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Easy Sudoku for 3/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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3:00 flat. Awesome picture of a cool lookin' dog!
Baz....I have to disagree about the dog. One eye looks to be in shadow, that is why it looks black. Yes, they CAN have different colored eyes, but we don't know if this one does or not--I immediately thought this photo had a strikingly artistic look to it, whether planned or by accident. Very More...
Well, Laurel, you are wrong. Read the post from the owner
are you familiar with the breed Laurel?
Kathy - We spent 6 weeks in New Zealand starting in Aukland we went north to Whangerei and Manganui and Cape Reinga(North Cape) then followed the coast round to Coromandel and right round to Gisbourne and Napier. Then south to Wellington where we crossed to South Island turned right and drove to More...
I have two of these dogs, mother and son, sitting right next to me here in West Aust. Many would say wonderland because it is so damn good a place to live!
Good maEn and Happy Fathers Day from the capital of Australia.

cute dog
Hey Laurel, Are dogs this colour of the breed called a blue heeler or a red heeler? I thought red heeler. I like heelers. We used to have a blue-heeler cross called Gidgee- Ugly as - and with all her teeth broken off from chasing cars and biting their tires. She even gave us a flat once!! I loved her dearly but she was a jealous old thing.
1:23 tough one
Hey,hey hey
How r u guys doing!!!!!!!
omg this isssssssssssss soooo coool
roxy rox
Hello Rob from Liverpool - I haven't seen your name in print for ages. Welcome back if you have been away
Happy Fathers Day to all dads in Australia. My son is taking me out to tea tonight as he won't get to see his sons and I was both Mum & Dad to him for quite a number of years. So instead of him coming to my place for dinner tonight as planned, I'm going to live it up at a restaurant.
gd mornin
happy fathers day anne!!and i mean it.........
enjoy the evening
Enjoy your evening surrogate 'Dad' I'm sure you have earned it Anne.
Hi everyone! just a quick hello, and also to let everyone know that my sons partner had the baby on Saturday night it is a girl she weighed 9lb 9oz yes ladies I know OUCH!!! and 57cms long
Congratulations Cathy & family on the safe arrival.
Hey Gath, why not add this site to the top 50 Sudoku sites. Afterall, this IS a top site.

Baz - am I still baaed?
Was really not trying to insult you, Baz. My recollection of some weeks back was of you showing some support for the Saints - maybe that was just because they were beating some team and that meant better outcomes for your team?.... I dunno, but I apologise for getting it wrong.
congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild .... a grandaughter for all the family to love and cherish.
Amma - thank you for Liam's birthday wishes. You weren't late, his actual birthday is today (3rd Sept) but his party was yesterday. So.. after opening all his party presents last evening, he got to open all the family ones this morning. The fathers of the family got presents too, but the focus More...
Yes, Cathy - welcome to the grandparents club, it's a great place to be.
CATHYSA : Congratulations! Wishing your family a lifetime of happiness with your new family member I am sure she is beautiful!
hi cathy,sa..congrats,,9 lbs plus ooops..quite a handful of joy!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations on your first Grandchild Cathy. It must be awesome. Of course, I wont know about that for about 20 years! hehehehehehe
Congratulations Cathy! and of course to your son and his partner.
2:29,Maen, Ohio State won! Gray day today, but no matter, I'm off for a historical train ride wide my nieces and family! I will pack a jacket in case it's too cool. Only 54 degrees currently and not to get much warmer. Have a Blessed day.
2:05 Early start to the morning here!! Gonna do a 80km cycle this morning. Have a great day everyone!!
hey Kathy
thanks for the Leunig prayer - you found some of his stuff - that's great!!!!
I've been really occupied with other things of late and just been looking in here quickly from time.
Have you been watching the US open or is it still rained out?
from time to time I meant
cathy sa congratulations, and what a long baby!
my two were both over 10lb (4.5kg and 4.6kg) and both 56cm long but they've been 'normal' size pretty much ever since. The nursing staff in the hospital in France where they were born swore they were already a month old at birth tho! and then put it down to 'new world' genes...
Hi LOZA! - So glad to find you here, I hope! Thank you so much for introducing me to Michael Leunig. I bought his little pink & black book, When I Talk to You, & recommended it to MAMACITA who bought one, too. So many nice thoughts. I am a big fan of his now.
Yes, I am watching lots of US Open, especially Andre who will be on this morning at 11AM if it's not still raining! How about you?
Kathy it all seems to happen when I'm well abed here - currently it's almost 11pm but only 9am in New York - so no I've not seen much but just been keeping a weather eye on the news. Andre is well loved here too.
I see Martina Navratilova is having a retirement thing as well as him later this week? I'm a great fan of hers as well. Just 'mazing how she's kept it up.
JAZ - nice to see you around, too! Are you watching much of the US Open?
AP - during the rain yesterday they showed some footage from the Players Lounge. Saw Sonia Mirza chatting & having a good time with a very cute male player, not sure who?
CATHY - Yes, ouch with the new grandbaby (I More...
Congratulations to you Grandma Cathy SA and best wishes to the parents and a big welcome full of blessings to your granddaughter
ANNE - Nice of your son to take you out! You raised him well.
LOZA - Andre asked for no special ceremony as he wanted this Open to be the same as all his others. I like Martina, too, but feel she should have postponed her retirement until another time (she already 'retired' once before!)so as not to steal the spotlight from Andre.
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