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Easy Sudoku for 3/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello, page2.
03/Sep/15 7:27 AM
03/Sep/15 7:37 AM
Hope you continue to improve, Hal.
Severe allergic reactions like that can get very scary. By the time I got to my allergist 4 days after I experienced the same thing, about all he could do was guess at what caused my reaction. Somehow hearing that I had developed an allergy to my own body chemistry didn't feel very reassuring.
03/Sep/15 7:41 AM
Amelia - on the radio, Julie Bishop has just said that visas are still required to travel to Indonesia, because Oz won't drop visas for Indonesians coming here.
03/Sep/15 8:08 AM
Good morning.
03/Sep/15 8:58 AM
Been up since 0610.
03/Sep/15 8:59 AM
But luckily not too much of the rest of the night.
03/Sep/15 9:00 AM
Today's appoinmtent is physio again,
03/Sep/15 9:02 AM
Shoulder this time, coming, Greg?
03/Sep/15 9:03 AM
I think we've figured out what caused my allergic reaction yesterday. I've been using a lotion called Sarna to combat the itching from the chigger bites I got last month. It was great for easing the itching, but it seems that you're to use it sparingly.
I kinda went overboard on using it, More...
03/Sep/15 10:34 AM
'found discovered', is that a bit redundant?
03/Sep/15 11:15 AM
Well, Silvergall, since you're feeling generous, spread that generosity around & reconsider the final answer for pro gram - program break seems as likely an answer as space program!
03/Sep/15 11:44 AM
And Hal, after your episode yesterday I was surely hoping you followed up with your primary physician; nice to know you're prepared until your app't.
03/Sep/15 11:48 AM
Joyce, while I have a great respect for my doctor, I have found that when I go for my regular check-ups, being prepared with specific questions and/or comments has given me some control over possible treatments (should they be necessary).
03/Sep/15 12:06 PM
And I like 'space program' too.
03/Sep/15 12:09 PM
Silvergal, which rebus did I get wrong?
03/Sep/15 12:12 PM
Good to know you've nailed down a possible cause, Hal.
03/Sep/15 12:14 PM
And now, I must retire for the night.

And I hope that my retiring will not shut down the site as it did last night. I would hope that when I return in the (my) morning, there will be a myriad of comments for my perusal.
03/Sep/15 12:14 PM
1:55 Good afternoon one and all!
03/Sep/15 2:11 PM
You were right to be worried Hal. Only Anne so far and we are nearly up to LPOTD time, well half way from your bedtime until then. You should sleep well given that it looks likely that you have a solution to your alley problem, at least we all hope so.
03/Sep/15 5:08 PM
Nah, I gave leeway to 3 answers. Y'all will get lazy on me with too many freebie answers!
03/Sep/15 9:41 PM
Peruse this one Hal!
03/Sep/15 10:18 PM
Three comments? Sheesh!
03/Sep/15 10:18 PM
OK, four. Big deal.
03/Sep/15 10:19 PM
15 minutes to go.
03/Sep/15 11:45 PM
You knot that lotion Hal? You use it on external skin, NOT drink it!!
03/Sep/15 11:48 PM
10 minutes.
03/Sep/15 11:50 PM
03/Sep/15 11:50 PM
5 minutes.
03/Sep/15 11:55 PM
LPOTD? I dont think so Hal is lurking.....
03/Sep/15 11:59 PM
Times up!
03/Sep/15 11:59 PM
One minute?
04/Sep/15 12:00 AM
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