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Easy Sudoku for 3/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Groundhog Day makes more sense than what is going on in the world today.
03/Feb/16 12:00 AM
Good morning to all! A sun-filled picture to start the day.
03/Feb/16 12:44 AM
I've been thinking too much. It's my bedtime.
Night all.
03/Feb/16 1:17 AM
03/Feb/16 1:22 AM
The ghost post strikes again.
03/Feb/16 1:23 AM
I remember you saying you thought you had that fixed.

03/Feb/16 1:26 AM
Good morning.
03/Feb/16 2:08 AM
My day turned out less hectic yestereday.
03/Feb/16 2:08 AM
I mislaid the paperwork for the 0900 appointment and had to reschedule until today, ring the doctor to get more forms, and then found the originals at 1700 in a place I had already searched in the morning.
03/Feb/16 2:11 AM
The 1030 appointment turned out to be at 1130 - I found that out when I read their reminder message from the day before properly, then called to confirm.
03/Feb/16 2:12 AM
So today is shoulder injections but in a way that has worked out better as Mr P is free to drive me today. Yesteredeay he had to wait home for the insurance assessor to come and check out the damage from last week's hailstorm.
03/Feb/16 2:14 AM
I find it hard to believe that pulling some poor critter out of its hole in the ground means anything...but, in case it does, please let it not be six more (snowy) weeks of winter! Our accumulation (2 feet+) is finally melting away. I think that is quite enough for this winter.
03/Feb/16 2:34 AM
Hi CP, I hope you have gone back to bed, as I am about to do!
I also hope that the injection works wonders.
03/Feb/16 2:38 AM
And, it is POOZLE TIME!

Fill in the answers to the clues by selecting the correct syllables from the list below. Each syllable can only be used once and the number of syllables to be used is shown in brackets. When the correct words are filled in, the FIRST and LAST letters reading down More...
03/Feb/16 2:38 AM

Those nasty cable subcontractors were back again this morning, finally burying the new large cable from my house to their box back in the greenway. That's a very loud machine when one is sleeping!
03/Feb/16 2:50 AM
03/Feb/16 3:21 AM
I was looking at my avatar, thinking of Angie. She made it for me, so clever! I still wear my hair in a bun occasionally! She finally joined the ranks of grandmahood last year. Darling child!
03/Feb/16 3:23 AM
I think shosho got me close enough.
03/Feb/16 3:26 AM
03/Feb/16 3:26 AM
Still around?
03/Feb/16 3:26 AM
One more.
03/Feb/16 3:27 AM
03/Feb/16 3:27 AM
Thank God no cats today!
03/Feb/16 4:22 AM
jerryg, you didn't see the cat in today's picture??
03/Feb/16 5:02 AM
Morning all, great photo today.
I knew someone would beat me with that comment, HalT.👍😆
03/Feb/16 6:11 AM
Gorgeous photo! Love the cloud formation against the very blue sky.
03/Feb/16 6:27 AM
Good morning all. Jigsaw hard has a raccoon disguised as a cat - I knew there'd be one somewhere! Can't help themselves.
03/Feb/16 6:56 AM
Good morning everyone. I'm flat out at the moment freezing fresh vegies from the garden. Green beans, tomatoes and zucchini at the moment. I've got to get as much done as I can before Jane arrives in Oz on the 26th! Then it'll be up to hubby to take over.
03/Feb/16 6:59 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
03/Feb/16 7:00 AM
Good morning everyone. :)
03/Feb/16 7:07 AM
Actually Sacky, if you go back and look at the photo again, the dog was looking off to his left, so there was probably a racoon there that got cropped out of the photo when it was posted.
03/Feb/16 7:34 AM
Good morning all
The comments on here confirm that one doesn't have to be nuts to hang around here but it sure helps...
03/Feb/16 11:11 AM
Ba Muoi Ba - just for you DOA.
03/Feb/16 12:24 PM
Nuts.....beans....not a lot of difference!
03/Feb/16 12:25 PM
Brumbies play their first trial match this weekend....Wooohoooo can't wait for the footy season to start.
03/Feb/16 12:27 PM
Me too Peter, but it is Aussie Rules (AFL) that I am hankering for. Carn the Dogs.
03/Feb/16 12:52 PM
It might be close enough to make a run for BOP.
03/Feb/16 12:54 PM
My countdown is inspired by Hal. XXXVIII
03/Feb/16 12:55 PM
03/Feb/16 12:56 PM
03/Feb/16 12:57 PM
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