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Easy Sudoku for 3/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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and her name is not really squirt
03/Mar/08 7:31 PM
arrrrrgh yeah that was just mum hijacking the computer
03/Mar/08 7:33 PM
Lynda, didn't "Hissing Sid sallowed toad"????. What colour's red???
03/Mar/08 7:39 PM
anyways dinner will be ready soon so i shall be off... ciao
03/Mar/08 7:40 PM
More from Maxine:) Everyone seems normal 'till you get to know 'em.>>>>> If there's a TOURIST SEASON how come we can't shoot 'em!!>>>> My sex life is'nt dead but the buzzards are circling.
03/Mar/08 7:49 PM
CP, I still have the "LP" vinyl of Captain Beaky which I bought for my son.
Did you know that the author was Jeremy Lloyd, one time husband of Joanna Lumley and writer of comedies such as 'Allo Allo' and 'Are you being Served'? He also appeared in film comedies such as Doctor in Clover More...
03/Mar/08 7:57 PM
A graveyard on a summer's night the spectres dance in sheer delight and down a moonbeam slides a ginger cat in plimsoles and a paper hat.........
The opening lines written by Jeremy Lloyd when he was 12 years old and finished when he was 40
03/Mar/08 8:01 PM
I think that people who SHOUT - ie, post comments in capital letters, should not be allowed to do this.
03/Mar/08 8:05 PM
Why Neil does it give you ear ache or eye ache?
03/Mar/08 8:12 PM
Hi Neil...I must be missing something. Please elaborate.
I'm not aware of anyone shouting...occasionally people use capitals to emphasize something i.e. the announcement of the new cookbook being on line.
I don't know what the problem could be with that?
03/Mar/08 8:12 PM
Or we'll get our bottoms smacked?

Well, Neil, do you have an alternative, acceptable method of stressing a word?
03/Mar/08 8:14 PM
evening all :)
03/Mar/08 8:20 PM
Hi Martha
03/Mar/08 8:22 PM
listen very careful i will say this only once. shhhh
03/Mar/08 8:26 PM
yes michelle
03/Mar/08 8:27 PM
Problem solved re Captain Beaky I have just ordered 2 CD's with the complete series including the Trial of Hissing Sid together wih the book of all Jeremy Lloyds poems. Hopefully they will arrive before I go visit the girls I'm sure they will love them.
03/Mar/08 8:30 PM
i c u r 2 wise, cynb
03/Mar/08 8:31 PM
2y's ur 2y's ub 2 eaa
03/Mar/08 8:36 PM
eea shouldn't that be I C U R YY 4 Me
Did you know one of my photos is to be found on the Schmap Hobart Free Guide web site. It is a Photo I took at Fortescue Bay
03/Mar/08 8:38 PM
Looking it up now Mo. Which photo is yours?
03/Mar/08 8:54 PM
It is in the Hobart and Freycinet Peninsula section and if you run the slide show it is the only one credited to moi ganniemo
03/Mar/08 9:23 PM
My my, aren't we quiet tonight.
I think it calls for a chicken dance -

Goodnight all, that tired me out.
03/Mar/08 9:42 PM

One morning while making breakfast,
a man walked up to his wife,
pinched her on the butt and said...

"If you firmed this up, we could get rid of
your control top pantyhose."

While this was on the edge of intolerable,
she More...
03/Mar/08 9:43 PM
Hey got this one thru without being booted!
03/Mar/08 9:44 PM
Good one Broni
03/Mar/08 9:46 PM
you still up girl, should be early to bed to move those chickens!!! what did you call him today a 'Chick Magnet?'
03/Mar/08 9:49 PM
My lovely chick magnet isn't even home from work yet (will be soon). He and our driver pick-up the chicks. I just keep them on the straight and narrow (and pay the bills)!
03/Mar/08 9:53 PM
Lol Girl!
03/Mar/08 9:57 PM
and they will never know??!! hehehehe!
03/Mar/08 10:00 PM
chicks don't have bills.
03/Mar/08 10:02 PM
They have peckers.
03/Mar/08 10:03 PM
spot on GMo 2y's.
03/Mar/08 10:04 PM
03/Mar/08 10:05 PM
That's not what we call peckers, eea.

I have updated my Youtube to Keith Michell singing Captain Beaky and his Band
03/Mar/08 10:06 PM
Too many e's not enough a's - that was the story of my exam results in school!
03/Mar/08 10:07 PM
We don't either GMo but I couldn't resist.
03/Mar/08 10:10 PM
sorry for shouting. now it's nitey nite.
03/Mar/08 10:12 PM
Thats alright eaa I live a long way away you have to shout for me to hear you g'night
03/Mar/08 10:16 PM
why can I not comment?
03/Mar/08 10:23 PM
Oh now I can,

Hello GMo liked yuur prose today! Never had anyone talk about me before!
03/Mar/08 10:25 PM
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