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Easy Sudoku for 3/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Love the site, enjoy the comments. Cold day in London today, much colder then back home.
3:19 and once again, Deb from Brisbane is in top form! Nice photo of the whiskered fellow. I'm sure Mary knows we're all rooting for her. Have a cheery Maen, all!
Yikes, 4:00. Pretty pathetic. In my defense, I'm half zonked on cold medicine. Hi everyone!
Frank--where are you from in MI? Its 34 degrees here today...everyone came to work without their coats! Gotta love Michigan
OK,we Aussies give up.What is Groundhog Day?It's something to do with the end of winter?
A warming spell here- temp is up to-10c.
Hmmm, I just saw the Today show and I swear they said Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow,,6 more weeks of winter, In our case, RAIN!
Uh oh,I forgot to ask.And what exactly is a groundhog is it some type of mole like animal?
You're going to get a lot of responses... Groundhog Day is when the groundhog (the official one has become Puscatawny (sp?) Pete) comes out of his hole and looks around. If he sees his shadow, then we get six more weeks of winter; if not, spring is on the way!
Yes, carli, you are on the right track. On Feb 2 every year the ground hog comes out of his hole where he is sleeping for the winter...if he sees his shadow he is scared back into his hole and sleeps for another 6 weeks (hence, 6 more weeks of winter)...if he doesn't then spring is around the corner!
It's phil, though, not pete. Take a look at www.groundhog.org for more info.
Hi, Amber.
Hi Suzanne, sorry didn't get to chat long last night. How are you after the party?

Is it a bad sign if you do the Easy puzzle, go the medium one, do that one, and then come back and do the Easy one as if you hadn't just done it 5 minutes ago!? To many brain cells that have died?
2:16 Boo for more winter!
Going into chatroom if anyone else is bored like me
Good Maen all! You guys finally convinced me to spring for the membership fee and join sudoku.com.au! I have been lurking for quite a while and I think I have become addicted to this site! What have you done to me??

3:18 on Easy this morning...
In Canada, we have 'Wireton Willy' as our official groundhog day weather guide ...
Hi Anne! How are things going?
Good Maen everyone.

Deb - great jokes. JIM, love your information on the animals. Coming from Santa Cruz in CA, I thought I knew the diff.....NOT.
Georgia - Please send pics when you get more.
Hi Dave! How's the weather? I am so excited, its less then 2 months now when I get to be in fabulous sunshine (cruise leaves the 1st of April)
2:06...its actually harder to do these for me now as I have been getting so used to doing them on paper while I didn't have computer access. But its coming back to me
Love the comments and jokes, thanks for the laughs. How does one become a supporting member? I would pay BIG bucks, this sure beats therapy!
GMaen all.
To LK from MN - re:yesterday's post on virii - imho, scanning once a week is dangerous. We set up to scan automatically once a day, and the live scanning is always on.
Hi Dave, did you find some good buys for the jewlery?
To Shepherd, we also have the live scan on all the time, and it scans automatically daily, I ment to say that I do a full scan, and defrag, disk clean-up, and emptying cookies and such. There have been about 500,000 computers in the US since 1-19-06 that have had this happen, it gets in through a hole in windows, need to update windows more often I guess
GMaen again. 00:09:59! Unbelievable! Finally under ten!
To LK - If it comes in through a hole in the window, we here in the sub-arctic would probably fix the window! (lol) We aren't sure about windoze - but have to use it nonetheless. We use Firefox as our browser, and have had many fewer attacks since converting from IE.
A chicken walks into a library and says to the librarian 'BOOK'. The librarian looks at him strangerly and gives him a book. The next day the chicken comes back and says 'BOOK BOOK'.So the librarian gives him two more books and says 'you know you have to return these'?
LOL, fix the window! Thank you for the advice, I just hope I don't lose all the digital pictures I had stored and of course hadn't backed up in a while. Oh, well, guess sometimes a lesson hurts. This will teach me!
to Norma from Louisiana - Congrats to your principal, he sounds like a good guy. Don't you wish he could get a big raise now! Educators work so hard for so little. My daughter is a third grade teacher now, but hopes to be a principal someday. Got a kick out of your subtle comment re: 'something about Mary...' - very clever! Did others pick up on that?
The chicken takes the books under his wings and walks out. The thrid day the chicken returns and says to the librarian 'BOOK BOOK BOOK' The librarian replies 'you already have three books and you have not returned any'. The chicken insits 'BOOK BOOK BOOK'
A blonde calls her boyfriend and asks him to come over because she just can't get her jigsaw puzzle started. He asks what it is, and she replies she thinks it has something to do with a tiger. Intrigued, the boyfried goes over. He examins the table with all the pieces laid out, and then looks at the box. 'O.K., the first thingis to get you to relax with a cup of tea.'
'Then, we can put all the Frosted Flakes back into the box.'
So the librarian gives him the three books and decieds to follow the chicken to find out what he is doing with all the books. She follows him down the road into a park and off to a pond then she sees him toss the books in the pond where there is a frog repling 'READ IT READ IT READ IT'
Eden - I love seeing your name in the comments since that's my granddaughter's name, too. Makes me wonder if I'll still be around in 20 years or so when she is married & has a new baby like you! Wonder what the new fad will be then, & if I'll still be keeping up with the times like Tootie, Elaine, & Mary????
to Ed from Lithia - Did you see my question yesterday about the brush fires in Lithia? Did you see any smoke or flames from where you live? I was worried about you!!
Patti - Click on 'Supporting Member'
A police officer stops a blonde for speeding and asks her very nicely if he could see her license. She replies in a huff, 'I wish you guys would get your act together. Just yesterday you take away my license and then today you expect me to show it to you!'
GmAen to all!
New to all this. Deb, love the jokes.
Grey and cloudy here. Heard the groundhog saw
his shadow. 6 more wks of this...
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