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Easy Sudoku for 3/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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03/Jun/15 12:04 AM
03/Jun/15 12:04 AM
No fear on the beach. We got us a lifeguard.
03/Jun/15 12:19 AM
I could have done 22 & the page change by now.
03/Jun/15 12:30 AM
Not quite beach weather here yet.
03/Jun/15 12:32 AM
Explain this to me. A letter came in the mail saying it was time for a review. It included a phone number to call as an option. I called, they said I can't review over the phone because I was already in the system. If I wasn't in the system, why would I need a review? Why even make it an option?
03/Jun/15 12:34 AM
Speaking of phone calls, it's time for me to do my quarterly game of catch up on any phone calls I should make.
03/Jun/15 12:35 AM
Hi Serena. Comforting to know there's still somebody else out there.
03/Jun/15 12:39 AM
I'm here! Off to look for a poozle!

Oh, sorry.
03/Jun/15 12:49 AM
Here you go....

Can you complete these 5-letter words?
The . signifies the missing letters.


Answers to my ''....'' inbox, please.
03/Jun/15 12:51 AM
Itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini, although not yellow polka dot.....what a cute little life guard.

I am waiting for the guy who is to inspect our furnace/AC. The window is between 8 am - 1 pm. Well, 8,9,10 have come and gone...11, too, for that matter. He'll no doubt show up just as we sit down to lunch.
03/Jun/15 1:04 AM
I have packed up all the knick knacks, lamps, etc., in preparation for the carpet cleaning tomorrow. That window is also 8 am - 1 pm. I may or may not be able to post a poozle tomorrow, depending on if I can get into my computer room. I guess I can ask them to start in the back hallway. My computer is in a spare bedroom off that hallway. We shall see....
03/Jun/15 1:12 AM
A CP, and I'm out of here! See ya later
03/Jun/15 1:15 AM
03/Jun/15 1:37 AM
I have packed up all the knick knacks too. And the kitchen...Where is the peanut butter? I guess I'll drink my coffee without sugar this morning!
03/Jun/15 1:38 AM
I need another day in this week!
03/Jun/15 1:39 AM

Good luck to Serena on all her phone calls. I agree it's silly to offer the phone review if it's not possible. Tell them they can either do a phone review or make an appointment to come to your home since you have a newborn. I'll bet they'll do a phone review!
03/Jun/15 1:41 AM
, y'all! Running payroll today, trying to get it done before picking up Silverteen around 12:15 so she can get ready to usher at graduation.
03/Jun/15 1:42 AM
Good luck finishing up the packing, Sarah. And then safe driving to your new home. About how far away is it?
03/Jun/15 1:42 AM
Have to share this link, though: my Scout troop will be rafting this segment of the Nolichucky River in Tennessee this weekend.
03/Jun/15 1:43 AM
Sarah Beth, last move we made 24 years ago, we'd left our little 4 cup percolator sitting on our counter, with loose accessories by it, so we could bring it with us in the car. We were going to be living out of a hotel, and hotel in-room coffee is lame. When it came time to pack up the car, no percolator.
03/Jun/15 1:46 AM
We had to put up with lame, weak hotel room coffee.
03/Jun/15 1:46 AM
A few days later all our stuff was unloaded at the new house. As I started unpacking kitchen boxes, I found the percolator, still with damp grounds inside! Accessories were in the same box. Thinking must not be a requirement for packers.
03/Jun/15 1:48 AM
Keith, Looks like I got your 22. I got on a roll with my story.
03/Jun/15 1:49 AM
Seems like a very big bench for a very small person!
03/Jun/15 2:07 AM
03/Jun/15 2:11 AM
Re: ''Thinking must not be a requirement'' -

I remember hearing, numerous times, while in the military, of packers packing dirty ashtrays full of butts. They were told to pack 'everything'.
03/Jun/15 2:23 AM
03/Jun/15 2:34 AM
When I was a kid (my Dad was military, so lots of moves), when unpacking my Mom found a half eaten PB&J sandwich all nicely wrapped and packed. My brother had left it on his desk during packing day and blamed the dog for pilfering it. Nope. Those Navy packers are VERY through!
03/Jun/15 2:48 AM
03/Jun/15 2:54 AM
SOS... neither Greg nor I will be able to post a two-day puzzle for this upcoming weekend. Would anybody like to toss one out there? If not I can post one Friday morning and it'd be a 3-day-er.
03/Jun/15 3:23 AM
Rumor has it that someone who visits the site, on occasion, will enjoy their 54th, tomorrow. She must be a 'saint'. Happy Anniversary, you two.

03/Jun/15 3:46 AM
I can't load the tough Sudoku for today, it kicks me over to the easy one. Anyone else have this problem or know a solution?
03/Jun/15 3:59 AM
We just have to wait for Gath to fix it. You could click on ''Contact us'' above to send him a message, because he probably doesn't know it needs a fix.
03/Jun/15 4:41 AM
Same problem for me too.
03/Jun/15 5:54 AM
Good morning.
03/Jun/15 6:20 AM
I've been awake for a couple of hours.
03/Jun/15 6:21 AM
But waas reluctant to leave my bed since theinside temperature was only 12C (54F).
03/Jun/15 6:23 AM
Mr P is trying to cut down our very large gas bill by not running the heater overnight.
03/Jun/15 6:24 AM
03/Jun/15 6:24 AM
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