility, etc. Alcohol doesn't kill people? Look up the statistics of the innocent people killed by drunk drivers. Should we go back to Abolition of booze? Cars don't kill kids? The US statistics for teen and young adult deaths are automobile More...
I think Ding narrowed it down enough.

Angie from Melbourne, what are you talking about? A few glasses of wine and a steering wheel in your hand can kill children or anybody for that matter.

And don't talk to poor little Sophie about cars crashing into schools, or kindies. And you won't get rid of guns by telling them to go away. Your arguements are ridiculous!
You are all wrong, death alone kills people.
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