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Easy Sudoku for 30/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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yep, I'm a nurse .. .have the sore feet to prove it. Work in a very nice hospital on a medical/surgical floor. Lots of orthopedics, belly surgeries. Seems to be a rash of broken hips and gall stones lately! Must be the season.
As one who enjoys the 9 block, 9 digit puzzle, I may attend the party in the virtual world. I will try for success with the green leaves and white berries and introduce myself as 'pseudo kissed under the mistletoe'
Well I have had 4 sugerys in my life and I must say that nurses and caregivers are a breed apart and have a higher calling than most. I salute you and thank you for all that you do!
Rained here ,,,again. Who has our winter?
Hi all! Dennis, have a great leave - were your ears burning yesterday? - you were discussed on here (and if that doesn't send you to the archives, nothing will!)
Susan, I'd like to hear from both of them
Col, sorry if my question was indelicate! Have had an underactive thyroid for 20+ years, easily controlled with pills - feel great!
Glad you enjoyed! I reckon the ads were designed by a bunch of really drunk blokes after too many beers. Can you imagine the Tax Office allowing a claim for expenses for work - related research?
You are most welcome. Most of us really enjoy doing what we do. Oooh, I've never been saluted before!
Cup #3 and time to get productive. When does the castle party start? All these time zones have me baffled.
3:39 Fog again this morning. Not the white Christmas I expected.
great game
Ahh, finally, a warm sunny Florida day. Wishing everyone pleasant things.

I'm back from vacation...wish I was still with my brothers and nephew!

Joke for the day: What does Santa call the Easter Bunny?

White fur trim for his red suit.

Okay, I know it's a little sick, but at least it's seasonal.
hy peeps
wee got cut of
r names r vugufuxu34nujugu and gukujuhooarside
4:00 really slow this morning.
Got a sudoku puzzle book for Christmas - but hands down, doing them on the computer is so much better. I'm curious - how many of you were given Sudoku puzzle books by someone for Christmas????
HH from England:
Can u reply to my question on 'mouse'on 1st page of easy?
hi i think u should change the picture every once and a while
Catherine, another successful day of keeping coffee in the cup. Is this by chance your kitty loitering around the computer?
6:15. Morning everyone! :) Joining you w/ coffee...Wemaaq...someone has our winter, also! Believe it or not, there's usually snow around here about now! :P (Love the site...new suduko addict)
Oh my Looks like I left too soon yeaterday...so your tartan and the stringy lil black dress?...hmmm I will enjoy finding out which one is you...hope the rest do not mind a bit of show and tell....
Precious kitten, even though I'm highly allergic to cats! Hope everyone has a great day today, no matter where you are!
Is English a great language or what? anyone knows the plural of mouse is meeces - and that makes the plural of moose -mooses (cartoon english)
actually moose is like sheep both singular and plural (and I stay away from mice)
Dennis - welcome home and pray that you enjoy your stay.
Sweta More...
American English is probably the worst language in the world. It is a fusion of 'old' English, French, Latin, German, and many others. It is my native tongue but I wish it were simplified. Anyway, the plural of mouse is always mice, whether the furry or computer kind. Saying mouses is not technically wrong, it is just not considered to be correct.
Hi sweta! I'm flattered! Short answer is - both seem to be acceptable, and I think it's one of those instances where it doesn't really matter, as long as whoever you're communicating with understands what you mean. I did a bit of research, and one dictionary suggests we use the normal 's' or 'es' More...
See? you do say the *nicest* things ;)
Yep - and right now, I'm hatin' those meeces to pieces!
4:12 I'm starting to get into these puzzles, but how many people get on this site to play it? Hundreds a day, thousands?
kathy from texas: urban india is just as crazy as
anywhere else on 31/12(as we write not 12/31)rural
india is less bothered.

4:30 Must be the cold weather... has me moving a bit slow this morning.
so you must now give me at least a hint as to where to start looking....how about hair and eye color? want to make sure I find you
Thanks. Mouses or mice. Looks like I won as well as lost.
Eyes blue. Hair - could be anything! depends how I feel when I go to the hairdresser...but it's short.
Big oops! on last post. Off now - dog to walk, cooking to cook, catch you all later!
So what is it today?... (as my thoughts wander as to how I can find out HH's true hair color)
Paul from Florida:
Could be thousands for Easy/Medium.Maybe somewhat
fewer for Hard. But I am sure just about a hundred for the nasty tough TOUGH!!!!!
My beautiful 10 y o daughter (who doesn't have a lot of cash, but does have a lot of love) used a new exercise book (from my study cupboard of spares for school), and over many weeks, cut out newspaper/magazine sudoku grids, and pasted them into the book. I don't know that it's possible to get a better sudoku book than that. This was my Christmas gift, along with a teddy with a 'Best Mum' badge.
Hi, I found this site a couple weeks ago, how addicting! Been playing but not chatting but everyone seems so nice just thought I would say howdy! Kind of intimidating the times that are posted but it is hard to time myself when I have to minimize the screen when the boss walks in!
Hey hi to all hope a merry Christmas was had by all. Quiet at my home hubby had tonsilitus!!!
Hope the New Year brings hope, peace and prosperity to all xxxx
After a few hurricanes, it's great to have some nice cool weather for the holidays. Happy holidays to all.
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