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Easy Sudoku for 30/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
I expect Serena is busy celebrating her birthday with all the goodies her family have prepared.
30/Nov/15 12:01 AM
I went shopping on Sunday morning and had a coffee. I knew it would keep me awake but I did enjoy it. Nobody else about so will go and see if I can get some sleep.
30/Nov/15 12:50 AM
I don't comment very often anymore, but when I saw June's post I couldn't help but say 'Good morning' right back! June (and everyone else), I hope you have a great day. Now, on to the puzzle...
30/Nov/15 1:21 AM
Hi Linda, and June (whom i suspect has gone back to bed).
30/Nov/15 1:25 AM
Looks like folks are having a Sunday post-Thanksgiving rest or sleep-in.
30/Nov/15 1:26 AM
2:03 A slow one after a few quicker ones the last few days.

Good night one and all!
30/Nov/15 1:27 AM
Had 4T and ladyfriend over for dinner, we had a nice time.
30/Nov/15 1:27 AM
Hey Anne.
30/Nov/15 1:28 AM
4T's visit made me reallise how much I miss him - well, having him around rather than living here. I don't miss his mess!
30/Nov/15 1:30 AM
I guess all mums feel the same.
30/Nov/15 1:31 AM
Didn't happen with the girls so much, but then we did go and live in another country when they left home, so I missed them, but they weren't round to remind me how much ofter.
30/Nov/15 1:33 AM
Good morning to all! Now that's what I call appropriate. A football picture on Grey Cup day. Go Ottawa Red Blacks!
30/Nov/15 2:47 AM
AND I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!!!
30/Nov/15 3:02 AM
30/Nov/15 4:17 AM
Happy Sunday and Serena (USA time)
30/Nov/15 4:30 AM
Appropriate photo today.Canadian Grey Cup day.
30/Nov/15 5:06 AM
Morning all, not his name going by the name on the bum bag.
30/Nov/15 5:48 AM
Not quite Grey Cup level - this is a college football player.
30/Nov/15 6:17 AM

My Thanksgiving crowd left this morning. We had a wonderful time, but, I certainly realize why the younger ones have the babies. With a one year and three year old in the house, you just never sit down! It is absolutely amazing what they More...
30/Nov/15 6:41 AM
30/Nov/15 6:42 AM
Happy Birthday Serena.
1:37 Fastest ever (by a long way) for the Easy!!
30/Nov/15 7:09 AM
30/Nov/15 7:20 AM
Good morning all. Haven't been on the site the last few days, because my increasingly dodgy computer logged me out and I didn't have a clue what my password was. Took a while to find it, but here I am.
30/Nov/15 8:23 AM
Happy birthday Serena.
30/Nov/15 8:24 AM
Heifers 12 and 19 have each put on 80 kgs in 7 weeks. We weighed them all bar one yesterday. Their bigger sisters put on an average of 99 kgs. I'll have to get some pellets and continue to feed the littlun's up, even though they are both over 300kgs.
30/Nov/15 8:27 AM
One went absolutely ballistic when hubby tried to get her into the race. She went to charge him, but fortunately he was able to wack her on the nose and she charged the gate instead. If she'd hit him, he would have been seriously injured if not killed. Very sobering thought. She then smashed a More...
30/Nov/15 8:33 AM
We have only ever had about 3 cattle in 30 years that have behaved like that, but boy are they scary when they do.
30/Nov/15 8:35 AM
Jersey bulls used to be notorious for charging. One farmer I knew used to claim that his Jersey bull used to try to get uphill from him to be in a better position for charging him. Keith used to carry a pitchfork when he went into the bull's paddock.
30/Nov/15 12:08 PM
As you raise cattle for meat I guess yours are not Jerseys.
30/Nov/15 12:09 PM
Cardigans, Wombat.
30/Nov/15 1:53 PM
WOW... still on the first page!
Hope everyone is having a good day.
30/Nov/15 2:03 PM
30/Nov/15 2:18 PM
Thanks Peter. I'd heard of Guernsey's but never Jerseys, so I had to check on Google to confirm you weren't pulling my leg but I'm still not 100% sure.
30/Nov/15 5:06 PM
Wombat, I was pulling your leg but I just had a look on Google and bugger me if there isn't a breed of cow called Cardigan.
30/Nov/15 5:42 PM
We'd have to say we finished up 50/50 on this one. We'll have to rely on Sacky for an answer, but my guess judging from a photo, is black poll.
30/Nov/15 5:58 PM

Today in Summary.........

Easy – Peterson’s baaack, did you all know that?

June – Gracing the pages. Had a coffee whilst shopping and now can’t sleep. Shoudda had a whiskey instead.

Linda – We would like to see more comments More...
30/Nov/15 8:40 PM

First time I've been on the front page.............I lie, made a front page photo in the Sydney Morning Herald once
30/Nov/15 8:42 PM
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